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  1. blueyan

    upgrading from SFLO2 to Cowon J3

    I got my s:flo2 on Feburary and I'm very happy how it sounds . After using it for 1 month , I'm really frustrated with its UI, quite sluggish, perhaps I already get used to Desire HD UI. Finally I went back to Desire HD for music listening , but it drains a lot of battery !   So I need...
  2. blueyan

    Are the Ultrasone Pro750 drives = Pro900 drivers?

    Pro 750 - S logic , Pro 900 - S logic plus , so I'm guessing their driver aren't the same ?
  3. blueyan

    Ultrasone PRO900

    haloxt , are you saying M50s bass is better than Pro 900 ?  Would you mind elaborate in detail ?
  4. blueyan

    Ultrasone PRO900

    if they sound okay with kees mod , I can consider to get it . Oh no , I have no experience with soldering , I'll stay away from soldering before I got into some serious mess. I just tried the M50s a couple of days ago , and the bass couldn't satisfy me , I need STRONGER and more bass ! So I've...
  5. blueyan

    Ultrasone PRO900

     I can't afford the Pro900 and an amp at the same time, so I've been wondering if Kees modded Pro900s can sound good enough out of my Asus Xonar U1 USB soundcard , it has a built in amp .IF they do, I will get the Pro900s first , then start to save up for the amp .
  6. blueyan


    I just listened to M50 yesterday , and I didnt like it . For overall presentation , I like 840s over the M50s. The only thing that M50s stand out over the 840s are the bass . But I need stronger bass ! M50s bass couldn't satisfy me , are Pro900s bass surpass M50 a lot ?
  7. blueyan

    SRH 840 v. HFI 780 v. DT 770 (Un-amped)

    Pro900s are efficient headphone so you don't need amp that badly , but an amp will always help. Some people thinks Pro900s bass are overwhelming and recessed mids ,  but you can fix these issues with an amp. I'm taiwanese , based on what I've researched in taiwan forum , for the best bang of...
  8. blueyan

    SRH 840 v. HFI 780 v. DT 770 (Un-amped)

    If you planning to get an amp , you better go with the DT770 .The 780s can be driven without amp. You can get either Dt770 or 780s , but not the 840s ! 840s are mid oriented cans and are not made for house and dance music . I got the SRH840 and mainly use them for vocal listening . I tried to...
  9. blueyan

    ultrasone 780 vs ultrasone 900

    ^ How 's the stock 780s perform compare to stock Pro 900 ? not recabled 780s .
  10. blueyan

    First timer looking at jumping into the headphone game. MS-1i, HD555, AD700, M50, DT-440, SRH440, DTX900

    Closed headphones in your list are weak in soundstage , while the opened headphones are weak in bass. It's up to you , whether prefer soundstage and strong bass .Unless you can top up your budget to get DT990 , which are opened headphone , good soundstage and bass.I suggest you to get the M50 ...
  11. blueyan

    ATH-M50 vs. Shure SRH750 DJ's?

    Quote: hey , you owns HFI 580 and M50 ? Can you compare them in bass , comfortness , fun ....I need to get one for pop, trance , electronic , and I love BASS !!!!! thanks
  12. blueyan

    Bass IMPACT!!!!!! Thats all I ever asked for in life :(

    hey guys I'm looking a headphone which having the similar bass of hfi 580 but more refined quality, the price can higher than the 580s but not too much , about 50~100USD . M50 perhaps? or pro750 ? Will be using it unamped with Asus Xonar U1 with laptop . Thanks
  13. blueyan

    Easy to drive, comfortable, durable headphones with awesome soundstage and good bass that don't make your ears hot

    ^ agree , I had listened to both M50 and 595 before . 595 do have a large soundstage but M50 bass beat 595 easily ! If you have used to listen M50 bass , 595 might not suitable for you. Why not going for HD650 ? I haven listen to AD900 before , but I  M50 bass is better than AD900 ?
  14. blueyan

    Hello. I'm Czilla. I'm a mid-a-holic.

    If you looking for low budget mids oriented headphones  , I suggest you the SRH840 .
  15. blueyan

    Ultrasone PRO900

    You can improve their performance if you can get amp for them . More controlled bass , better mids .
  16. blueyan

    ATH m50 vs SHR840

    The best solution is , try both of them and get the one you like.  Isn't that easy ? rather than keep asking for opinions =)
  17. blueyan


    I feel the same too when I first received SRH840 , I let it clamped on a box overnight . The next day , I tried to use it , WOW ! The clamp pressure was gone and it is so much comfortable ! An advice for you ,  try to find object which having the similar size as your head or smaller ,don't go...
  18. blueyan

    amp/dac for Ultrasone Pro900

    Hey guys , I will be getting Pro900 soon , so I thinking to get a dac/amp to use with PRO 900 . I have read lots of opinions about Pro900 . Some said it doesnt need amp , some said it does to sound more resolving . My budget is around 200~350 USD , I'll be happier spending less . Thanks
  19. blueyan

    Do Ultrasone Pro 900 really need an amp ?

    With my budget right now ,  I can get Audinst Mx1 . Or Dr.dac2 ,but need to get part time job =(  , Dr.dac2 is double the price of Mx1.
  20. blueyan

    In my case, should I buy a DT770?

    Quote: yes . I let it pre-clamp on a box which is slightly smaller than my head for 2 days . The clamp force did loosen, now its is quite comfortable to use. I wont wear 840s outside , it is very HUGE ! I prefer to stay low than drawing public attention  
  21. blueyan

    In my case, should I buy a DT770?

    SRH840 is quite comfortable to me . My head is very big , I need to extend the headband to it's maximum level , level 10 on SRH840 . The headband is tight on first 2 3 days , but the clamp force will be reduced . Now it rests on my head quite loosely , when I shake my head in moderate speed...
  22. blueyan

    Do Ultrasone Pro 900 really need an amp ?

    Kernmac, thanks for the reply. Which amp or amp/dac you recommend to use with pro 900 =D ?
  23. blueyan

    In my case, should I buy a DT770?

    SRH840 offers more mids  , while DT770 offer more bass . SRH840 does isolate well , I cant hear anyone talking, fans spinning around me
  24. blueyan

    Do Ultrasone Pro 900 really need an amp ?

    how about Audinst HUD-mx1 ? Will they control the bass and improve the mids of Pro900 ?