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  1. dweaver

    Sony WH-H910N discussion.

    I see Sony is releasing a new version on the bluetooth H.ear headphone WH-H910N. I am intrigued. It is obviously meant to be below the MDR-1000XM3 but this does have to mean it will be bad. The use of a 25mm driver intrigues me. Could this driver change bring a more balanced signature? The only...
  2. dweaver

    Bose Quiet Control 30 - ANC IEM

    I have had these for several months but they get no air time as I prefer using over ear for Noise cancelling. So I think these need a new home :-). These are an excellent IEM that nails comfort and active noise cancelling better than any other IEM I have personally heard. The fact that they do...
  3. dweaver

    Has anyone heard of Linner? A new ANC IEM on Kickstarter...

    Here​ is their Kickstarter web page. For the price I think I am going to try a pair of them and might buy 2, one lightning model and one regular model.   ​
  4. dweaver

    Any advice on adhesive accoustic vents in regards to buying them?

    I bought a pair of 100ABN headphones that sound great except for wind noise through the mic holes and the bass port. I have found some foam to fill in bass port which helps a bit and if I taoe the mic holes that works as well. Unfortunately the tape impairs the microphones efficiency. So I have...
  5. dweaver

    Bang and Olufsen H7 Beige - Price includes free shipping - Price Drop

    Picked these up a couple weeks back but just find I am not using them like I should so think they deserve a better home :).   I haven't time right now to take pictures but will upon request or later as I have time. These are essentially brand new running on their initial charge. Sound wise they...
  6. dweaver

    Fujisan by Telos Acoustics - impressions, review, and question thread

    I noticed a new thread in the Sponsorship Announcements and Deal thread by Telos Accoustics and like others I posted my interest in trying out their Kickstart IEM called the Fujisan. Shortly there after I was contacted by Telos and asked if I would like to test one of the test samples which I...
  7. dweaver

    Pioneer DJE1500 - Black

    I am offering this up for sale VERY RELUCTANTLY and have priced it pretty high. I have given this the highest rating I have ever given an IEM and don't really want to sell it. So, that being said. I OWN TO MUCH DARNED STUFF!!! So as penance I am listing these for sale.   I also have 1 Android...
  8. dweaver

    Sony XBA-C10iP - Black

    Yet another whim purchase. I bought this for walking before I bought Monster iSport Victory. This is essentially the XBA-10 in a sport design. Great little IEM but a bit too neutral/flat for my tastes.   Price does not include shipping.
  9. dweaver

    AKG 323XS - Black

    This little IEM packs a TON of AKG wholesomeness inside it. It is the smallest IEM I have ever owned and sounds damned good plus it will work with any smart phone.   Price does not include shipping.
  10. dweaver

    Denon AHC50MASR - 2 months old

    Another IEM bought on a whim. This IEM is one of the most neutral IEM's I have seen at it's price point though and it has a MIC and single button control.   Price does not include shipping.
  11. dweaver

    Vivo XE800 - 1 month old

    A wonderful IEM that uses the same driver and oscillating stem technology of the VSonic GR07. This is tuned slightly different with more midrange and slightly less sub bass in my opinion. The IEM also is designed with a MIC and single button control. Yet another IEM that is a victim of my having...
  12. dweaver

    Etymotic HF3

    The time proven classic Etymotic HF3 (iPhone model). Once again the victim of TO DARN MUCH STUFF.   Pricing does not include shipping.   Dweaver's Crazy Headphone-aholic SALE   When I started to gather all the gear I had on hand I was appalled when I figured out I had 22 headphone and...
  13. dweaver

    Sennheiser IE60 - two weeks old

    I picked these up on a BF sale in Canada because I have always wondered how they would sound. My insanity is your opportunity if you missed the sale or lived in the US.   I have reduced the price to reflect my brief rental of the IEM. Condition is like new and only has maybe 2hrs of actual...
  14. dweaver

    VSonic VSD3

    This is the original VSD3 that has the detachable cable. Reason for sale is that I simply own to darn many IEM's and it is not getting used.   Pricing does not include shipping.   Dweaver's Crazy Headphone-aholic SALE   When I started to gather all the gear I had on hand I was appalled...
  15. dweaver

    AIAIAI Pipe - IEM

    Picked up this IEM on a whim. Sound signature wise it is a bass heavy IEM that is V shaped in nature. It is an iPhone IEM with mic and full controls.   Pricing does not include shipping.   Dweaver's Crazy Headphone-aholic SALE   When I started to gather all the gear I had on hand I was...
  16. dweaver

    Monster iSport Victory - 6 months old

    This IEM was purchased in the summer for when I went for long walks. It is a wonderful sports oriented IEM that can actually be submerged under water and has an oscillating ear stem to fit the ear. I just don't do enough sporting activities to justify the IEM and I need to reduce how many...
  17. dweaver

    UE 600vi - Brand new in sealed box

    In a moment of insanity I bought a 2nd pair of these even though my first pair was perfectly fine. I have never even taken these out of their wrapping. But will open the package to test before shipping to ensure they work without issue if requested.   Pricing does not include shipping.  ...
  18. dweaver

    UE 600vi - gently used

    Picked these up in the summer and really love their sound. They are only up for sale because I just own to much stuff.   Pricing does not include shipping.   Dweaver's Crazy Headphone-aholic SALE   When I started to gather all the gear I had on hand I was appalled when I figured out I had...
  19. dweaver

    Sony MDR XB950BT - dynamat modded

    I picked this headphone up recently and have done a dynamat MOD to the headphone to help tame the bass. In the process of doing the mod I placed dynamat in a area that actually didn't make sense though. So there is dynamat residue in the one part of the cups but the headphones are fully...
  20. dweaver

    Sony MDR10RBT - 1 month old

    I am reluctantly putting this headphone up for sale as it has been my go to portable headphone of choice since I bought it. But due to the sheer amount of headphones I currently own I feel I need to at least offer it up for sale.   Sonically speaking it is slightly less detailed than the MDR1R...
  21. dweaver

    NAD - HP50 - Black - mint condition

    I traded for this mint condition HP50 a couple weeks back but my Z7 love is such that I can't handle any other signature right now. The headphones are in perfect condition and have all of the accessories that came with the headphone including the retail box.   Since this is the holiday season I...
  22. dweaver

    Martin Logan - M90

    I picked these up from New Egg Canada a while back and done a version of the hole mod to them making them a bit warmer and bassier. I recieved a replacement set of earpads due to one of the pads splitting so I have 1 extra pad that will go with the headphone in case one of the pads ever splits...
  23. dweaver

    Momentum on Ear - Black

    I picked up this headphone a couple months ago and have enjoyed it's V shaped sound signature but find it pinches my ears due to my glasses. My son used it for a while but had a similar issue. So up for sale it goes.   In light of the price drop on this headphone I am listing it for a price...
  24. dweaver

    Q701 - White - Austrian Made - comes with 2 cables.

    This is a pair of Q701 I picked up a couple months ago. I have done the hole mod described in the Q701 thread to this pair which added some nice warmth and bass to the headphone.   I have this up for sale reluctantly as I really do like the AKG sound. But I have to many headphones so I am...
  25. dweaver

    Bose QC20 - Active Noise Cancelling IEM

    I bought this IEM last year after I tested it in the Bose store and was amazed by the quality of it's noise cancelling ability and it's comfort. I can say with 100% conviction it has the best noise cancelling functionality I have ever heard and is unbelievably comfortable. Sonically speaking it...