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  1. Ishcabible

    NEW! SENDY AUDIO AIVA Impressions?

    I think it’s at least a tier up from the LCD2C which in my opinion is only about as good, if not worse than the mid-fi trio. Either way, always try something if you have the chance to.
  2. Ishcabible

    SOLD Sennheiser HD800 + Extras

    Selling for a friend: Hd800 with stock pads and dekoni hybrids, non-stock cable that uses stock connectors (3-4 ft cable, i will throw in an extender), and Mr speakers leather case. Don't have original packaging. I'm second owner It has some normal paint loss. Selling for $700 plus shipping...
  3. Ishcabible

    Koss ESP950 with Stax plug, Mint Conditions Yamaha YH-1

    Dropped the ESP950 price, YH-1 may be sold. I really want to move the ESP today so I’ll take reasonable offers
  4. Ishcabible

    Tin Hifi T2 Pro

    Lowered price, want these out by tomorrow.
  5. Ishcabible

    Gustard U12

    Lowered price, taking offers I want this out tomorrow.
  6. Ishcabible

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire

    I really don’t want to sell this, but I literally have only used this thing once in the past two months and I don’t foresee that changing any time soon since it overlaps with my other gear. I eventually want to get a Crimson anyway and I have my EHHA for the Cavalli hybrid sound. It’s in good...
  7. Ishcabible

    ETHER 2: Impressions and Discussion

    My pick would probably be the HE-6 and a speaker amp. If it were my money though, I'd probably wait for a used Utopia since I've been seeing them approach $2,000. As far as new goes, I was really impressed with the Arya for the price. The Fostex TH909 was better than I expected it to be...
  8. Ishcabible

    Vokyl Erupt Prototype Feedback Tour

    Got more time with the Erupts. They…need a lot of work. The bass isn’t overbearing but it does sound kind of muddy. It blurs notes a bit more than I’d like for a headphone at this price point. The midrange is a pretty sore spot. It’s dipped past 1kHz enough that it sounds too distant. That’s not...
  9. Ishcabible

    ETHER 2: Impressions and Discussion

    The T5p has more bass impact but it’s looser. The midrange is even further from neutral with a huge 5k spike and off timbre in general. The treble also needs a lot of refinement. There’s a pretty good reason that they’ve dropped in price so much. The Ether 2 is easily a good bit better, but...
  10. Ishcabible

    ETHER 2: Impressions and Discussion

    Sure, starting from bottom to top: The bass extended well, impact was soft and decayed instantly. It’s really weird and sounded too diffuse. It’s not as soft as my 007’s impact was, but it’s not too far off. The bass wasn’t as muddy as the Ether Flow’s but still wasn’t as clean as I’d expect...
  11. Ishcabible

    Beyerdynamic T5p Modded

    V1. Another price drop motivated to sell.
  12. Ishcabible

    ETHER 2: Impressions and Discussion

    Those are my impressions; I used them out of a couple different systems and had consistent impressions. I talked to a couple other people at the show whose impressions I trust and they agreed so I don’t think I’m alone in these impressions, it’s more likely they just haven’t spoken out against...
  13. Ishcabible

    Beyerdynamic T5p Modded

    Nothing super complicated, just some rear driver damping and some treble filters in front of the driver.
  14. Ishcabible

    Beyerdynamic T5p Modded

    Selling a T5p because I really don’t use it much and would rather help fund my RMAF trip. Leather seems to be in good condition, pads aren’t super wrinkled. Comes with the original metal box and slip cover Quick pictures and measurements: I think that’s an old...
  15. Ishcabible

    Audeze LCD-2 Closed

    I can answer this more accurately when I have a new pair! Also, I’ll try to get my hands on an LCD-X. I know a few people with a pair and I’ll see if I can borrow one for a bit.
  16. Ishcabible

    Audeze LCD-2 Closed Audeze has made a closed version of their LCD-2. I've spent the past couple days with them and an LCD-2C: EDIT: This unit seemed to have the wrong damping material. Ignore these impressions for now. The thing that sticks out...
  17. Ishcabible

    AKG K712, Monoprice M1060C

    Price drop on the K712 wanna sell today so I can ship tomorrow so make reasonable offers and I might take it
  18. Ishcabible

    Enigmatic Audio Paradox, AKG K181DJ, Koss Technician VFR, Yamaha HP3, DIY Norne HD6X0 Cable

    The Paradox is the original version with the socks. It looks to be in good condition other than a tiny wear mark on one of the sliders. Pads still feel good. Selling these for a friend but I have them on hand. Comes with a stock Fostex T50RP cable. No idea what these are worth but considering...
  19. Ishcabible

    Moth Audio Cicada

    The Moth Audio Cicada is a full range speaker with drivers allegedly similar to Lowthers. I have the original badges but they're not stuck onto the speakers. I like them well enough but I want something with more low end. Asking for $650 delivered around 60 miles of NE Illilnois (so Chicago to...
  20. Ishcabible

    AudioQuest NightHawk Impressions and Discussion Thread

    I’d be very, very surprised if these were not a Fostex-made driver considering how expensive it would be to completely design a driver from the ground up, especially a biocellulose design. It would make much more sense to work with a company such as Fostex to make these drivers to a certain...
  21. Ishcabible

    Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

    I posted mine last night:
  22. Ishcabible

    Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

    If anyone is curious to see how they measure with the cups off I did it here: Strangely, despite the upper midrange measuring lower, they still sound harsh to me in the 1-2k region which may be an indication that the ortho wall in my CSDs is actually audible and not just in my head. Cups, on...
  23. Ishcabible

    Monolith M1060C Closed Back Planar Headphones impressions

    What tube amp? I'm using a Cavalli EHHA and Clarity Cap upgraded Bottlehead SEX with C4S. I don't think an amp will fix it though; if an amp "fixes" this headphone by taming the upper midrange, it must also tame the upper midrange for other headphones, which would make it fundamentally broken to...