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  1. BadReligionPunk

    Piezo-Palooza! **** and NiceHCK N3 Insanely Cheap!

    Got both the infamous Hype Train Chifi **** with Knowles + Dynamic + Piezo in mostly unused mint condition and the Carbon nanotube dynamic + Piezo NiceHCK N3 also in mint condition. Looking to move both together for $25 PayPal and shipped to anywhere in the USA. And remember. I will club a...
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    Sony NW-A45b

    For sale. Have had it since the day it release in US. Dropped 2 times and cycled roughly 60 times. Everything still kosher despite a couple exterior boo boos(see pics)from butterfingers. Screen is clean. Looking to only sell in USA, but might be persuaded to ship to Canada. $110 PayPal and...
  5. BadReligionPunk

    No Longer Available

    Mint. $35 PayPal and shipped to CONUS
  6. BadReligionPunk

    BQEYZ BQ3 for sale. $40

    5 drivers per side. 2 dd, 3ba hybrids. Awesome! $40 PayPal and shipped CONUS only.
  7. BadReligionPunk

    SUPER under $50 SALE CHI-FI and JVC FXT200

    Time to sell things and make room for new things. Prices are shipped and PayPal'd. CONUS only. Bludio T6 headphones. These are new. Used for 5 minutes. Just wanted to see if these could take EQ and AMP for viceral bass. They can not. Included is the USB type C to 3.5mm audio cable that does not...
  8. BadReligionPunk

    cleaning out some phones...

    First up is TDK ST750. I love these phones. Great for jpop and female vocals. Light clamp and lightweight make these pretty comfy too. Perfect condition. $65 shipped Next up. JVC HA-SR85S-T Brown. Perfect condition. $60 shipped Mrice e100a earphones. Bought em cuz cheap and everyone...
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    Everything sold
  10. BadReligionPunk

    Smashing Pumpkins Gish and Siamese Dream 24 bit remasters from 2011.

    Having a heck of a time finding these. Does anybody know of a legit site that has these? Easy to get for free or through scummy websites, but I would like legit.   Any help would be appreciated.
  11. BadReligionPunk

    Audio Technica ATH CKX7iS

      In Like new Condition. $20 Paypal'd and shipped.
  12. BadReligionPunk

    JVC HA-FXT100

    Just got these new last month. Everytime I try to sell em I back out because they sound really good and are extremely light and comfortable. Comes with everything that came with them new. $50 shipped and Paypaled. Verified addresses only. No trades.
  13. BadReligionPunk

    iPOD Generation 4 64GB SD Mod

    In pretty dang good shape for a 12 year old player. Some scratches on the back and a small ding on the top(looks worse on camera then really is) but that's about it for condition issues. First time the player was even opened was about a month ago when I pulled the HDD and added a SD card...