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  1. artguide

    looking for great aufiphile quality aand travel headphones

    HI there.  I play my Hi res music out of an X5.  I have Bower and Wilkins P7 headphones which are pretty good for traveling about, But I am looking for a better sound and even something with better noise cancelling for travel by air.    At home I run the X5 directly through my REGA to my BW...
  2. artguide

    Advice on 1000.00 ( CDn or US ) range headphones for use with Fiio X5, Riga Brio-R amp and travel

    Hi there. I am lookingto purchase a good set of headphones for home listening through my Riga amp and my X5, but also for travelling so some noise dampening cancellation would be great.   Any suggestions are welcome..    thank you Eric
  3. artguide

    FIOO X3 shuts down and won't restart Help! Help!

    you know i saw your post so i tried that and it did not work, but i did take out my TF card, unplug the unit and then hold it down and it worked...  after about 20 seconds///  had to take card out though...weird huh?   cheers E
  4. artguide

    FIOO X3 shuts down and won't restart Help! Help!

    Dont ask em why.. i was just listening to the X3 and it just shutoff and went blank..  I plugged it into AC and the little red light is on so i know the unit has power but it will not turn on, there is no battery sign,, the screen is just black.. i am really bummed because tomorrow i leave on a...
  5. artguide

    Grado Fan Club!

    Enjoying the combination of PS 500 with Ps1000 foam pads and mu fiio X3...   any other interesting combos or experiences out there?   E
  6. artguide

    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    thankk you
  7. artguide

    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    hey  thanks!   I guess the only way to charge the X3 is through the usb cable and into my mac?  no way to hook that cable into an AC adapter of some kind? cheers E
  8. artguide

    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    thank you!
  9. artguide

    The Fiio X3 Thread.

    Greetings. Got my X3 the other day and am playing with 64 GIG card..  mostly flacs and alas on there with a few mp3's.   I loaded them as album/folders.  I use Grado PS 500 headphones.  I am curious about a few things and would appreciate some advice from you learned and more experience users...
  10. artguide

    Instructions regarding the installation of USB DAC driver on the X3 1st gen

    what about getting the dad function to work on my mac? I am  confused how to do that..   thanks Eric
  11. artguide

    recommendations please-- DAC/DAP players portable

    I am thinking of getting a fiio X3/X5 - Dx 50 or Ak,-- i want to listen to my hires music AS hi res music on my Grado ps 500's and also on my car stereo.   can any one guide me in this choice..   I would like to spend less and get more, obviously, but  i am really confused by al the internet...
  12. artguide

    New headphone user looking for hd portable player

    thx for the ideas.. my understanding was that the sound cards on ipods and iphones were so dismal that my alac or other hd codecs would be wasted by playing on them?
  13. artguide

    New headphone user looking for hd portable player

    I have to audio quest dragonflies on my macs that work great when i am at my computer.  On my Grado ps500's the sound is awesome. I am looking for a  portable HD music device that will give me good sound and price for the buck. I was looking atthe X3, but 64 gigs of music is like 30 albums and...