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  1. proman1355

    300$ For Bass

    Quote: Holy! Never knew you could buy those for 300$, too bad they need amplification,which would make the price too high.  
  2. proman1355

    300$ For Bass

    Ah well, looks are kind of a big part of it, and he thinks the 770 looks pretty ugly....He's the kind of person who think beats look cool.
  3. proman1355

    300$ For Bass

    He decided he wasnt quite sure that he was such a bass head and wanted to just start off with a more all rounder headphone though i am aware this is a more neutral set of cans.
  4. proman1355

    300$ For Bass

    Thanks for all the aid, i think  he's come to the conclusion of Hfi-780 though.
  5. proman1355

    300$ For Bass

    Yeah thanks, i knew about the denon's but, the price is too high, plus you need amplification bringing it to about 400$  :/, Ill check out the beyers too though. THanks
  6. proman1355

    300$ For Bass

    Hello Headfi! A close friend of mine was decideding to get Beats by dr dre for 300$, until i showed him my M50's and he was quite intrigued so he wants to know what he can buy for 300$. Setup preferably ampless, but if absolutely necessary there can be portable amplification. Sound Signature...
  7. proman1355

    Looking for Recommendations on Headphones

    From 100-300$ closed headphones i'd say, Ultrasone HFI-580, Ultrasone HFI-780, Denon AH-D2000, Audio Technica M50, and if you can find them, Beyerdynamic Dt990's Note that some of these will need an amp for best preformance, usually not a very expensive one though.   Best of luck
  8. proman1355

    Legit DT990's?

    Hello Headfi!   After the purchase of my m50's i brought them to class to show to people, and many were blown away from the sound and asked me to reccommend them some headphones (even the Beats owners thought they sounded better than beats) So right now, ive got someone who wants a 200-300$...
  9. proman1355

    Which Headphones?!? $150 limit

    +1 on the Shure 840's, most neutral sounding headphone you can get for the price!
  10. proman1355

    New Here... Best Over Ear Headphones for me for under $150?

    +1 For the Audio Technica M50's. I received my pair about a week ago, so far loving them, great for their value. As for the sound signature, the M50's are not a BASSY headphone that will shake your skull, but bass is present, midrange is slightly recessed, but its no deal breaker, treble is...
  11. proman1355

    Argh! Why cant I find the right headphones??

    ATH Pro700 MK2- Unfortunately, haven't gotten the chance to try these myself, but according to reviews ive read. The highs and the mids are a slightly improved version of the m50's sound, and the bass is upped majorly, so it has a huge amount of bass. You can find these for about 150$ possibly...
  12. proman1355

    My Best Option From This List? ($100-$200)

    If i were you i'd go for the Ath M50's or the Grado 125i, by the way you can find most of those headphones for cheaper than price listed, check this out, and yes these sites are legit.   M50's: (Click the lower price option, it will...
  13. proman1355

    The BEST-LOOKING Headphones

    I have to say audio technica makes some nice looking phones       check these, Ath pro700 mk2.
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    Couldnt find anything better than a stock photo, too lazy but here it is :)
  15. proman1355

    Ear Pad Replacement for Ath Pro700 mk2?

    So i've been hearing some pretty nice things about the ath pro700 mk2 and that it has great bass, and decent mids and highs as well, so ive been planning to get myself a pair. The problem is, frequently I hear people say the ear pads/comfort on these are terrible. I still plan on getting them...
  16. proman1355

    ATH M50's for 40 bucks? Legit?

    Yeah i knew it was too good to be true anyways, thanks for the feedback, will search some more to see if i can get some for 80-100 dollars.
  17. proman1355

    ATH M50's for 40 bucks? Legit? I've heard good things about focal price, but the headphones seem outrageously cheap. If these aren't real, where can i...
  18. proman1355

    Grado Sr80i vs. AudioTechnica M50 vs. Shure 440/840

    Im not to worried about noise isolation, as these will be mostly for home use, but ill bring them around sometimes i suppose. Music i listen to ranges from rock to electronic. And nope i don't have a room mate or significant other who doesnt want to hear my music hahahah :)
  19. proman1355

    Grado Sr80i vs. AudioTechnica M50 vs. Shure 440/840

      Im new to the head fi forums, so hello to all of you :) But anyways, i joined to ask for help with my next headphone purchase. I have a budget of about 70-100$ and i was wondering if anyone who had tried any of these (shure 440/840, Grado sr80i, or the M50's) could tell me which one they...
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