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  1. uncletim

    Dragonfly Cobalt

    I have these 2 parts. works perfectly.
  2. uncletim

    SOLD! Meze 99 Classic

    These have the very latest pads (3rd gen?) as far as I know. I do not see any dings without a magnifying glass.
  3. uncletim

    username is getting a bit old. possible to change?

    17 years, just a bit on the old side now. How hard to change? thx
  4. uncletim

    Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation - $700

    $700 shipped conus
  5. uncletim

    SACD question

    Using an Oppo 93 SACD player to play my Audio CDs and SACD CDs, into a reciever with HDMI, any way to output through analog to headphone amp without using the DACs in the receiver?   I guess SACD will not squeeze though optical/coaxial. only HDMI or analog, just curious if there is a way to...
  6. uncletim

    Inexpensive noise canselling headphones?

    Do any of these work well for air travel? say <$100usd.
  7. uncletim

    Need something smaller and more efficient than my Grado SR-60's

    Grados not quite efficient enough for use with my new laptop. Are the Koss PortaPro more efficient than the Sr-60s? Anything else I should consider?