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  1. spoonek

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    Nice work in here!
  2. spoonek

    Duck face

    Nope, looks stoopid IMO. Stop the madness!   It's all about the sparrow face now anyway.
  3. spoonek

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Gone Girl with the Mrs.  Good flick but the chick was nuts!!
  4. spoonek

    Corny Jokes - the more the merrier

    My buddies and I started a new band called 999 Megabytes.  We haven't got a Gig yet.                     .
  5. spoonek

    JVC HA-SZ2000/1000 Impressions Thread

    They look cool, wonder what they sound like?!?
  6. spoonek

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi, new guy here as well.  Looking for my next set of cans......
  7. spoonek

    Looking to sell my Grado PS-500 headphones and RA1 amp

    First Post, getting that out of the way......   Thanks,   Trey
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