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  1. shuttleboi

    New Denon DCD-50 desktop-sized CD player/transport component

    Denon announced a new mini-sized CD player / transport, the DCD-50, that pairs well with their other mini-sized integrated amp, the PMA-50, that was announced a few months ago around December. What Hi-Fi has a report on this pair of components.   The new DCD-50 has a 32-bit/192-kHz DAC, but I...
  2. shuttleboi

    New Technics high-end audio components

    It looks like Technics (part of Panasonic) is getting back into the high-end audio component game. At IFA 2014 this week, they announced two lineups: a Reference Class R1 and a Premium Class C700. Pricing and availability are not known, but What Hi Fi says that the R1 complete line is 40,000...
  3. shuttleboi

    New Denon DA-300USB DSD DAC with headphone amplifier

    Looks extremely nice. It's good to see the big boys like Denon and Sony finally getting into this space. No mention of price or if it's coming to the USA.   French...
  4. shuttleboi

    DAC --> Digital amp (ADC --> DAC) --> headphones/speakers ? (Bel Canto amps, in particular)

    I'm interested in buying a small integrated amp with analog input such as a Bel Canto C5i or Bel Canto C7r. I was hoping to use the output of another DAC to feed into the amp, which in turn would drive speakers for near-field (desktop) listening. However, from what I see, this amp does the...
  5. shuttleboi

    Do passive speakers + integrated amp have less hiss than active speakers?

    Although I'm largely a headphone user, I've purchased active speakers for my computer system, only to be disappointed by hiss. I've bought high-end B&W MM-1 to low-end Creative speakers, and they all exhibit some form of hiss, even when no music is playing. I'm guessing it's due to the amp being...
  6. shuttleboi

    Musical Fidelity M1 DAC, headphone amp, and CD transport stack

    I've been looking for a DAC, headphone amp, and CD transport combination for a long time, and I think I've finally found a good solution in the Musical Fidelity M1 stack. Any opinions?   I like the fact that they're all the same size, so hopefully I can stack them one on top of the other...
  7. shuttleboi

    Glass desks

    I know there's a cool desk thread in the computer audio section. But I wanted to ask anyway: What's your opinion of glass desks?   Is reflection or glare a problem? Too hard to hide wires? Any other problems?   I'm thinking of buying this one from Crate and Barrel:  
  8. shuttleboi

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Balanced

    Does anyone have any more news about the Ultrasone Pro 900 Balanced headphones? They come double-ended balanced from Ultrasone. I think they are the only balanced headphones sold from the manufacturer and not modded by a third party. Will they be sold in the USA...
  9. shuttleboi

    Good combo? Denon D5000, Woo Audio 6, PS Audio DL III?

    I currently have my Denon D5000 headphones plugged into my 10-year-old DVD player. I would like a good DAC and amp combo. From reading head-fi, I've drawn two good setups for around $1200-$1400: 1. Woo Audio 6 amp and PS Audio Digital Link III DAC 2. Benchmark DAC1 USB (has a nice DAC and...
  10. shuttleboi

    Does the Benchmark DAC1 (or any DAC) eliminate all jitter?

    I have a 10-year-old JVC DVD player that's in great shape, but I want to upgrade. I can either get a new top-of-the-line CD player (like the Sony SCD XA5400ES) or get a high-end DAC like the Benchmark DAC 1 USB. I'm leaning towards the DAC since my DVD player is still working fine. If I go...
  11. shuttleboi

    My Denon AH-D5000 sounds excellent without any mods

    I bought the Denon D5000 recently from for $399. I've read that people find that it has overwhelming bass and need to mod it, but mine's bass is almost perfect. Interestingly, when I got the headphones, I felt that there was some problems with the earcups, so I ordered a...
  12. shuttleboi

    Where can I buy a Benchmark DAC-1? (from Benchmark or another retailer?)

    I just bought a Denon AD-5000 headphones and have them plugged into my 10-year-old JVC DVD player. It already sounds better than my Sennheiser 595, so I'm hoping a Benchmark DAC-1 can improve the sound even more. Where can I buy the DAC-1? I know I can get it from Benchmark directly though...
  13. shuttleboi

    Would going Sennheiser 595 --> 650 make sense?

    I asked this question a few months back and didn't get a meaningful response. I've been using Sennheiser HD595 headphones for the last four years, and now I want to get something different. Would it make sense to get the HD650? Does the HD650 produce a significantly different sound to...
  14. shuttleboi

    Need opinions on CD players $1000-$1500 (preferably with SACD)

    I was looking at the Marantz CD5003 and the Cambridge Audio 640C, both of which are under $400, but then I started investigating $1000-$1500 units that can play SACD and look to be solidly built. I own 700 CDs and want to get back to the visceral feeling of handling my CDs and looking at the...
  15. shuttleboi

    How do I multiplex multiple inputs and multiple outputs?

    Suppose I have: Input 1: CD player Input 2: my computer Output 1: a headphone amp and headphones Output 2: active speakers (or speakers and an amp) What kind of audio component do I need to send one of the N inputs to one of the M outputs? I looked at preamps, but those seem to have...
  16. shuttleboi

    What's a good, different step up from Senn 595?

    I've been using the Sennheier HD595 for the last four years, and now I'm thinking of getting some new headphones, up to $450. I'm looking for a different quality sound from the new headphones, something I haven't heard with the 595. Do the Senn HD650 sound significantly different from the...
  17. shuttleboi

    Under $500 CD player (Marantz, Cambridge Audio, NAD)

    I am looking for a new CD player for under $500. I would prefer to buy from a US retailer. By the end of the year, I would like to pair it with a DAC like the Benchmark DAC-1, Cambridge Audio DacMagic, or the PS Audio Digital Link III. So that said, I am looking at: Marantz CD5003...
  18. shuttleboi

    Motherboard's digital S/PDIF output ok?

    What is the general consensus (if any) on using the motherboard's S/PDIF digital outputs to feed a DAC and amp, as opposed to a soundcard's digital outputs? (I've read that USB is inferior to digital outputs with respect to connecting to a DAC, so I am not considering that here.) I have a...
  19. shuttleboi

    Asus Essence STX and 2.1 speakers

    Does the Asus Essence STX soundcard properly drive 2.0 speakers (e.g. Audioengine A5) and 2.1 speakers?
  20. shuttleboi

    Micro vs. Ultra Micro

    I'm looking at the Micro amp and DAC. What's the difference between the Micro and Ultra Micro lines? Are the Ultra Micros worth the extra price?
  21. shuttleboi

    Basic questions on tube amps (are they dangerous?)

    I'm looking to buy my first amp and am looking at basic tube amps like the Little Dot Mk IV. I have never heard one and have no intuition about them. Does a tube amp sound much better than (or much different from) a regular solid-state amp (like the Headroom Micro amp)? Are the tubes in...
  22. shuttleboi

    Basic questions on sound card and setup (HT Claro vs. Auzen Forte)

    Hello. I am all set to buy my first soundcard. My setup for the last several years has been my Senn 595 headphones connected directly to a motherboard's jack. My current computer is an i7, Asus P6T mobo, and Nvidia 260. I would like to get a soundcard that sounds nice, and by the end of the...
  23. shuttleboi

    best sound card under $250? Also: PCI or PCI-Express?

    I'm currently using the on-board sound card (Realtek ALC1200 chipset) on my new Asus P6T motherboard, but I would really like to buy my first separate sound card. What's the best sound card for under $250? I will use it for gaming and for listening to music (unamped for now, but maybe an amp...
  24. shuttleboi

    What's a good rig for Radiohead's In Rainbows?

    My order of Radiohead's In Rainbows is about to arrive. I want a good set up for this epic CD. Will my Sennheiser 595 headphones be able to handle the awesomeness? What's a good amp specifically for this CD?
  25. shuttleboi

    Creative X-fi rebates until 3/21

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I didn't see it anywhere. Creative has a series of rebates right now. $100 off the X-fi Elite Pro. $20 off the X-fi Xtrememusic. Etc. Go check it out at Amazon. Deadline for buying is 3/21/06.