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  1. sp0525

    (Sold) [FS] Raal SR1a Ribbon Earfield Monitor + Adapter box

    Basic bundle as shown in the picture. $2,600 fedex-shipped to Conus (buyer pays paypal and insurance if opt-in)
  2. sp0525

    (SOLD) ZMF Aeolus LTD Ziricote + Atmos-C cable + 2 extra earpads

    Up for sale is ZMF Aeolus LTD Ziricote. Comes with ZMF Aeolus Ziricote with Verite Lambskin ear pads (magnesium chassis upgraded) ZMF Atmos-C XLR cable 2 extra pairs of ear pads : Universe Suede pads, Universe Lambskin pads ZMF LTD wood case Asking price : $1,000 fedex shipped (CONUS only) +...
  3. sp0525

    ZMF Verite

    I happened to get these two very capable headphones (ZMF Verite and Raal SR1a) nearly simultaneously (roughly 3.5 weeks ago). Worried I might not give enough head time to Verite assuming SR1a technically more competent. While my assumption wasn't that wrong (SR1a was quite legit), Verite paired...
  4. sp0525

    ZMF Verite

    In general, all focal had weakness of very low bass notes because of their smaller drivers (which need higher excursions to sound loud enough = higher not-so-happy distortions). Utopia and Elex chose a little different trade off (Quality vs Quantity) though. By contrast, Verite had MUCH cleaner...
  5. sp0525

    ZMF Verite

    @tommytakis Welcome to the club! It seems that you ordered DSHA-3F, too. Verite + Ravenswood/3F is a wonderful combination.. I can confirm.
  6. sp0525

    ZMF Aeolus Impressions thread

    Nicely put. Thanks for your valuable data point of amp pairing! By the way, which pads do you mostly use with Aeolus? My Aeolus experience is largely divided into "with fun pads" and "with serious pads". I might prefer different amp parings for each group.
  7. sp0525

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.
  8. sp0525

    ZMF Verite

    Well, even in such cases, previous original owners did it instead of 2nd owners. haha
  9. sp0525

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.
  10. sp0525

    ZMF Verite

    All verite owners can understand what you feel now, as we all did exactly the same thing until we got ours.:wink:
  11. sp0525

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    Indeed same here. I've been whimsically switching atmos-c and verite silver. I like both. But verite more evidently favored verite silver, so auteur took atmos-c in the end.
  12. sp0525

    Bose QC35-II Bluetooth Issue

    Theoretically it should not happen. However, I've seen the glitching issue with some devices under a certain condition. Some windows machine present similar troubles rarely. I had no bluetooth issues with any sony device, but some asus devices gave me hard time. And some android versions, as...
  13. sp0525

    ZMF Aeolus Impressions thread

    Nevertheless, I must agree with Aeolus' value. Really performs well. With optional pads (verite lamb or universe suede), their tonal balance is very neutral, too.
  14. sp0525

    ZMF Aeolus Impressions thread

    From a consumer's perspective, they look similar but all their models sound a lot different. As an owner of multiple models of ZMF cans, I never think I invested redundantly. What really matters is specific need and taste of each potential buyer. Upstream is also something to consider. I think...
  15. sp0525

    ZMF Verite

    Love your photos. Fantastically beautiful.
  16. sp0525

    ZMF Verite

    Likely it's because I placed my verite and its cable during burn-in beside air freshener with flowery scent! :kissing_closed_eyes:
  17. sp0525

    Recommend Head Amp for Sennheiser HD800s

    I don't know much about your Acro L1000. But in general, Jotunheim is quite forwarding and tonally bright-ish amp. It can work great with many headphones. But not so much with HD800 in my experience. I'd rather recommend Lyr 3 among Schiit amps. Another considerations: Monoprice Monolith...
  18. sp0525

    ZMF Verite

    I am starting to think Verite Silver is the most ideal cable for Verite. It looks, feels, smells, and sounds superb. Very lightweight, too.
  19. sp0525

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    One of my top 3 favorite K626's