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  1. angelsword

    Bifrost 2 vs. Ares II vs. Soekris 1321

    Hey all, I'm trying to decide on a sub 1000k R2R DAC for my desktop headphone setup. I'm a huge fan of R2R but don't want to break that bank on my secondary system. I'm not like other headfi-ers in that my main musical genres are heavy metal and extreme metal. Fast, intense, noisy nonsense...
  2. angelsword

    Will any of the Fiio AM modules adequately drive LCD 2Cs?

    I'm interested in a Q5 as a relatively budget-friendly transportable headphone amp. I like the flexibility of using it wired or wirelessly, as I've heard the aptx on it is quite good. Will any of the modules adequately drive my LCD 2Cs? By default, it comes with an AM3 module, Fiio's...
  3. angelsword

    Woo Audio WA11 Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    Apple’s announcement of the new iPad Pro with usb c has me really excited. What are the chances this will be plug and play with a single USB c cable with no adapters? Finally a transportable iOS audiophile rig with one cable??
  4. angelsword

    Woo Audio WA11 Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    I've heard several reports now that the WA11 basically has a tube sound without tubes. Incredible. I'm much less interested in reference/neutral in a transportable, so this sounds perfect to me. If I'm on the road or in a hotel room, I want to hear music for fun through my Audezes.
  5. angelsword

    Woo Audio WA11 Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    That’s super helpful, thank you. What cable/cable combo could give me this option? Or is there a reliable custom cable builder on these forums that I can reach out to?
  6. angelsword

    Woo Audio WA11 Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    How would I use the balanced input from an unbalanced source? Say, from a 3.5mm line out on another device? As far as I understand, the rule is that you can go unbalanced to balanced safely, right? Obviously it won't magically become a true balanced signal, but it's still analog to analog and...
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