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  1. Thenewguy007

    FS: Raal SR1a headphones

    Less than 4 months old, original owner. Kept in case & packaging when not used, in immaculate condition. Comes with all original accessories. I really didn't want to sell these as these are special, they blew away my previous Abyss 1266 & Hifiman HE1000 by a long shot, but I have not had a...
  2. Thenewguy007

    HD800s mainly for the sofa

    HD800 is one of the most comfortable headphones out there. Super light clamp. IFi XSD or a chord mojo will work fine for it, though it will scale incredibly better with bigger heavier amps.
  3. Thenewguy007

    WTB: Adapter 4 pin XLR female to speaker taps...

    There are a few they sell them online Though you might want to message them about the 13" reach. They could probably customize it if you ask.
  4. Thenewguy007

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    I got the HD800 with stock pads to have more sub-bass rumble than Audeze LCD2, Fostex TH-X00 & a Hifiman HE1000. It won't happen on low to mid-tier equipment, but it's possible.
  5. Thenewguy007

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    The HD800 can have more bass & a sound fuller than the Audeze cans with the right high end equipment. People just don't know how well they scale. It goes beyond just headphone stuff, but high power amplifiers & higher end sources. They'll still be a bright headphone, that can't be changed, but...
  6. Thenewguy007

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    Is the switch selected down where it says 'Ribbon Earfield Monitors' for the top & 'Ribbon Circum-Aural Headphones' for the bottom. It's hard to tell from that angle.
  7. Thenewguy007

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    Do you have the switch on the back set to headphones?
  8. Thenewguy007

    New denafrips DDC (Iris and Gaia)

    Did they offer a trial period?
  9. Thenewguy007

    Audio-GD DI-20

    I think the only difference is the connector, the actual signal shouldn't be changed. It's normal for BNC cables to be used as regular coax cables with adapters. The adapter itself if just the metal piece with no extra wires.
  10. Thenewguy007

    New denafrips DDC (Iris and Gaia)

    Any ETA when they will be shipping them out?
  11. Thenewguy007

    Trafomatic Primavera Initial Impressions

    So how would you rank each for resolution, bass & stage width? SR1a/HSA-1a Susvara/Primavera T2/009S
  12. Thenewguy007

    Rockna Wavelight

    Can't wait to hear your impressions.
  13. Thenewguy007

    HD800S VS SR-007 VS HE6se VS LCD 3

    What amp do you have to that you will pair with the headphones?
  14. Thenewguy007

    The Reference 6SN7 Thread

    NOS tested pairs sell for half of that on eBay. If the tubes you get have any hum or noise, initiate a return of those tubes immediately.
  15. Thenewguy007

    DENAFRIPS Terminator: the King of R2R dac

    The review from audiostream was the opposite opinion, but that was the level 2 not 3. "To reach this conclusion, I compared it to my beloved Holo Spring Level 2 ($1,800 USD). Compared to the Terminator, the Spring sounded vague, grayish, and slightly mushy. (In my system, the Spring prefers...
  16. Thenewguy007

    Audio-GD DI-20

    Any links for them?
  17. Thenewguy007

    Audio-GD DI-20

    Do you guys really think the Mutec Ref 10 is worth it? I mean it sells for $4,000. The Master 7 DAC & DI-20HE combined don't cost as much.
  18. Thenewguy007

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    You really went all out with the tube rolling right out of the gate. :)
  19. Thenewguy007

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    How will you connect the Freya to the Jot-R? To the output connections & then have the Jot-R at max volume & then adjust the Freya volume from the lowest setting? Is that correct?
  20. Thenewguy007

    Can you connect a tube amp to an A/V receiver?

    Iif it has the word "output" next to the RCA's on your receiver, then use can you a external amp with it. If your receiver only has "input" RCA, then you can't.
  21. Thenewguy007

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    Pretty nice, where did you get those adapters? A quick search online lead to a eBay seller from Hong Kong, but they were a little different from yours.
  22. Thenewguy007

    Woo's New Flagship WA33

    Is the tube glass itself starting to look cloudy or hazy? That usually means leakage.
  23. Thenewguy007

    Myths and realities about Chinese amplifiers from Opera Audio .

    How much did you spend on all those upgrades? Looks like lot of Lundahl transformers.
  24. Thenewguy007

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    Will you be selling the box as a product when you do make them?
  25. Thenewguy007


    My opinion on the SR Blue fuse mirrored bazelio test. When I tried it, it gave a darker, warmer tone, didn't like it over the stock fuses.