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    Mini3 - M3 - Beta22 - Close Specs / Differences?

    Quote: Originally Posted by amb Of course not. I repeat again... those specs are useful, but they are not the only ones that matter. There are so many other aspects to an amplifier's performance it would take a book to write about them (and there are some good books out there, as are...
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    Help using solder pot

    I'm no expert, but I have recently delt with enameled or laquered wire. I tried everything except the really harsh chemicals. Everything had poor results: burning the wire will oxidize it, mechanically abrading it ripped it up, dipping it in a large bead of solder was nearly impossible to break...
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    SQ difference from wire gauge???

    NICE KNOBS!!!!!. Oh wait, I'm trolling in the wrong overly pretentious, self absorbed, blindly fundamentalist thread in a geeky forum on the Interweb! I'm SOOO sorry. Please continue.
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    foo_vis_projectm - a native foobar milkdrop plugin

    Quote: Originally Posted by CompressionalFlagellation Anyone got this running on foo2000 YES! See the updated OP. Just got it running with a fresh install of - w00t! long live foo_vis_projectm!
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    Building A New Computer (Recommendation of Parts)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duggeh If you are buyign new optical drive(s). Nothing is better than plextor. Nothing.
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    OMG! Stay AWAY from MS IE 7 BETA!

    geez, calm down. It is a Beta!! As far as a blotched install, well, It is a Beta!!! Besides, did you think MS is ever planning for an uninstall of it? You couldn't uninstall IE6or5or.... At least 7 is removable similar to a windowsupdate rollback. For the record, I like it better than...
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    computer hardware troubleshooting

    Quote: Originally Posted by NotoriousBIG_PJ The 80gig hd is the 2nd harddrive... OK, is it the primary or seconday channel? Also, is it set in slave, master, or cable select? Using a 40wire or 80wire IDE cable? What is the max DMA mode of the older drive? Quote...
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    Help me chose my computer speaker system!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Lazarus Short ...when you can have "real" [home hi-fi] speakers??? My current rig is a pair of Yamaha NS-A 635A's with consecutinve serial numbers [important in some circles, not here]. They're three-ways, eight inch woofer, etc, and good sound. They're not...
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    Salads! Salads! Salads!

    My favorite salad: Tomato, basil, mozzerella, olive oil, salt, baguette.
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    Limited edition / serial number craze....

    I've got a serial number for ya': Two, Four, Six, 0, OOOOOOONNEE!!!!!!
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    Deleting senssrv.dll Trojan?

    Looks better. That winlogon is gone at least. I've been told not to execute hijackthis from within a user folder and/or temp directory: you are currently doing both. C:\DOCUME~1\TOMWU~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Rar$EX32.265\Hij ackThis.exe Delete your entire temp directory...
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    Deleting senssrv.dll Trojan?

    Quote: Originally Posted by incognitoedleon Use ewido. It's does a much better job handling trojans than spyware cleaners. I have no idea why more people don't use this. I have been surprised by what ewido has successfully cleaned up after trying...
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    Deleting senssrv.dll Trojan?

    I was copying all the lines that I would remove if it were my computer, but it turned out to be over 90% of the stuff there. Your only real problem is: O20 - Winlogon Notify: SensSrv - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\senssrv.dll This is loading in both safe and normal mode. You can't delete it or the...
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    How many polls do you start each year?

    0. Oops, actually I just started one didn't I?
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    How many polls do you start each year?

    How many polls do you start each year? C'mon, be honest.
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    Maxtor Hard Drives

    I've seen more Maxtors die than any other brand - I've replaced at least 4 or 5 of these in the last year. To be honest though, most of them were those low profile drives (usually found in microATX and TIVO systems), not the normal thick ones. Next up would be Western Digital. I have never seen...
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    Garfield Gives me the Creeps.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jahn Lol whoa, Neil Gaiman linked to it on his blog! So, bloggers aren't extinct yet, huh? Where's my gun? I'll fix this.
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    Which browser do you use?

    Quote: Originally Posted by daba I like the new version of IE7 Beta, available for public test here. I have been using this for the last few days. A couple things to note: 1. It completely omits the top bar that normally contains file, edit, view, tools, help, etc. I think I've...
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    Buying Laptop

    I highly recommend that you buy one of these. And it's lightning fast: over 3.6 gigawatts!
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    anything at circut city not overpriced or suck?

    Linksys WRT54G. Which reminds me, I stiil gotta send in those dam rebates.
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    What idiotic things do you NOT miss at all?

    Quote: Originally Posted by aaroncort ... [I] don't miss that song "what if god were one of us?" You should definitely hear, "What if god smoked cannabis?"
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    Need help Home Network file sharing

    I was wrong. Not having netbios installed will just give "no devices configured", not an error like you got. Also disabling netbois over tcp/ip results in not seeing any computers, on my home network at least.
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    Need help Home Network file sharing

    Quote: Originally Posted by jlo mein Sorry for the late reply, I had to work today. I tried all the fixes Snake listed, plus both fixes that were in the microsoft link Snake provided. Still does not work (although I noticed all the sudden my upload bandwidth has increased...weird)...
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    Preferred Media Player? (can't figure out Foobar)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sparky191 Thats because you guys already know how to do these things. Personally I don't have time to trawl the web for this info. When you do find it, its always incomplete. For example it took me 10 mins to find foo_ui_columns.dll, I have no idea if its the...