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    items are sold
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    items are sold
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    [CLOSED - BOUGHT] WTB Massdrop x Airist R-2RDAC

    I'm interested in purchasing an Airist R2RDAC aka RDAC from their Massdrop collaboration, in good working condition. If you have a LPS paired with the unit, I'm open to buying that too. I have a couple things I wouldn't mind letting go of in a trade: AudioGD DAC19 mk3, Schiit Modi Multibit...
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    Moondrop KXXS

    no longer for sale but can't find how to delete the thread
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    Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray/SACD player and network streamer

    For sale is one Oppo BDP-103. This thing is an out-of-production swiss army knife of audio and home theater: 2x4K HDMI outputs Supports 3D video Plays Blu-rays, SACDs, and just about any other kind of hi-res CD you can think of. I believe it also lets you rip SACDs, but I haven't tried this...
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    Oppo BDP-103 + Schiit Bifrost Multibit

    I would like to upgrade to the new Schiit Bifrost 2, so I am selling my old Bifrost Multibit as well as the streamer I used as a transport. I prefer to sell both together. I have already gotten a few offers for the Bifrost, but selling it without the Oppo would mean I'd be out of a DAC until...
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    offer no longer available, please delete thread
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    [H] HD800 mint condition, SDR + Anax, $100 [W] ZMF Atticus padauk

    My modded HD800 plus $100 for your Atticus padauk. Please don't PM me asking to buy the HD800, I'll revise the post when I'm ready to sell but for now I'm going to hold out for a trade. My pair of HD800 are less than 2 months old, barely used and like new with original everything: box...
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    Recommendations for cable replacement for ASG1+

    The original stock cable on my Aurisonics ASG1+ is giving out and getting scratchy in the right channel, so I want to get it replaced ASAP. The cable is a two-pin style, over-ear.   I know literally nothing--zero--about the IEM cable market, who makes what, what's good, etc, so I hope this...
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    HiFiMan RE400

    Recently replaced by HiFiMan and barely used since I got my Rockets. Doesn't come with any of the original tips, but tell me your tip size and I'll find a handful of things that will fit. Also comes with a SoundMagic semihard case.   Price includes shipping but not PayPal fees.   Cheers
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    Aurisonics ASG1+ trade for balanced, natural sounding IEH

    EDIT: I have finally figured out how to get the seal right with these (spinfit tips ftw), so I'm going to be spending some more time with them and evaluating them. I've definitely had some interesting trade offers, so I'm going to keep this up, but I may end up deciding to keep them. Thanks.  ...
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    Looking for a new portable amp/IEMs

    Now that my desktop headphone setup is complete (gamma2 > Crack > HD600), I'm going to focus my efforts on getting a serious portable rig going. I've owned more than a dozen IEMs in the past and while some have been great, none of them have fully satisfied me so I need the input of some portable...
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    [H] K7XX + $$ [W] HD600

    I have a gently used pair of K7XX in like new condition that were part of the second Massdrop shipment (#002202), used for less than 50 hours. They will ship with the original box and everything that came with them.    I'm looking to swap them out for a pair of HD600 plus a little cash on my...
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    JVC HA-FX850

    I will ship internationally if buyer pays shipping.   These are a pair of JVC HA-FX850 in great condition, barely used although burned in. Despite almost universal praise, their strongly colored sound signature is not my cup of tea. I am the second owner, bought them on ebay also barely used...
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    Westone 2 dual-balanced armature in-ear headphones

    Sale pending Here is a fantastic dual-BA IEM up for sale. People say that these are very neutral, but to my ears they are slightly mid-forward. That said, the midrange is exceptionally clear and natural. Bass is present with good texture and highs are relaxed. Very natural, balanced sound.  ...
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    Best bass from an IEM with an otherwise balanced sound?

    Bass quality over quantity. Comfort and durability over isolation. Balanced, natural midrange and treble. I don't want anything v-shaped, a recessed midrange takes the life out of music to my ears and recessed treble takes away the imaging/soundstage.  My favorite headphones so far are the...
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    none of these are available anymore but it won't let me delete the thread for whatever reason
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    Westone 2 (W2) IEMs, trade for similar pair of IEMs

    Westone 2 in great condition. They sound great, but not so great that I'm not willing to consider exchanging them for another pair.   What I'm looking for: IEMs with a neutral, natural sound. I like a little extra bass, but not necessary. Please, nothing with a v-shaped or overly warm sound...
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    Looking to replace ATH-M50 with something similar but more comfy and laid back

    Right now at work my headphones are ATH-M50 and Sony MH1c, driven out of either a Dragonfly or Sansa Clip Zip. I really am not a huge fan of the Sony's, except that they are perfect for my work environment: very laid back and non-engaging sound signature keeps the music as a background...
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    My IEM Problem... help me find a pair I like? Six pairs in my posession now and I'm just "eh" with all of them.

    So, I've been looking for a pair of IEMs for a while...actually a few pairs, one for travel/work with an inline mic, one for home listening and a pair of beaters for the gym. Of all the pairs I've heard, I haven't found a sound signature in any of them that really clicks with me. I was hoping...
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    My IEM Problem...six pairs in my hands now, and feel just "eh" about all of them. Mini-reviews on each inside.

    So, I've been looking for a pair of IEMs for a while...actually a few pairs, but that's beside the point. I've gone through a few of these things and the best I've thought about any of them is "hey, this isn't bad" which is not exactly a glowing endorsement. Anyway, I thought y'all folks might...
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    Klipsch x10

    I have a pair of Klipsch x10 IEMs, up for sale/trade. You'll get everything you see in the attached photos: the IEMs themselves hard carrying case with magnetic lid cleaning tool S/M/L single-flange tips M double-flange tips, and one small double-flange tip (not sure what happened to the other...
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    A very brief comparison of the ODAC vs AMB Gamma2 Full++

    Hi all, I'm doing this review because of a few reasons:   * Someone out there somewhere will care at some point * I thought it might be interesting * I have both in my possession (ODAC is currently up for trade/sale) so I could   Before we get into the review, here are the details:   THE...
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    ODAC with RCA outputs

    Hi all,   This is a perfectly functional ODAC with RCA outputs in great condition. I tried to take some pictures, sorry about the **** quality.   I will sell, but preference will be given to trading or trade+cash for a DAC/amp combo. Doesn't need to be super powerful, I just want something...
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    HiFiMan HE-400, mint condition. Sale or trade

    I have a beautiful pair of HE-400s for sale. They're in mint condition, no physical flaws. Upgraded Canare cable, velour and pleather earpads, plus an added cushy headband. Comes with the original box, too.   They're awesome cans for sure, but I feel like the HD650 do better with my music and...