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  1. thatonenoob

    QDC Buyout

    Looking for good prices on QDC gemini, 8SH, or VX. Let me know!
  2. thatonenoob

    MDR-Z1R For Sale

    Selling perfect condition MDR-Z1R. See photos for proof. No dents or notable scratches. Smoke-free house. I like these, but not as much as my speakers. I have a good track record, send stuff out almost next day. Asking 1250 all things included. Buyers should have verified paypal w/ address...
  3. thatonenoob

    QP1R (Priced To MOVE)

    I'm doing QP1R for sale here. It comes with the OG QP1R leather case, but I don't quite have the original box around. That said, I'll send in a nice hardshell case and cable that should make up for the lack of original packaging.. Blemish: The scroll wheel has some scratches from it. Photos...
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    I've moved past both these headphones, so it's about time to let them go. Only verified paypal accounts/ no sending to alternate addresses or weird stuff. I deal with logistics. Pay today, get it shipped tomorrow. That's the noob guarantee... *void in case of hyper-extenuating circumstances...
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    WTB Adx5k

    Within reasonable price, if you've an offer, I'm listening.
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    The good'ol QP1R is going up for sale. In this deal, I'll include the QP1R, the leather case (which can no longer be easily found for the QP1R), and handle shipping. There is a scratch on the scroll wheel from different viewing angles, so if you're serious, I'll send more photos. This QP1R...
  7. thatonenoob

    WTB: HD600

    Looking to buy HD600 (latest revision), at market used rate. Willing to pay 200 with box (and seller covers PP/shipping).
  8. thatonenoob

    Opus 1 Sale (and Leather Case)

    I bought this from opus originally at 250 USD for the purposes of doing a review (from my understanding, some folks were given this DAP for free...not me I suppose!). I will now be selling this for 200 USD as I have no need for 3 DAPs in my collection at this point. Comes with leather case...
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    PHOTOS COMING VERY SOON! This is my personal clearance sale. Having one on the headphones too. Too much gear, too little time, and am due for a refresh at this point. *Expect some form of trading history or status on Head-Fi, sorry new guys*. Prices are pretty damn close to firm, serious offers...
  10. thatonenoob

    R70X FIRESALE 180 BUCKS let's go!

    PHOTOS COMING VERY SOON! This is my personal clearance sale. Too much gear, too little time, and am due for a refresh at this point. *Expect some form of trading history or status on Head-Fi, sorry new guys*. Prices are pretty damn close to firm, serious offers only. SHIPPING MEANS: USPS...
  11. thatonenoob

    Trade Elear For Ether C Flow (maybe 1.1), Flow

    Here's a mint Elear that I want to trade for primarily: Ether C Flow (possibly a 1.1, have to think about that), and maybe flow. I do have two ready to go cables for this - a balanced 4.4 XLR, and a balanced 2.5 mm (seen in this photo). It was a pain in the ass to make the 2.5mm. Anyways...
  12. thatonenoob

    Looking to Trade Various Items for Headphones

    Hope the mods will humor me here, I don't know how better to post this. Mainly bored of my current sound need some new stuff in my life. Looking to trade one of these or some combination of these for new headphones (though I will not trade away BOTH portable DAC Amps). ATH-R70X (Mint...
  13. thatonenoob

    Chord Mojo WTT

    Don't have the original box, but am the first owner. Solid shape, no known defects. Will include: Leather Case/ Strap. Hard Carrying Case. Looking for: Aeon, Elear, actually just PM if you've got something interesting. Do not PM with: bundle of 20x M50x's or bundle of really cheap stuff...
  14. thatonenoob

    Interest Check - Onkyo CMX1 - Trades?

    Just curious to see if anyone would be interested in an Onkyo CMX1 (DPX1 with smartphone capabilities is the short description). It's in good condition, only couple of months old. Not really sold on the idea of it going away yet. I'm not sure if it can be found in the US (this one was...
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    Interest Check - Onkyo CMX1 [Trades?]

    -Mods please close thread. Sorry I posted this inside the wrong section - should go in source gear).
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    Beyerdynamic Xelento!

    New earphones!     I will update this accordingly later!
  17. thatonenoob

    The Official Sony TA-ZH1ES Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier (Live From IFA 2016)

      The Sony TA-ZH1ES Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier A Brand New     A Table of Contents 1. Design/ Philosophy Notes (Directly Below) 2. Transcription of Technical Interview (Internal Link) 3. General Impressions By This Author (Coming) 4. General Impressions by Other Members (Coming) 5...
  18. thatonenoob

    Beyerdynamic DT 1770/ T1V2 Impressions

    DT 1770/ T1 GEN 2 Impressions   INTRODUCTION   I recently had the chance to go down to the new Beyerdynamic showroom in Singapore, mainly to give the DT1770s a spin, but also to check out some other gear as well.  I had a pretty great time talking with Kamal and Mateen of Beyerdynamic...
  19. thatonenoob

    [PMReviews] Samson Z55 - M50s Watch Out

    SAMSON'S Z55  <<Fiio A1 Amplifier        Review Index                   Klipsch XR8i>>   INTRODUCTION The ATH-M50/X is perhaps one of the most widely recommended headphones for entry-level and portable use.  And it’s not a huge mystery why–a fairly engaging sound signature...
  20. thatonenoob

    [PMReviews] Fiio M3: Legos Play Flac?

    FIIO'S M3 DAP << M&D MW60 Wireless Headphones Quick Navigation Panel                                               TBA >>   INTRODUCTION Okay –let’s talk Fiio.  It’s a fast growing Chinese audio company that seems intent on dominating the portable market.  Whether it’s the X7 or...
  21. thatonenoob

    [PMReviews] Master And Dynamic's MW60

    MASTER AND DYNAMIC'S MW60   << Sony MDR-ZX770BN                  Quick Navigation Panel                                Fiio M3 DAP >>   INTRODUCTION There’s this wonderful little niche where good audio meets excellent consumer design.  Add a tinge of luxury to this mix and...
  22. thatonenoob

    [Poor Man Reviews] Master And Dynamic's MH40

    MASTER AND DYNAMIC'S MH40 << Beyerdynamic T-70P                                   Quick Navigation Panel             Final Audio Design Heaven 7 & 8 >>   INTRODUCTION One of the unexpected hits of this (quickly ending) year, Master & Dynamic’s MH40 has managed to capture the...
  23. thatonenoob

    [Poor Man Reviews] Beyerdynamic T70P (Portable)

    BEYERDYNAMIC'S T70P (PORTABLE) << Dita Answer                          Quick Navigation Panel       Master And Dynamic MH40 >>   INTRODUCTION Most of you probably know me as an IEM reviewer, and you’d be right!  Lately though, I have been taking a look at portable headphones as...
  24. thatonenoob

    [Poor Man Reviews] Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3

    BANG & OLUFSEN'S BEOPLAY H3 << Etymotics Research ER-4PT  Quick Navigation Panel                       Dita Answer >>   INTRODUCTION A key player in the high-end audio market, Bang and Olufsen is known for producing some of the best sounding audio equipment out there.  While...
  25. thatonenoob

    [Poor Man Reviews] Dunu's DN-2000

    Thank you for the feature!  I'd like to give a big shoutout to my readers, and those who have supported me on my reviews!   DUNU'S DN-2000 << Sony MDR-XB70AP Quick Navigation Panel         Nocs NS-800 >>   INTRODUCTION It has been a little while since my last earphone review...