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  1. adamlr

    need (proper) spectrum analyzer for foobar please

    one that shows the frequency as well as level. my search yielded one analyzer that didnt work at all (couldnt see it in the preferences) and one "musical analyzer" which was very pretty, but showed notes - as opposed to frequencies, and that too was only up to c9 (~8 KHz aparently)... does...
  2. adamlr

    can i connect an acoustic guitar to a reciever via fiio e11?

    Very random question - i know. I hope this is the right forum for this... But my flatmate has an acoustic guitar (with a line out), i have a fiio e11 and theres a very old, very crappy stereo system in the livingroom - connectors and cables are no issue. What are the chances of killing one of...
  3. adamlr

    foobar \ electriq help please

    it keeps crashing on me! i can now uninstall and reinstall foobar + vst + electriq with the speed of light, just because of the practice i have from the damn thing crashing every couple of days. the only reason i put up with it is because i got kinda addicted to using an eq. i always use the...
  4. adamlr

    where did you get all this knowledge from?

    except for the actual sound engineers who studied professionally, where did all you "audiofiles" get all this information? what internet sites? what books? what movies?