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  1. AudioTechnocrat

    Help, can someone help me out with my research project on the impact of the internet on audiophiles / headphone users.

    Hi   I have just started a research project in college and was wondering if you guys could offer me any advice or opinions.   here is the details of the assignment.     ''How has the Internet impacted your chosen audience (audiophiles / headphone users). What changes in audience...
  2. AudioTechnocrat

    IEM's under $30?

    soundmagic pl30 if u can find them
  3. AudioTechnocrat

    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    not sure if this is a deal, more of a giveaway....   win some sennheiser HD218i on ear headset, see last post European store Seen on HotUKDeals site.
  4. AudioTechnocrat

    Any wireless headphones that are flat foldable?

    nothing as cheap as the jvc flats comes to mind   Creative WP300 - around $60 Meelectronics Air-Fi - around $70 Sennheiser PX210BT - around $150   also, I am pretty sure you can pair 2 bluetooth headphones similtaneously on your samsung, mine is currently paired with headphones and...
  5. AudioTechnocrat

    Quick! Best cheap JVC in ear for Drum & Bass/Bassy Music.

    the JVC marshmallows are great all rounders, even survived a few spins in the washing machine
  6. AudioTechnocrat

    Beats vs alternatives

    check out    - Sennheiser PXC310BT - it's jam packed with awesome features - excellent noise cancelling, bluetooth wireless with apt X, it's a headset so you can chat and it has a very nice foldable mechanism and feels really well built IMO.   - or have a look at some of the Phiaton...
  7. AudioTechnocrat

    Which Comply tips fit SoundMagic MP21?

    Hi all   can't find the answer to this anywhere, Which Comply tips fit SoundMagic MP21?   Cheers
  8. AudioTechnocrat

    To be a headphone amp or not a headphone amp - that is thee question

    ah the E17 is battery powered! that makes it very different to the Creative sound cards. Cheers, Thanks!
  9. AudioTechnocrat

    Need suggetions for new headphones

    I second the soundmagic e10 and e30 - especially since you mentioned metal and pop punk. The soundmagic both deliver extremely balanced audio and are not too bass heavy so they are perfect for those musical styles in my opinion. E30's take a while to burn in but after around 20 hours or so the...
  10. AudioTechnocrat

    On the Ear Phones??

    Sennheiser HD239 - has hybrid ear pads - both cloth and leatherette - really comfy - sound is great aswell   or try the Koss Porta Pro's, B&W P3/P5 or SoundMagic P30's
  11. AudioTechnocrat

    To be a headphone amp or not a headphone amp - that is thee question

    Hey   I am looking at buying an amp for my headphones to use with my laptop   I have a FiiO E6 already and I like a would really like a USB amp like a E10, E7 or E17   But I have also come across some of Creative's products like  ...
  12. AudioTechnocrat

    Helping a Newcomer to IEM`s

    Sounds like you need SoundMagic E30's.     - 'Comfortable' 8/10 E30's are very light, I can barely feel them on my ears.   - 'Good Isolation' 8/10 Isolation is great, not too deep but still excellent, especially using the double flange tips that come with the E30   - 'I listen...
  13. AudioTechnocrat

    Need reccomendation/short list of IEM's with wired controller/mic use with sgs2 <£70

    Soundmagic have the new E10M's out now, they've got a 3 button controller and mic compatible with iPhone, you can pick 'em up on ebay for 50pounds   Also the A-Jays Four are a solid set IMO
  14. AudioTechnocrat

    What SoundMagic Earphones/Headphones work best with the SoundMagic A10 amp?

    I have an FiiO E6 already but I am just looking at the SoundMagic A10 amp, but I don't understand why SoundMagic would make an amp for their earphones? None of their earphones or headphones in my opinion require an amp? Or can anyone enlighten me on which soundmagic headphones would work well...
  15. AudioTechnocrat

    Budget IEM's, Please Help

    I would go for the soundmagic e10's, they are better built than the S4's in my opinion, I have had both, the S4's are made of plastic and were damaged within a few months, I have had my soundmagic E10's since last august and I can't fault them for price and sound quality. An excellent little...
  16. AudioTechnocrat

    SoundMAGIC EH11 Review

    Hi, are these earphones in any way sweat or waterproof?