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  1. The Monkey

    Shure SRH840

    Excellent condition.  Not a lot of use.  Original box.  Price includes fees and shipping.  CONUS only
  2. The Monkey

    Stax SRS-002 System

    For sale is the Stax in-ear system. Includes amp and phones. Items are like new, used once to test. Mint, mint, mint. Only thing not included are the batteries for the amp because I'd prefer not to ship items with batteries. Overall, beautiful. This system retails for $515. Get yourself...
  3. The Monkey

    Audeze LCD-2 rev. 2 Rosewood (Pre-Fazor)

    For sale is my LCD-2 rev. 2 in rosewood.  This is a pre-Fazor edition, purchased in April 2012.  Includes flight case, original cable, wood care kit (unused), documents.   The headphone is in very good condition, but with a couple of physical issues.  Each cup has a crack in the wood.  Don't...
  4. The Monkey

    FS Stax SRM-323S

    For sale is a Stax SRM-323S (US version).  This item is mint, as new, in box, never used.  Purchased new from Headamp in March 2013.     Price is $600 all in anywhere in CONUS.  Sorry, no international shipping at this time.
  5. The Monkey

    10,000 Word Reviews

    There is a point at which I think a review about audio gear ceases to be useful.  And I think most reviews are not useful from the outset, with a tendency to be more about the reviewer than the reviewed product.  Being succinct is a challenge--I wish more reviews were concisely written.  That is...
  6. The Monkey

    Editing or Deleting an Added Item in Head Gear DB

    Can we have the ability to edit the title of an entry in the Head Gear DB?  It does not currently seem to allow this.  Also, is it possible to allow the deletion of an added item?    I added the PerfectWave PWD, but the title of the entry says "Networking DAC," which is not the product...
  7. The Monkey

    FS: Dodson DA-217 MK II D

    In a move I will regret, I am selling my Dodson DA-217 MK II D. I love this DAC, but I need to free up some funds. This DAC had an MSRP of $4,995 when new.  The chipses are 2 x 1704. Dodson Audio was purchased by Silversmith Audio, and the DAC is still supported. It has the upgrade on coax input...
  8. The Monkey

    SOLD: Esoteric D-70 [Updated Photos!]

    SOLD! I have too many DACses. Accordingly, I am selling my Esoteric D-70. As you can see from the link, the feature list is rather extensive, and it uses 4 x PCM1704. It also has a volume control, so it could be used as a pre. The DAC itself is built like a tank. It weighs 55(!) pounds...
  9. The Monkey

    WTB: iMod LOD

    I'm having my 5.5G modded by RWA, so I'll need an iMod LOD. Please let me know if you have one to sell at a reasonable price. I am not looking for anything super fancy. Thanks.
  10. The Monkey

    SOLD! NAD C541i CD Player

    For sale is an NAD C541i CD player (redbook, HDCD) that has served me very well over the last several years. The player is in very good condition, with a small blemish on the CD drawer that you can see in the closeup photo. Otherwise looks great. Does not include remote (which was lousy to begin...
  11. The Monkey

    The Effect of Various Cables on the Audio-GD Reference One

    It appears that some owners believe cabling makes a big difference with this piece of equipment. I start this thread to encourage the posting of such observations here.
  12. The Monkey

    FS: Electrocompaniet ECD-1

    Up for sale is my Electrocompaniet ECD-1. The unit is in very good condition. I am the second owner. The only physical flaws I can find worth mentioning are some nicks in the black paint on the upper left corner of the front facia, which are pictured below and which were present when I...
  13. The Monkey

    vbulletin question

    I'm looking into creating a forum for a specific interest (non-headphone). For various reasons, I have decided to use vbulletin. However, I would like to avoid as much of the installation and back end stuff as possible. Are there any hosting services that are particularly good with vbulletin...
  14. The Monkey

    DIY Stuff For Sale: Pimeta Board, 2x Mint Boards, Opamps

    I have the following up for sale (all prices include fees and shipping [CONUS only], will consider combo deals and offers): Boards: 1 Pimeta v1.1b Board -- $5.00 2 Mint v.1.01 Boards -- $5.00 each SOLD Opamps -- $5.00 each: 2 LM6172IM 1 OP2132UA 2 OPA2227UA 8 OPA2227P 1...
  15. The Monkey

    SOLD: TREAD v 1.1 kit

    For sale is a TREAD v 1.1 kit from Tangent. Please note: I have only one (1) of the 1N4002 100 V rectifiers (the kit included 2), but I will also include one (1) 1N4001 50 V diode, which should be sufficient, though Tangent does recommend the 1N4002.
  16. The Monkey

    FS: HeadAmp Pico w/DAC -- All Black

    For sale is a HeadAmp Pico amp/DAC. All black. It has been used for a grand total of about 2 hours and has been out of its packaging for about 3 hours. In other words, it is in as new condition. Serial No. 508. Comes as shipped, which means Pico, DC Adapter, leather case, and instructions...
  17. The Monkey

    Separate Electrostatic/Planar Headphone/Amp Forum?

    Given the size of the "Stax (new)" thread and the introduction of the Jade and some new 'stat amps, I am beginning to think that a forum dedicated to electrostatic phones and amps might be a good idea. Any thoughts? EDIT: after the helpful input in this thread, I want to clarify that I agree...
  18. The Monkey

    FS: Stax SRM-007tII

    I'm in the middle of switching up my rig, so I'm checking interest in my Stax SRM-007tII (black). This unit is in excellent condition with a very slight nick (~2mm) on the volume knob. It is otherwise blemish-free and works flawlessly. Will ship to US address only. I like this amp with the O2...
  19. The Monkey

    FS: OPAMPS -- (2)AD8065, (2)AD8066, (1)AD823

    For Sale: (2) AD8065AR -- $10 shipped for both (2) AD8066AR -- $15 shipped for both (1) AD823AR -- $7.00 shipped $25.00 shipped if you want the whole lot. FYI, these are SOIC chips. All in original packaging. I'd rather not split up the pairs. Will ship overseas, but shipping will...
  20. The Monkey

    FS: Balanced Stock HD 650 Cable -- FEMALE XLR TERMINATIONS

    For sale is a stock HD 650 cable that I reterminated with Neutrik female XLR plugs for use straight out of my DAC1's male XLR output jacks. Now that the DAC1 is gone, this needs to go as well. The cable is about 9.5 feet long. $50.00 shipped to US address only.
  21. The Monkey


    If you have a KGSS that you are thinking of selling, please pm. Also interested in SRM-717.
  22. The Monkey


    Do there exist converters to go from SPDIF to USB? And if so, does a PC need to part of the mix? Reason for asking: I would like to take the optical out of my Apple Express and run it to a USB-only DAC. Is this possible?
  23. The Monkey

    SOLD: Maha Powerex 9-Volt Charger + 5 Rechargeable Batteries

    Stock image: For Sale is a Maha 9-volt battery charger. It includes the things in the stock photo, with the exception that the 12V power adapter is not the "world" type. Works just peachy in the U.S. What you get: - Maha 9-volt battery charger (charges 4 at a time) - 5 Maha Powerex...
  24. The Monkey

    Best iPod All-in-One Player?

    I am already considering the AudioEngine A2 or A5, but I'd love to get some opinions about other iPod dock/speaker solutions for no more than $350.