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  1. the_equalizer

    Recommended capacitive load for Audio Technica AT440Mla phono cartridge

    So I've been having fun with my new AT440Mla phono cartridge. I'm looking to extract the best sound I can from it, but the manual (and what I've found searching on google) only mentions a recommended resistive load value (47 Kohms) but no mention of capacitive load value.   Maybe owners of...
  2. the_equalizer

    WTB: Dynalo rev. B | C circuit board

    I'm interested in a revision 'B' or 'C' printed circuit board to build a Dynalo amp. I hope someone out there has one to spare.   EDIT 05May2010:  Got one. Thanks ! cheers!
  3. the_equalizer

    Total BitHead and FreeBSD 8.0

    I'm sure there's a minority of Total BitHead owners who might use FreeBSD but still... The Total BitHead works perfectly in FreeBSD using the uaudio(4) driver. Either load the driver at boot or manually and select it for output in your media player. Thanks HeadRoom!
  4. the_equalizer

    BitHead/AirHead gain

    I looked for this in the manual but couldn't find it. What are the gain specs for these amps in the LO and HI settings ? I'm thinking the gain in LO is 1 (or rather, slightly less than 1) and the amp is acting like a buffer. cheers!
  5. the_equalizer

    BitHead turn-on thump

    Hi there, So I got myself a nice Total Bithead amp for Christmas. I must say I'm very impressed with the size of the thing (I expected it to be somewhat larger) and the sound of it, particularly when used as a DAC/amp combo. Still, I'm a bit concerned about the click/pop produced by the...
  6. the_equalizer

    Grado SR-80 stock

    My cousin is coming to visit from the US in 2 weeks time and I'd like him to bring me a set of Grado SR-80. Any chance you'll have them in stock next week? cheers!
  7. the_equalizer

    Chicago Hi-Fi/Headphone retail stores

    Hi all: I'll be in the Chicago area next week for business. I'm interested in purchasing a turntable (Pro-ject Debut III) and maybe headphones (Grado, Sennheiser). Any retail store recommendations that you could give me will be really appreciated. Downtown Chicago or Northern Illinois (Vernon...
  8. the_equalizer

    AKG K701 purchase

    Just to thank the people at HeadRoom for their speedy service. I ordered my AKG 701 the morning of Sept 2. They were shipped the same day!!. If the weekend had not come across I'd have had them in my hands on Sept 6!! But as it was I had to anxiously wait until Monday Sept 8, to finally get my...
  9. the_equalizer

    Shure SE210 for sale

    White and gray Shure SE210 in-ear monitors. They were bought in April this year from an authorized Shure dealer in Mexico and were used for about a month until I bought a pair of Etymotic ER-6i. Complete accesory kit and oval hardcase. I can ship via DHL or Fedex. $90 USD + SH&H. Cheers,