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  1. snellemin

    Swapped opamps in RSA Intruder and F35 lightning

    So I blew up the stock opamps inside my RSA intruder by accident. I had the gain on high, and the volume on max and plugged it the source which was also on max. One pop and it was dead. RSA said to send it in, but I thought about it for a while and ordered four AD8397ARDZ opamps from Mouser...
  2. snellemin

    $$10 BT dongle mod

    Got me a cheapy BT dongle for my IEM's. Wasn't too happy with it and decided to swap the cables and make it shorter. It actually sounds better this way. Silliest mod I have done so far.
  3. snellemin

    Parasound and Burson adventure

    I am/was mostly a Solid-State kinda guy. Old school Luxman, NAD, B&K preamps and Amps.  Later in life added Pro Audio and DJ equipment on the list. But kids came in and had to give most of these things up.  So I ventured into headphones and was never satisfied until I got the Fiio E12A and FIIO...