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  1. bowei006

    beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Explorer Review

    It comes as no surprise, with the trend of the last decades, that the world’s audio giants are moving towards a more consumer-friendly space. Niche don’t sell and the 99% are what are truly out there. Build quality, feel, luxury, material design, ease of use trump raw sound quality and...
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    FiiO FH5 Review

    The FiiO FH5 (MSRP $299) is released following the success of their earlier IEM line but this time changes up the game. FiiO joined the earphone market in 2015 with the release of the EX1 and a budget EM3 in 2016. 2017 saw the expansion of their earphones with their popular F9 Series along with...
  3. bowei006

    Burson Swing DAC Review (with V6 Op Amp Upgrade and Instructions)

    It’s 2019 and frankly Burson Audio needs no introduction. Akin to a car buyer getting a 3 minute spiel on what a Toyota is, would be me busting out Burson’s family lineage and humble beginnings and making you read a few paragraphs on that. Let’s fast forward the film reel and get to it. Burson...
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    FiiO E17K Review

    FiiO E17K Review   Introduction: The release of the new E17K Alpen 2 sparks the continuation of a legacy starting back in 2011 with the Alpen 1. It was a great time for headphone audio fans everywhere when FiiO announced a swiss army knife unit to the masses. It could pretty much do...
  5. bowei006

    Brainwavz S0 Review

    Brainwavz S0 Headphone Review   Introduction: It’s 2014 and Brainwavz is hot off the success of their S5, R3 and S1 IEMs before they have, yet again, introduced another IEM for the world market. This time, it’s a budget unit called the S0! It’s a petite black and red colored earphone that has...
  6. bowei006

    Kennerton ODIN, MAGISTER, VALI, Magni, Thridi, Thekk, and Thror Discussion

    Hey guys, I just got news and word from a release by my friend at Fischer that Kennerton Audio, a new brand by Fischer Audio will be premiering products at IFA Consumer Electronics - this year in Berlin - with some nice choice lots.
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    Brainwavz S5 IEM Review

    Brainwavz S5 Review:  There are questions, and then there are questions that you get asked constantly. One of the most common requests of knowledge from me are on if unit X is better than unit Y. And commonly enough, Brainwavz is thrown into that loop every so often. This is probably due to...
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    REVIEW: Astrotec AX-30

        Review: Astrotec AX-30   Tuesday, April 15th, 2014   by Bowei Zhao & Ethan Wolf     For several years now, Astrotec has been a name familiar to enthusiasts as a manufacturer of value-conscious, yet quality-engineered, balanced armature IEMs. This past year, they began shifting over...
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    GamesterGear Cruiser P3210 Review

    GamsterGear Cruiser P3210 Gaming Headset   Introduction: USB or 3.5mm, with comfortable wide pads, and a lightweight build. Are there any more features GamesterGear could have added onto this headphone? Sure there is. PS3 and PC support. Now, the P3210 has a lot of features but can it...
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    PC Enthusiast-Fi (PC Gaming/Parts/Overclocking) Part 2

    First Thread got blocked, so here is the second.
  11. bowei006

    FiiO X3 Review

      FiiO X3 DAP Review         Introduction: FiiO has been a very popular brand in affordable headphone audio accessories for the past few years. Their line out docks, amplifiers, DAC’s, and plenty of other gadgets have redefined what you can get for your money. FiiO has now launched...
  12. bowei006

    RHA SA950i Review

      RHA SA950i Review         Introduction: Reid Heath Audio has been pushing out headphones these past year that many are beginning to take notice of. They are still new to the world of headphone audio and don't have too many headphone units out yet, but they do have a passion for audio...
  13. bowei006

    Dunu DN 23 Review

      Dunu DN 23 Landmine Review         Introduction: Dunu by Top-Sound is famous for offering well made and accessorized earphones to IEM's to the market. They are popular on Head-Fi and around the world. With earphone offerings from a wide range of features and prices, many can...
  14. bowei006

    Burson Soloist SL Review

    Burson Soloist SL Review       Introduction: Burson had great success with their Soloist discrete amplifier. So following this generation's niche. Let's make it smaller! And so here we have the Soloist SL. Which has one less gain, and input option than the Soloist. It is a discrete...
  15. bowei006

    DIY Custom Amplifier and DAC- Project H

    Hello everyone, I have come to share info on a recently completed DIY project. We decided to post info and make it known after we have finished it. This is because some payment was involved and that it was a unit for our friends.   Special Thanks to MiceBlue for fixing up our formatting! So...
  16. bowei006

    FiiO E12 Review

      FiiO E12 Mont Blanc        Introduction: FiiO is one of the most popular companies in the world of headphone audio. Their products come with unmatched performance for the price. They want to deliver great products that fans will love by listening to them on Head-Fi and other forums and...
  17. bowei006

    Oblanc NC3-2 Gaming Headset Review and Unboxing

    Oblanc NC3-2 Gaming Headset Review     Introduction: Oblanc is a new headphone subsidiary of SYBA. SYBA is a big player in computer accessories and parts be it for computer DIY’ers or the average customer. Their new subsidiary/department is ambitious in getting the word out about their...
  18. bowei006

    My Journey on Head-Fi

    My Journey.   My Journey has been a long one. My Journey has been a short one. My Journey has been one of sadness and happiness.  I started out on Head-Fi in 2011. I was but a young knave then.  I wanted good headphones for my birthday. And so, Head-Fi was the place to start it seemed. I...
  19. bowei006

    RHA MA-350 Review and unboxing.

      Introduction: Reid Heath Audio is somewhat of a new comer to the world of audio. Their main branch, Reid Heath Ltd. is still not very big. However, their company represenatives were homley and their web page yells humble.  They are ambitious in getting the word out about their company from...
  20. bowei006

    Oblanc NC2-1 Headphone Review

      Oblanc NC2-1 Review 2.0 Stereo Gaming headsets             Introduction: I want to thank Bobby at SYBA-USA for providing me the review sample for these headphones. SYBA-USA is a large computer device/peripheral OEM in the world. They have recently jump started a new subsidiary called...
  21. bowei006

    "65 Years Ago(Today) The Transistor Jump-Started The World Of Modern Technology"   Happy Birthday to the Transistor!    
  22. bowei006

    FiiO E07K ANDES Review and Help Thread

    FiiO E07K Andes Review               Introduction: The legend has returned. The FiiO E7 is one of the world's most famous budget DAC's and headphone amplifier. It skyrocketed FiiO to fame back when it came out. It was, and still is, on the lips of many new head-fi'ers as they come...
  23. bowei006

    2.0 or 2.1 speakers for a mid size living room

    Hello, I am looking for 2.0 or 2.1 speakers for a mid sized living room of weird proportions and thus we aren't going to be sound proofing or getting foam to smooth out the corners or etc.   They need to be loud enough is all. Right now, KRK Rokit's and AudioEngine 5+'s are on the list
  24. bowei006

    Dunu DN 17 Crater

    Price is $30 base. Shipping in the U.S only. Shipping cost is added on to $30.  I can ship at whatever way you want. Small flat rate box for ~$4.5 would be best though. Fast, and cheap.   Comes with Dunu DN17 The majority if not close to all accessories.   I have the original box but...
  25. bowei006

    Comments on GR07 MK1 or MK2?

    I am interested in getting a GR07 but the regular GR07 used is about half as expensive as a new one and I have read the majority of threads on the GR07 MK2 and there is little info comparing the two. Any thoughts?