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  1. Toshu

    Whats the best ripping software for HDCDs??

    I just started ripping my CD collection and I have a couple dozen HDCDs. I am doing the ripping with EAC but am wondering if there is something better to use for the HDCDs??
  2. Toshu

    Why no product thread on the Zidoo products?

    I am wondering what the rules are to create a new thread about the latest Zidoo product line? Their new models are>> Z9S, Z10...
  3. Toshu

    Whats a good replacement for the OPPO all format disc player?

    I am a noob to lossless codecs, DACs and HP amps....but I have a pretty solid home system that needs a new disc player. Anything out there that has a great DAC, plays just about everything and is networked so I can play my library thru it?
  4. Toshu

    Connecting new HDMI components to old Analog component

    I have a B&K AVR507 surround system...and its pre HDMI. Here is a picture.. Lots of connections....but no HDMI. I recently moved and I am planning on buying a new TV as well as 4K BluRay player.... I assume that someone has to make a high quality interface box that can be used to connect the...
  5. Toshu

    Android tv box, UAPP and DAC

    I have a simple android tv box with kodi that i have played w hooked to my strero system. It is connected to the stereo amp via rca plugs from the 3.5mm line out. I was thinking of running an optical cable out of the tv box and connecting it to a dac, then running analog rca cables to the...
  6. Toshu

    Cans and coping w hearing loss and tinitus

    So I just ordered a set of 6xx headphones, after going to a can jam in Phoenix. Even though I have upper frequency hearing loss and tinitus, I was able to discern differences in testing good headphones and amps. My question is how best to handle how I adjust my music, whether via equalizer or...
  7. Toshu

    Sennheiser 6xx break in and cables

    Getting my Massdrop Sennheiser 6xx headphones this weekend!! What's the best way to break them in properly?? Also, is there a favorite replacement cable worth considering?? Are any of the ones on massdrop any good?