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  1. TheBananaMan

    Need HELP finding over ear headphones!

    I own the 840's, doesnt feel at all like it would crack. ive bent out the whole headphones almost flat onto a table and nothing broke. truly legendary shure build quality, dont know what that guy was talking about.   also, the instrument separation is really good for me, i can distinctly...
  2. TheBananaMan

    shs-840 - atm50 or dt770 ?

    I second the SRH-840. Its truly unbeatable for $200 USD, and I love it with rock. I've compared my Shures with top-tier headphones like the K701 and the PRO990 and still find the only thing that beats them is the ath esw-10, and that's more than double the price of the 840.  
  3. TheBananaMan

    Need SRH840 Pads..

    Are you sure they don't sell any on ebay?  Go check the for sale/trading forums, if somebody on headfi is selling theirs, thats where you'll find them. good choice with the 440's btw.    
  4. TheBananaMan

    Shure SRH-840 for $119

      Quote: Wait until after the headband loosens up a little. After I've owned mine for about half a year and its all loosened up, I can say it's without a doubt one of the most comfiest headphones I've worn out of the 20-30 that I've demo-ed.
  5. TheBananaMan

    Best open cans around 100$

    FWIR, the AD700 has a good soundstage. I've seen quite a few people use it for gaming. But I cant vouch for it, I've never heard it before.
  6. TheBananaMan

    Have i missed something in Skullcandy

    Quote: Too true. If only good headphone brands spent some money on marketing, there wouldnt be bankrupt students with monster beats and SC on their heads :\. They would have at least spent their hard-earned money on something worthwhile.
  7. TheBananaMan

    Supraaural vs. Circumaural for noise isolation?

    I mean without noise cancellation. I know IEMs are better but it's just between those two headphone types.
  8. TheBananaMan

    Have i missed something in Skullcandy

    Normal uninformed people (that you would find at yahoo answers) think skullcandy is good, since they know nothing about headphones. Us at headfi know the truth about skullcandy, that it sounds like utter crap. You didnt think that the people at yahoo answers would actually know what they're...
  9. TheBananaMan

    Supraaural vs. Circumaural for noise isolation?

    Title says it all. I thought supraaural cans had better noise isolation than circumaural but I'm seeing different views now, which is better for noise isolation in general? Or are they both the same?
  10. TheBananaMan

    Another request thread! I'm looking for IEMs

    Hmm i considered the RE0's but from what I've heard the mids are recessed and laid-back, and I'm looking for aggressive and forward IEMs. What do you guys think about the RE0 in terms of how warm it is and it's aggressiveness? Also, why is the RE0 ranked #2 in ALL headphones, right under the...
  11. TheBananaMan

    Bose IE(1?) earbuds went through the wash and lost the little mesh screen thing....

    Not unless you don't clean your ears regularly... But over time other stuff like dust and dirt or sand could get in and damage the drivers.
  12. TheBananaMan

    Another request thread! I'm looking for IEMs

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for warm and forward/aggressive noise-isolating IEMs for about $100. I love soundstage and detail (especially in mids/highs), so a good soundstage and detail is also needed. Also, I dont mind replacing the stock silicon earbuds for foamies or whatever for noise isolation...
  13. TheBananaMan

    Best Universal Headphones for 300 and under.

    UE 10pros. Great deep booming bass, nice and warm. Excellent noise isolation, and really good build quality. Also quite upfront and aggressive which is good for hiphop etc.
  14. TheBananaMan

    Any way to make more than one folder on Sony PSP?

    Hi, I'm using a PSP as my portable source (mainly since I've owned it for 5 years for games and don't feel like spending $300 on another source when my PSP can play music), with 16gb memory.   Question: How do I make a folder within a folder show up on the PSP? When I do it on my computer...
  15. TheBananaMan

    AMP for Ultrasone Edition 10? Please help a NOOB

    You're a headphone noob with an EDITION 10?!? Wow, just... wow. I envy you!!
  16. TheBananaMan

    First Set: HD 595 vs. AiAiAi TMA-1?

    FWIR, I second the 595. It was my second choice to my SRH840.
  17. TheBananaMan

    Looking for $500 closed headphone for rock/trance/R&B

    I would recommend spending at least $200 on an amp/DAC and then $300 on headphones. Just buying a $500 headphone and plugging it in straight from your computer is like buying a $1000 car and putting $5000 windsheild on it :/. After all, the sound quality is only as good as your weakest link in...
  18. TheBananaMan

    Need some help choosing headphones for someone.

    Does anyone know how the HP700DJ's do in sound quality and isolation? Im guessing the isolation would be good for DJ'ing.
  19. TheBananaMan

    Need some help choosing headphones for someone.

    Hmm the 840's aren't really portable though, and the sound isolation is only average.
  20. TheBananaMan

    Best Cans for $200 or Less?

      Quote: $150 is DEFINITELY WORTH IT for a pair of SRH-840s. Even at the MSRP of $200 people say it is comparable to headphones that cost 2-3x more money.  I've demo-ed at least 15 other 'phones including high-end ones like the K701, K702, Beyer DT990, Ultrasone PRO 900, and IMHO if I...
  21. TheBananaMan

    Portable amp to power a new headphone

    Getting any of these would DEFINITELY require you to get something more powerful than an E7. If you cheap out on an amp, most high-end headphones will sound worse than $15 headphones. Get a decent amp (I'm talking about $250 minimum) and it will sound amazing.
  22. TheBananaMan

    Need some help choosing headphones for someone.

    Hmm it's nice to hear that they are indeed over-ear, and that they're also very comfy and within my budget. I think I might steer towards getting these, but Mad Lust Envy, is it true that the noise isolation from outside is only mediocre? Cos thats the biggest requirement for the 'phones...
  23. TheBananaMan

    Need some help choosing headphones for someone.

    Quote: Is it on-ear or over-ear? Different websites have trouble deciding...
  24. TheBananaMan

    Need some help choosing headphones for someone.

    Quote: Umm nope, they're in-stock where I live. But I agree, I cant seem to find ANY Klipsch IEM's cos of Christmas...   Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out. I thought the D1001s were specifically basshead headphones though?   EDIT: Drat, it's on-ear.