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  1. penvzila

    I was walking to the video return kiosk at Hollywood video...

    I'll probably pay part of my first tuition bill with it.
  2. penvzila

    I was walking to the video return kiosk at Hollywood video...

    Well, I'm not returning it and I don't feel bad at all. His financial situation is not my problem and he's lucky his wallet didn't dissapear. I have his address but I can't imagine ever contacting him.
  3. penvzila

    I was walking to the video return kiosk at Hollywood video...

    ...when i looked down,. There was a wallet on the ground, it looked like it had fallen out when somebody opened their car door. The thing is, there were 15 $100 bills in the wallet. So what did I do? I took 14 of them out, went to the Safeway post office, bought a Priority Mail envelope, and...
  4. penvzila

    What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW?

    µ-ziq vs the auteurs - Lenny Valentino
  5. penvzila

    Winamp problems

    No it doesn't. Use winamp if you want a gui. There is nothing wrong with winamp, and don't anyone even start about the whole foobar's audio is better ********. When properly configured, they are both equal. The only reason to use foobar besides the fact that it's cool is 1)you want kernel...
  6. penvzila

    WinXP Image problems

    NO!!! Just clear your temp files/browse cache. I get this every once in a while. It is actually a very well documented problem and google probably would have helped you out. I beleive there is even a freakin MSKB article about this.
  7. penvzila

    How many albums do you have in your collection?

    Quote: Originally posted by Andrew Pielet I have 350 CDs, 7 MDs, and 100 Live concerts on CDR. Are you asking how many studio albums people have on CDR as well? Most my friends have 1000's, but the are all pirated off the pewter. I am one of the few who knows ever single piece of music...
  8. penvzila

    What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW?

    The Fall - Powderkex
  9. penvzila

    How many albums do you have in your collection?

    Whoa, turns out i have exactly 888 albums (well, a bunch of albums and a smaller bunch of eps). All digital (cd or otherwise) of course. I'd say I've bought perhaps a third of them as compact discs. I have a few miscellaneous IDM records, but i don;t have a record player and I mainly have...
  10. penvzila

    Winamp problems

  11. penvzila

    Post your desktop!

    foobar plug
  12. penvzila

    Your Favourite Basshead Album

    Aphex Twin - saw 1 and 2 especially track 8 on disc 1 of saw2 Amon Tobin - Supermodified especially "Slowly" and "Get Your Snack On"
  13. penvzila

    A List of Sites with Free & Legal Soundfiles

    Quote: Originally posted by scrypt The above appears to be a commercial mp3 download site featuring, for the most part, standard and ubiquitous artists. Am I missing something? Not really.
  14. penvzila

    A List of Sites with Free & Legal Soundfiles

    i made a list here a while bakc
  15. penvzila

    What was the #1 song on your birthday?

    I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder 10-19-1984 same in the uk and my life's theme song is Dilemma by Nelly & Kelly Rowland **** that **** hehe in the uk it was the Ketchup Song
  16. penvzila

    WinMX question

    There's no way to know. Winmx isn't that great to begin with.
  17. penvzila

    Good joke

    At least they're changing the oil.
  18. penvzila

    Whats your online multiplayer Game/ID?

    Last couple days on sof2 I have been going as either Jesus Christ or Venetian Snare. Some of my recent handiwork: i mostly play on LAW, CiSO and XZIBIT servers.
  19. penvzila

    Anyone play Progress Quest

    My avatar is a Strothatynhe. Progress Quest is a joke game but for real.
  20. penvzila

    I wish

    I could go to this amazing music festival. If you are in italy i hate you. just look at the lineup. JESUS
  21. penvzila

    worst concert you've ever been to?

    Quote: Originally posted by blessingx Family Values Tour '98, San Francisco, Cow Palace. Korny, Rammstein, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit & Orgy. I should have known, but it was a free ticket. Cube was fine (basically just tried to hold his own by leading a cheerleading chant... okay it was...
  22. penvzila

    Anyone play Progress Quest

    LOL. I don't watch it, it just let it run in the background. I'm like #13000 or so in the rankings.
  23. penvzila

    Anyone play Progress Quest

    I'm a level 49 Eel Man Robot Monk, currently seeking the Puissant Tome. I play on Expodrine.
  24. penvzila

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched Donnie Darko and the Terminator Special Edition this week. I'm going to rent Commando tonight, and see if they also have the Conan The Barbarian Special Edition.