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  1. flowza

    1964 Ears Adel IEMs

    Quick question is there any difference between APEX and ADEL?
  2. flowza

    REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

    was planning on going for a CIEM but the u8 just seems so appealing with their ADEL technology. Has anyone here tried both the u8 and the merlin?
  3. flowza

    The Audiophile Bass Lounge (Basshead club part II)

    Looking for some good CIEMs for under 600 - any recommendations? Or is 600 too less to get a decent pair of CIEMs?
  4. flowza

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

    Has anyone here listened to the Ultrasone Performance 880? If you have, how does it compare to the pro 900?
  5. flowza

    NEW 2015 - HIFIMAN HE400S

    It has less bass than the 400i? I'm pretty disappointed, I thought the S was targeted for bassheads who preferred the old sound signature of the 400.
  6. flowza

    NEW 2015 - HIFIMAN HE400S

    Any news on the release date?  Edit: Nvm, just read the post above haha.
  7. flowza

    The Audiophile Bass Lounge (Basshead club part II)

    Guys, quick question. Is it true that the pro900 got discontinued? 
  8. flowza

    JVC HA-SZ2000/1000 Impressions Thread

    How does the pro900 compare to this?  Any help is appreciated guys. 
  9. flowza

    The Basshead Club

    There's a pretty noticeable difference, pretty nice plugin!
  10. flowza

    The Basshead Club

    I actually do get my stuff from abroad but I can't get it refurbed or used since dad pesters me to always buy it new. I can get it from amazon too. Are there any other good competitors?
  11. flowza

    The Basshead Club

    Guys, I need some help. I was saving up to buy the Pro 900's and the price rapidly increased so, I'm unable to buy it. Which headphones would you recommend for an EDM lover who also likes a bit of rock every now and then for a budget of roughly around $450   edit: I can't buy headphones used. 
  12. flowza

    DigiZoid ZO FS & ZO FS+ (a.k.a. ZO3) Updates & Discussion Thread

    I'm gonna chime in and say $250 even though I want it to be lower than that!
  13. flowza

    Spec Me... DJ/Studio/Bass Heavy Cans

    Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm or The M-Audio Q40 (be sure to replace the pads with dt770 pads or etc.)
  14. flowza

    Hifiman HE-400i and HE-560: From CES to Pre-Launch

    I take back what I said about the design. They look stunning!
  15. flowza

    The Basshead Club

  16. flowza

    Best closed back over ear headphones under £300......

    Go for an Ultrasone Pro 900 I'm saving up for one myself. Best bass you could get at the price point or so I hear.
  17. flowza

    The Basshead Club

    Hahahaha I'm serious man. You don't get good headphones here all Bose,Sennheiser and Sony. Sennheisers are hard to find and all headphones which I just mentioned are overpriced (xb900's go for approximately $260 which is almost double the price) so I have to import them. Besides, The capital...
  18. flowza

    The Basshead Club

    Woah, at times like these I really regret living in Asia. I actually tried them out they are noise cancelling headphones. They aren't bassy enough to be called a basshead can.
  19. flowza

    The Basshead Club

    Haha yes, born and raised. I talked to a guy who listened to the TH-600,Pro 900,TH-900 and even the D2Ks. Out of all the headphones he said that the best bass response he heard in terms of tightness and quantity goes to the pro900. However, the TH-600's have more straight forward mids and a...
  20. flowza

    The Basshead Club

    Guys which hits harder and is better in terms of bass? Ultrasone pro 900 or Fostex TH-600?
  21. flowza

    Headphones with deep bass, but clear mids and highs?

    If you are going for the q40 be sure to buy replacement pads for it as the pads they come with it are pretty bad. Buy a pair of dt770 replacement pads or the alpha dogs if thats in your budget.   Links for reference: Beyerdynamic DT770 pads (there's a black version of it too, just search for...
  22. flowza

    Do i really need to burn in my headphones?

    I totally believe in burn-in. When I first got my MDR-XB900 the mids sucked and the bass was all over the place. I played some pink noise on my headphones for like 16 hours and the difference was amazing the bass tightened up and the mids were obviously better. Burn-in with pink noise does...