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    ATTENTION: Quoteunquote

    the rest of the case you were wondering. Quote: (19:08:39) quoteunkwote: if i send paypal the tracking number, it doesn't go through. (19:09:01) quoteunkwote: you're gonna take back you're money..and the amp? (19:09:07) Lateran7: no (19:09:10) Lateran7: I want my...
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    ATTENTION: Quoteunquote

    Yes, I got a DUI and cannot drive. I've had many court dates that take up a lot of my time. Your amp is going the mail on Monday like I tried to tell you over AIM. It's been really tough not being able to drive myself around. I'm not asking for some sort of pity. Just the benefit of the doubt. I...
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    Southern California Meet: August 2006

    I'd love to come with my girlfriend. Any way I could get a ride from any fellow head-fi'ers attending? I'm in Bakersfield, CA Zipcode 93308. If I can't get a ride, I could try and figure something else out. I've never been able to attend a meet and would love to come. Could bring my HD580s and...
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    Short Review: Thom Yorke- "The Eraser"

    my favourite release of the year thus far. not one bad track.
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    Thom Yorke "solo" album

    had the leak for a good amount of time now. just picked up the actual copy a few days ago. keeping it in fairly regular rotation. thom's voice is as good as ever. anxious to try it out with something besides my Senns. and i guess it's sort of like the postal service..just minus the fagginess.
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    budget vinyl setup possible for >$200?

    Quote: Originally Posted by clarke68 I don't think this would qualify as a "proper setup" to most Head-Fi vinylphiles, but it'll get you somewhere, and you'll still have the better part of $100 left over for a pair of Insignia 6.5s and a Sonic Impact T-Amp! I'm loving this...
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    budget vinyl setup possible for >$200?

    I have a lot of vinyl being passed down to me from my parents and I've used this califone that I obtained locally, but I've found that it's not playing my records at the correct speed. Besides, I'd like to have a proper setup. My budget is about $180 dollars for everything. Turntable, Amp and...
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    Why so many people hate Radiohead?

    dont know chords? stay on one note the whole song? have you heard "Paranoid Android"? see i'm not gonna argue people opinions. but when you start pointing out stuff that just isn't true. sunn o))) and radiohead are 2 very different kinds of music. comparing them is just silly. they are...
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    Sound quality on Muse Absolution

    Blackholes and Revelations is pretty disappointing. I love Supermassive Black Hole. The rest though is pretty boring. And the lyrics are the worst ever. I'll stick with Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry.
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    Why so many people hate Radiohead?

    The most pointless arguement ever. Either you like a band or you don't. I'll never understand it. 'Kid A' completely changed my life. In my opinion Radiohead isn't matched at what they do. Does that mean I'm mad at you for not appreciating them? That's ridiculous.
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    Anyone feeling Radiohead's "Hail to the thief" album?

    we suck young blood is probably my favourite track from the album.
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    best cheap isolating choice?

    i was leaning toward the er6i's and an ipod shuffle.
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    best cheap isolating choice?

    just started a new job cleaning up batting cages. i have to use a leaf blower strapped to my back. needless to say, i need some phones capable of blocking it out or at least drop the noise level significantly. i'm trying not to spend a great deal of money. what would you guys suggest?
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    eargasm warning

    feel the love that is kid a, my friend.
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    Anyone feeling Radiohead's "Hail to the thief" album?

    it's called threadcrapping my friend. read the sticky. as for radiohead..they've become somewhat of an obsession (if you couldn't tell from my sig/avatar). i have everything they have ever put down on tape and then some. they have some great unreleased songs that they've played live..some of...
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    HF-1: Headfier profiteering

    200 originally. people sell them for 350 and even higher. Quote: Originally Posted by Connectz Okay i'm lost. How much was it then and how much is it now?
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    HF-1: Headfier profiteering

    i think all the people saying.."eh, just let it go, stop whining" either already own an HF-1 or aren't fans of the Grado sound. i tried for them when Todd offered the extra 20 or whatever it was. of course, i got the shaft like most others. i'm definitely bums me out how much people are trying...
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    Ear plugs for concerts/raves.. Etymotic ER-20 or High fidelity Hearos?

    i play bass in a band and have been looking into getting some plugs. are the Etymotic ER-20's reusable?
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    Sad, sad, day...Queen Song Butchery for the masses.

    oh man..worst ever. parents love the show. that bulsh was on and i had to crank the phones.
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    List 5 Must Hear Tracks for the Cans

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn I'm listening to this right now - crazy stuff! good taste, my friend.
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    List 5 Must Hear Tracks for the Cans

    radiohead - kid a (the album as a whole) daft punk - "harder, better, faster, stronger" from Discovery sigur ros - "untitled #4" from ( ) the flaming lips - "yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1" from Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots some of my favourites.
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    HF-1 sale update

    had the money for a pair on the original sale date. but not by the time this one rolled around. oh well.
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    hhf1 #20 (56k warning)

    officially jealous.
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    Radiohead small gigs!!!!!!

    yes, yes there is. they are gonna play the new material.