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  1. csshih

    Sennheiser HD800 Updates!!!

    psssssstt.. any updates?
  2. csshih

    iPod Touch Sound Quality is quite bad.

    the ipod touch is how good compared to a ipod video 5g?
  3. csshih

    Happy Birthday KRMATHIS

    that's allot of posts. happy belated!
  4. csshih

    grado sr80 leakage

    Quote: Originally Posted by yukihiro If you have any ~full-sized headphones, play some music just a little below however loud you plan on listening to them and take them off your head. That's kind of how much sound leaks out on Grados. If you're anywhere moderately quiet, people...
  5. csshih

    Query about HDDs

    go for SSD for super fast access!
  6. csshih

    Can a portabl amp really push cans?

    so.. bulky... augh! I carry a headroom bithead
  7. csshih

    Sound quality, ipod classic or touch?

    really? I would normally think that with less space, as in the touch, there would be a worse output.
  8. csshih

    Happy Holidays...let's all extend a hand and Reach-Out

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Chanuka, Holidays, and whatever new things that are coming! From the Silicon Valley.
  9. csshih

    How Much Money Did You Spend?

    hm? no OVER 9000!!! option?
  10. csshih

    I am very curious as to what bitrate you guys listen to your music...

    I try to get 320 kbps, but there are some 128s in my collection.
  11. csshih


    Quote: Originally Posted by Does the pk1 have to be amped in order to sound great? Someone said it s even better than E500 when amped by the do i change my name? now my display name is the same as my account name .... oops? pk1s are...
  12. csshih

    More spefic than just "gaming" headphones

    not sure that those sounds are the highest quality.
  13. csshih

    [Pictorial + Impression] FiiO E5 *Sample vs. Final Product*

    I see an apple. This does not bode well.
  14. csshih

    FiiO E5 amp (E3 upgraded)

    I'm going to be waiting for just that.