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  1. kimvictor

    Good condition A&K Jr. with official Navy leather case

    It's an AK Jr. with decent hours on it. I don't think the Jr needs much introducing. It's known for superb measurements(especially to outboard amps), and slim/compact profile. I've always had a screen protector(and body protector) on it, so expect no scratches, even on the top aluminum part...
  2. kimvictor

    Review: T-PEOS Rasiel

    Disclaimer: The unit reviewed has been provided by the manufacturer to the reviewer, free of cost. However, I assure you that T-PEOS had no input into the review.     I love products with interesting names: Musical Fidelity Merlin(Merlin from the Knights of the Round Table), Wavelet Design...
  3. kimvictor

    iPod Nano 7th Gen White

            It's the touch screen 7th gen in good conditions. Doesn't come with earpods, but just with Lightening cable. It sounds surprisingly good for such a small size and the price includes shipping and pp fee.   Pictures will be sent upon request.
  4. kimvictor

    Desktop O2 with Rear Power, RCA input and 6.3mm Jack   Essentially, it's a all in one O2 that will accept anything you throw at it. RCA and power is placed in the back, and 3.5mm input and 6.3mm headphone jack at the front(as well as power switch and volume...
  5. kimvictor

    2013 Nexus 7 16GB

    It's a very good condition Nexus 7 with a flip case and the original box. The OTG function works fine, so if you want to set up a spotify or tidal desktop station, this is a great tablet for that. Great for movies or casual browsing too. No noticeable damage or scuffs.    The price includes...
  6. kimvictor

    Fidue A83(slightly faulty cable)

    It's a Fidue A83 with perfectly good aesthetic and performing body, except the cable is a bit iffy. It cuts out when you move the neck clinch part. The price is low, as a new cable would costs you about $20-30. Other than the cable, it would come with the otter box case it came with as well as...
  7. kimvictor

    Phiaton BT100 NC

    It's a wireless BT headset with splash/dust proofing. Like new condition, but doesn't ship in the original box(I threw it out). The NC is great for plane rides, and the signature is neutral/darkish(treble is soft). It's about $99 new, and currently in excellent condition.   $50 inclues PP fee...
  8. kimvictor

    Sony SBH80

    It's a SBH80 in good condition. The battery life is a bit shorter than a new one, as expected of an use battery powered IEM, but it still lasts a solid 6 hours. I'm only asking for $40 including shipping(USPS 1st class) and paypal fee.   It's a pair used in this review...
  9. kimvictor

    Sony MDR-1A Silver

    A barely used(about 20hrs of actual use time) MDR-1A silver. I bought it as a portable headphone, although didn't get to use it much because I have better iems.    Overall the best MDR-1 line I say. It's mature sounding compared to the older 1s. No noticeable scratches or defects, and comes...
  10. kimvictor

    VOX: Mac OSX Music Player

    VOX: Mac OSX Music Player About the Reviewer, Other Reviews   There are lots of audiophiles using Macs. I always found this ironic, as iTunes lacks audiophile features that other Windows OS players(ex.foobar2000) had. There certainly are other softwares for music playback, but all of them...
  11. kimvictor

    IC: SE846+AK10 for a full sized headphone or another high end (c)IEM!

    Well, the title says it all. If bought separately, SE846 and AK10 would be about $1300. Looking for: HD800(I could add $100 for these) T1+$150 Or any high end headphone. Shoot me an offer! Also looking for high end iems, so shoot me an offer as well!     AK10 comes with everything...
  12. kimvictor

    All New! AK100 II and AK120 II

    Holy Crap. Iriver and A&K pulled it again!   New AK100 and AK120. This is not AK100 MKII.   Balanced DAC with low impedance. New 64gb storage. Fresh design
  13. kimvictor


    Good quality SRH940. Comes with box, original accessories, as well as a shortened cable. No cracks or anything. I made sure that it has no cracks or anything. PM me for pics. $150 including pp fee and shipping.
  14. kimvictor

    Carat Topaz

    Style Audio Carat Topaz, very good condition, comes with US power cord. It's a $400 dac/amp, and the DAC section really shines. Amp is also quite good, but since I have mostly iems, I don't need the amp.   PM me for pics.
  15. kimvictor

    Review: Astell and Kern AK100, Magic or Fail?

    About Myself: (I can review anything, if I am provided with the product :p)   Intro: The AK100 isn't a new product, but I've been noticing interesting trends on head-fi to either hate or love the AK100. So, I though I might aw...
  16. kimvictor

    Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII for a Desktop Amp or DAC

    So, I'm kind of ditching portable amps, cause AK100 is good enough without one(for me at least), and I want a desktop amp.   UHA-6S.MKII(black color) is less then a yr old(bought last march or april), and in perfectly working condition. There are few minor scratches. The op amp is the stock op...
  17. kimvictor

    Shure SRH1540 Review

    About myself:   Background info: SRH1540 is a new closed back flagship from Shure. Currently selling for $499USD, it is selling for the same price as Shure's open back flagship, SRH1840. Don't let these numbers fool you. Shure...
  18. kimvictor

    TDK BA200 Review

    About myself:   Intro: Recently, I managed to borrow 2 iems from fellow head-fiers. TDK BA200 and Vsonic GR07. In their price range, $100-200, I also have a FXZ-200 and had T-PEOS H-200 and X20(TWFK). I will be reviewing the...
  19. kimvictor

    Lending out gears!

    About myself:   Hello all! It's winter, and I'm bored. So, I'm willing to lend out the following items: Sony MDR-7550 Lent! JVC FXZ-200 Voxoa HD Wireless Headphones   It would also be great if you are willing to lend me any...
  20. kimvictor

    New Voxoa HD Wireless Headphones Thread. Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, 16 hours of battery!

    Voxoa is a new company that recently launched a line of wireless bluetooth headphones.   About myself:   Pics from Voxoa's website.   Spec/Technology   I feel like Voxoa has some...
  21. kimvictor

    Review: Mac vs Windows Laptop

    This is my take on a brief review of 13in/11in Macbook air and Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook. Yes. I have three laptops. 2 are my own, and one was given to be by my school(13in air).   My review is going to be based on audio related experience.   General Analysis of OS:   Mac(10.8.x): Simple...
  22. kimvictor

    Mid Tier DAC for AK100

    Hello all!   I would just like to ask for some advice on a small(preferably) DAC that is going to be used with AK100. It's going to be fed through optical, so a optical-in is a must. I absolutely don't need a amp with the DAC. I am happy with my UHA-6S.MKII. Budget is around $200. I been...
  23. kimvictor

    The Korean Thread!

    Hello all! I'm just starting this thread cause I just want to know how many head-fiers are from Korea, and talk about Korean culture(relating to music/tech/audio).   Obviously, you don't have to be Korean to follow this thread.   Anyways, list of members that's in Korea or visits Korea...
  24. kimvictor

    T PEOS H-200 Mod!

    If any of you were following the H-200 thread or read my review(before today), you would know that I really value H-200's technical capability, but not it's tuning. d marc0 suggested that I use foam as a filter to tame down the peak. Well, I didn't have foam, so I did it with a tissue. With a...
  25. kimvictor

    Story of a New Reviewer: kimvictor

    I'm not a new head-fier, but relatively new reviewer. As I have been writing reviews, eke2k6 mentioned that every reviewer has his/her preference, and knowing that preference might help the readers understand the review better.   I'll start with a brief intro about myself. My name is Victor...