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  1. i2ehan

    FS: Brand New Sealed AKG K3003i (FINAL PRICE DROP)

    Just received my brand new AKG K3003i replacement, purchased directly through SoundEarphones (fully authorized) back in January 27'th, 2012. Hence, they are fully backed up by the 2 year manufacturer warranty. They arrived just minutes ago, and I don't intend to open them, as I'd like to sell...
  2. i2ehan

    WANTED: TripleFi 10 (TF10)

    As per the title, I'm interested in purchasing a set of TF10's, preferrably in like new condition, in box, with accessories.   PM me if available. Thank you.
  3. i2ehan

    Goodbye Head-Fi...

    I'm going to be taking a temporary leave from this wonderful community, beginning February, and will not be back until beginning of March. I'm entering a critical stage in my life, which will determine my future, and it's best I rid myself of any and all distractions, to which Head-Fi is no...
  4. i2ehan

    FS: Westone ES5; Few Months Old (WORLDWIDE)

    Selling on behalf of a family friend. I was able to stretch a pair of HiFiMan biflanges, get a surprisingly good seal, and truly experience much of what the ES5 is about. The mids and lows are to die for! If I didn't already own my own UM Miracle, this'd be my obvious second choice. All original...
  5. i2ehan

    FS: Pristine Condition First Generation (1G) iPad 32GB WiFi + Many Accessories (WORLDWIDE)

    I've decided to part with my beloved iPad, being that it's remained unused for far too long, and I'm afraid I've no further need for it since, as of late, practically all my time is spent on my desktop PC/Macbook. I've absolutely babied the iPad from day one, and have kept all of the original...
  6. i2ehan

    FS: Brand New SuperFi 5vi & PFE 022

    New and unused SuperFi 5vi for sale, the exact same one shown here, as well as a new, sealed in box PFE 022, exactly as is shown here.  The buyer will receive EXACTLY what's pictured. In other words, in terms of the SuperFi 5vi, everything is included except the original box/packaging. The PFE...
  7. i2ehan

    FS: New ATH-CKM99

    Brand new, still in box. Received them just recently, but I've absolutely no need for them, to be honest. Price is fixed, at $xxx shipped, after PayPal fees.   PM me if interested. Thank you. 
  8. i2ehan

    TDK BA100 Impressions/Discussion Thread

    Impressions to follow...                ^ Filter shown in the above image.
  9. i2ehan

    WTT: ClarityOne for TF10

    As per the title, I'm interested in trading either one of my ClarityOne (in excellent condition, as is found currently listed for sale) for a TF10 in the very same condition.   PM me if interested. Thank you. 
  10. i2ehan

    Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100) >>> Mysterious Music Clarity Effect

    I just received my incredible Galaxy S II a few days back, and have been enjoying it immensely. Upon fooling around with the native Samsung music app, I came across the Sound effect menu, within the settings. The effect that's most noteworthy is the Music clarity effect, which brings the entire...
  11. i2ehan

    PLEASE READ: Now Or Next Year!

    I'm sorry for creating a new thread, but the deals thread is updating a tad too fast for me to keep up with. I'm creating this thread only to convey the following message:   DO NOT, FOR EVEN A SECOND, STOP TO THINK ABOUT BUYING THE TF10 FOR ~$100! GUARANTEED, IF YOU MISS OUT, YOU'LL REGRET...
  12. i2ehan

    FS: New Condition Sony MDR-EX600 (In box w/ all accessories)

    As per the title, I'm selling a pair of EX600's, in excellent condition. Everything comes included, just as shown. Price is fixed at $xxx shipped (after PayPal fees). I'm also willing to ship internationally, at buyer's expense.    PM me if interested. No trades please! Thank you. 
  13. i2ehan

    FS: Shure Case

    As pictured, I've got an unused Shure carrying case and 5 pairs (10 in all) of brand new Shure Olives (medium), which remain absolutely unused. I've no need for them, and am willing to let both go for $22 shipped (via PayPal). Else they may be purchased individually for $15 shipped for the...
  14. i2ehan

    FS: Just Like New Vsonic GR07 (latest version; less than a week old); WORLDWIDE

    GR07: These were purchased through an authorized reseller on eBay, and arrived just this past Tuesday, Oct. 11'th. The upside of purchasing them through eBay is the eligibility of purchasing an extended SQUARETRADE warranty, at buyer's expense of course. These are the revised edition, with 15...
  15. i2ehan

    FS: Virtually New Ultimate Ears 700 (UE700); WORLDWIDE

    UE700: These were purchased brand new, and arrived just 2 days ago (Thursday, Oct. 13'th). They're very well balanced sounding in ears, with a forward, neutral to slightly warm presentation. As far as fit and comfort are concerned, they're almost unparalleled, being that they are incredibly...
  16. i2ehan

    FS/FT: Sennheiser IE7 (WORLDWIDE)

    Sennheiser IE7: I purchased them through another Head-Fi'er, but found their sound signature isn't quite what I'm after. They're in perfect condition, both cosmetically/functionally, and come included with everything except for the original box and manuals, exactly as I myself received them. I'd...
  17. i2ehan

    FS: Sony MDR-EX1000 (WORLDWIDE)

      Sony MDR-EX1000: I'm selling these to fund my upcoming UM Miracle purchase*. With the exceptional of the common letters fading and very minor paint chip (on one earpiece), they're in excellent condition, and absolutely 100% functionall. They come with ONLY their original box, and the...
  18. i2ehan

    FS: Etymotic ER-4S (WORLDWIDE)

    Etymotic ER-4S: They're in absolutely perfect condition, both cosmetically and functionally. They come in the original box in which they were shipped (with serial number and all), as well as their original case, with all the original contents, as shown (refer to the image). With the exception of...
  19. i2ehan

    FS: Practically New Monster Miles Davis TRUMPET (not TRIBUTE) with ControlTalk (3 days old)

      Miles Davis Trumpet: These were gifted to me for my birthday, just 3 days ago (September 7'th). I was hoping to use them with my HTC G2 mobile phone, but the ControlTalk features don't work with my HTC G2; however, they work perfect with my sister's iPhone 4 (go figure), so I'm assuming they...
  20. i2ehan

    FS/FT: Sensaphonics j-phonic K2 SP (WORLDWIDE)

    j-phonic K2 SP (Clear): These were purchased for the same reason I purchase any other earphones, with the sole intent to compare them against whatever I currently own. Needless to say, I prefer a different signature. All the info/details can be found here, on their retail website. They will be...
  21. i2ehan

    FS/FT: SM3 V2 for New/Like New SE535

    As per the title, the SM3 V2's were purchased through SoundEarphones, on 6/3/11. They come in box, with the original receipt, as well as all original accessories, excluding the Comply tips. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them both cosmetically/functionally, as they've been carefully...
  22. i2ehan

    In-Line Microphone Solution For Any Headphones/Earphones

    I've seen quite a few recent threads pop-up, inquiring about earphones with an in-line mic, with/without play/volume controls. I too was after the very same thing for quite some time, but not at the cost of having to purchase an exclusive dedicated mobile version of an earphone. I'd much rather...
  23. i2ehan

    FS/FT: Brand New Sennheiser IE8 (WORLDWIDE)

    As per the title, these are brand new, tested only to ensure that they are 100% authentic and 100% sound, which they most certainly are. Pictures are reference pictures, showing exactly what's expected to be received from a new pair of IE8's. I'm open any and all reasonable IEM trade offers, and...
  24. i2ehan

    FS: Practically New Vsonic GR07 (WORLDWIDE)

      NOTE: NO TRADES PLEASE; THANK YOU!   I'm willing to ship anywhere, so long as the the buyer is willing to accept the additional shipping charges, based on USPS international rates.     GR07: These arrived only 3 days ago (August 17'th, 2011), purchased merely for comparison sake...
  25. i2ehan

    FS: Kozee Reshelled JHAudio JH16 PRO (WORLDWIDE)

    NOTE: NO TRADES PLEASE; THANK YOU!   I'm willing to ship anywhere, so long as the the buyer is willing to accept the additional shipping charges, based on USPS international rates.   Reshelled JHAudio JH16 PRO: I received them just today (8/18/11), after they were sent in for a re-fit...