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  1. NightRaven

    A900+Audigy ZS2=not enough power!

    Back in the day, I used to think the Audigy 2 ZS was a good card. After getting an EMU 0404, I came to the conclusion that the ZS was almost closer to the SB Live! than the EMU... I was honestly shocked by the improvement. So yeah... get a better sound card.
  2. NightRaven

    Final: 3rd Quail Group Buy.

    Got my cables, very nice! Still haven't recieved shipping payment info though... EDIT: Oops, apparently I did, but for some reason it was reading that I had 0 new PMs. Bizarre.
  3. NightRaven

    Closed, Semi-portable Headphone?

    Hmm, I've read that the D66s don't isolate all that well, and I'd like fairly good isolation. The K271s are tempting but their pricing/overall quality seems to put them pretty near the 555s, while I'd prefer either something relatively cheap to supplement or a noticeable upgrade to replace...
  4. NightRaven

    Sennheiser HD 215 First Impressions

    How big are these, roughly? Would you consider them at all portable as far as size/construction/weight?
  5. NightRaven

    Closed, Semi-portable Headphone?

    It's that time again I'm looking for a (preferably) full-sized, closed headphone. My current main headphone setup is an EMU0404 > PIMETA > HD555, which I'm satisfied with though I'm mulling an upgrade, so something with a similar sound characteristic would be nice. Sometimes I'd like some...
  6. NightRaven

    Ahh, so many choices...

    Well it looks like I'm too late, but the new HD485 might've been worth taking a look at, its available for $70 here:
  7. NightRaven


    Unfortunately, I do not have the song mentioned in the title so I don't know exactly what kind of sound you're looking for, but one group I like quite a bit that, in my opinion, is a little different than the usual jpoppy feel is Garnet Crow. Even if it's not exactly what you're looking for...
  8. NightRaven

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#3?]

    Garnet Crow - 夕月夜
  9. NightRaven

    Cheapest price for HD595s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by EdipisReks welcome to the wonderful world of the facetious. Argh, I can't believe I didn't catch that. Don't I feel stupid now...
  10. NightRaven

    Cheapest price for HD595s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by spike33 the 555 uses same driver as the 497 while 595 uses 650's driver. you got ripped off big time What? I'm positive this is not the case. The 555 is completely different from the 497, while the 555 and 595 are quite similar, the 595 being a more or...
  11. NightRaven

    Cheapest price for HD595s?

    Except NewEgg's deal ended over a week ago... J&R has it for $199 w/ free UPS ground (their 'hidden' price).
  12. NightRaven

    What Up with Audio Cubes???

    My experience with USPS tracking is that you MIGHT find out that the item has been delivered... after it's been delivered. Basically, wait a couple days. USPS tracking is nowhere near as responsive as those of Fedex and UPS. Sometimes items won't show up for a week.
  13. NightRaven

    Give me ideas. HD555 or HD595?

    Well, apparently they are now in stock at Newegg, but they cost $220 now. edit - oops, didn't realize you were talking about the 555s
  14. NightRaven

    question about foobar

    I have a bitrate column in my foobar so all I need to do is press the column header, but there's no need to add columns or anything. If you don't mind not actually being able to see the bitrate and just want to sort, then you can just go to the 'Playlist' menu, go to 'Sort' then hit 'Sort...
  15. NightRaven

    EMU 0404 Installation trouble

    It states in the manual that the drivers are not digitally signed because EMU believed that some of the consumer level standards required by Microsoft were detrimental to the use of the card. It's not a big deal, most of the drivers I use are not digitally signed. Make sure you clear out all...
  16. NightRaven

    foobar tunneling

    Set your foobar output to ASIO and then mute the wave volume. I *think* this should work. I'm not sure because with the EMU, you can simply disable the wave input while leaving asio alone. With other soundcards, it might turn off all the sound, but I'm not sure.
  17. NightRaven

    I don't understand E-MU's clip indicators.

    Also note that lowering the volume in PatchMix won't affect the clipping on sound entering each strip. For those, you need to lower the volume at the source (i.e. in the program).
  18. NightRaven

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#3?]

    滴草由実 - 花篝り (Shizukusa Yumi - Hana Kagari)
  19. NightRaven

    Audio Receiver Recommendation

    Really, Soundstorm is *not* all that impressive. I'd second getting a good soundcard such as the EMU and a dedicated headphone amp, as a much more effective, and potentially cheaper option.
  20. NightRaven

    emu 0404 install

    Be sure to set the output device in foobar (it's in the settings for each specific output mode). If you intend to just run a 44.1/48 session, then also disable any resampling. I'd also recommend you use ASIO, but that's more of a matter of preference. I know there's a basic setup guide around...
  21. NightRaven

    ASIO EXE & DLL versions

    If you're experiencing breakups, try increasing the buffer size a little.
  22. NightRaven

    Anybody want another Quail group buy?

    I'd prefer the clear plugs, they look nifty
  23. NightRaven

    New sennheiser range

    If you check out some retailers (ex: Amazon), you'll notice that they're advertising them at much lower prices. HD465 - $60 HD485 - $80 HD215 - $90 ($60 lower than MSRP?)
  24. NightRaven

    Still deciding on an Amp for my 555s

    They don't require an amp to sound pretty good, but if the potential is there, I think it's smart to take advantage of it. My amp I bought used for $150. It's a Headsave Ultra II (pimeta-based, AD8620). If you'd like, I can PM you the detailed specs. I don't think its necessary to get an amp...
  25. NightRaven

    New sennheiser range

    The 5x5s were only released about a year ago so I don't think they'll be replaced for years yet. Supposedly, the new 4x5s will fill the gap between the old 4x7s and the 5x5s.