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  1. creyc

    Small and light closed circumaural around $80

    Gotta read up on these a little but I think you may have found what I'm looking for!  Thanks!
  2. creyc

    Small and light closed circumaural around $80

    These look pretty cool but unfortunately they also look very big from the pictures I've seen.  I'd have to check them out in person, but thanks for that suggestion.
  3. creyc

    Small and light closed circumaural around $80

    I don't think these are available in the 'States, seems to be a Japanese model, but thanks!
  4. creyc

    Small and light closed circumaural around $80

    Never thought I'd see it this way, but the Bose AE2 seem to do all of these things for slightly above budget.  They're light, sound good enough, and block outside sound pretty well.   I never thought I'd buy another Bose product but frankly I just don't see anything else close to comparable...
  5. creyc

    Small and light closed circumaural around $80

    I haven't had a chance to listen to the HD449, but when I listened to a set of HD429's I thought they sounded a bit cold and somewhat hollow sounding to my ears.  They did a pretty good job with revealing detail, but I think I should be looking for something a tad bit warmer sounding.
  6. creyc

    Hissing noise issue

    How loud is the hissing, and does it go away with different headphones?   A small amount of background noise is pretty common with amplifiers, but it should be quite low and not affect your listening experience.  Can you hear the hissing over quiet parts of music?
  7. creyc

    Small and light closed circumaural around $80

    I've got someone on my holiday wish list very much in need of a new pair of headphones.  I know they would prefer something over the ear, small and light, and closed.  I was hoping for something around the $80 price point, online or in-store is fine.  Easily driven by iPod is important.   This...
  8. creyc

    edit - wrong section

    oops please delete this mods.   Thanks!
  9. creyc

    Looking for IEM w/ similar sound of Monster Turbines, better comfort

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, the brainwavz look pretty good but I'm worried the bass response looks like it tapers off as it gets lower, compared to the monsters? Do these M2s have decent bass?   Secondly how about Westone UM2s? How would these compare to the Monsters?
  10. creyc

    Looking for IEM w/ similar sound of Monster Turbines, better comfort

    I recently got a great deal on a pair of Monster Turbine's, but they had terrible driver flex/popping.  Additionally they were not at all comfortable after extended periods of time,  likely due to their weight, combined with sharp edges.   I'm looking for something that sounds similar, but...
  11. creyc

    Klipsch Image S4?

    I just picked up a pair of these today since I've been in the market for a sub-$100 IEM for travel/fun. So far I'm not sure what to think. They have a very warm midrange, decent highs but the bass seems boomy and overwhelming. I'm still playing with tips though so maybe the bass issue will go...
  12. creyc

    Sony MDR-7506: not so indestructible, not so easy to warranty?

    I want something durable and nice, if it can be re-cabled. Is there a guide on how to do it someplace?
  13. creyc

    Sony MDR-7506: not so indestructible, not so easy to warranty?

    Anyone have ideas for me? I hate to throw out an otherwise good pair of headphones...
  14. creyc

    Sony MDR-7506: not so indestructible, not so easy to warranty?

    I have happily owned a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones for 3 years now and just ran into my first real problem with them. The problem occurs on the cord, about 3" down from the left earcup. This section of the cord is especially soft and almost gummy. It has begun breaking down, exposing the...
  15. creyc

    Up from UM2s?

    I have UM2's and really like they way they fit and sound, for the most part. Today I got to try some Sure SE530's which gave me chills on certain songs, honest! The crisp highs and amazingly clear mids pointed out a few weak areas for my trusty UM2. Bass was definitely weaker on the Shures...
  16. creyc

    Unique headphone request

    hehe, i wondered whether that would be the first response or maybe the crazy beyers would pop up somewhere after a few posts Actually I suppose I should add that sound quality can take a backseat (heh no pun intended) to the rest of the features on my list. Something like the Koss UR29...
  17. creyc

    Unique headphone request

    Hello headfiers, its been a while since I've been on these forums. (my wallet is recovering nicely!) It's time for some more 'cans though, and these are a bit different than my usual. They will be used by kids in a car DVD player for long road trips. Cause if the kiddies are happy, everyone's...
  18. creyc

    Westone UM2 cable repair?

    Good tip, Bull Moose. And really? No one else has ever broken/repaired their IEM wires??
  19. creyc

    Westone UM2 cable repair?

    I managed to grind the cable of my UM2's against the hard concrete abrasive surface of the street in a recent incident involving a car and my bicycle. The insulation of the cable has been mostly torn through, though the internal wires are still intact and so it does work still, electrically...
  20. creyc

    Best noise insolating earphones for motorcycling

    Quote: Originally Posted by SomeoneWhoIsntMe You might want to check up on the legality of wearing headphones while riding. I'm nearly certian it's illegal. Oh, no of course we would only ride with headphone on our own private property....
  21. creyc

    My first IEM experience

    Just get an attenuator. These IEM's are crazy efficient and take very little power to drive. As a result however, the noise floor now becomes enough of a signal that it is audible. Combined with the isolated background noise, you now hear the noise much easier than before. Get a shure...
  22. creyc

    Ultimate Ears 5 Pro & the Westone Um2, both have boom, which sounds clearer

    I've owned both headphones and can attest to most of what tonyfiore75 mentioned. I find the UM2's to be much more comfortable, and they can actually be worn while sleeping unlike the's. Sound is more even on the UM2s and the cord actaully feels more durable than the ultra-thin cable...
  23. creyc

    Is there any danger in using a powerfull digital amp to run the K-1000's?

    There's a danger in running any speaker off too much power, sure. But in headphones you would be worrying about your ears catching on fire before this happens. Because K-1000's are 600 ohm headphones, they wont pull gobs of power out from a hi-fi amp. So it's not like you need to worry about...
  24. creyc

    keeping the radiation down?

    If there's one sound I can't stand, its a cell phone interfering with my audio coming from my laptop. I've even thrown my phone across the room in an effort to kill the noise, so I'm really at my wits end to solve this problem. Any ideas would be great. Copper tape, creative use of sheet...
  25. creyc

    What are the most comfortable headphones EVER?

    Beyerdynamic DT990s by far.