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  1. swalker

    AirPods Max

    I don't think it really lacks in the treble region even though it's a bit more subdued than the S/SR. I think it sounds closer to the ER4P(T) which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Being full sized headphones the APM have a certain style of presentation different enough from the APP and the Etys...
  2. swalker

    AirPods Max

    I really came to appreciate the APM over the past couple of years except some of the ergonomics which is mostly due to my large noggin. The Etymotic ER4 has been my reference sound for a long time and with the "Bass Reducer" EQ on the APP sound more than decent enough, which makes sense looking...
  3. swalker

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    Thanks for the information. I was hoping to get the ER4S-like sound out of the ER3SE + PtoS adapter but the treble just didn't quite sound the same. I gave up and ended up buying yet another pair of ER4S. After 15 years I'm still stuck with the old Etys, which is too bad because I really like...
  4. swalker

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    After all these years I just cannot get out of the old er4s/p sound. I've tried the er2se and the er3se and am considering getting one for outdoors but neither quite hits the sonic spot for me. As it's been said already in the thread, the treble is just different enough that I still gravitate...
  5. swalker

    CX300 to Shure E500 or ER4P

    Quote: Originally Posted by smegger im in the market for the er4p, are they a total no no for rock and metal? i love the grado signature (im in the uk so sr-80 are all i have heard cause i own em) so etymotic are wrong for me? Depends on what you want from them. If you want...
  6. swalker

    ETYMŌTIC IEM Owners Headcount - Are you one?

    whoa, posting in a loooong while. My red/blue ER4Ps are still my most preferred head/earphones and nothing else came close to replacing them. I have a pair of HD650s, which I like a lot, and heard various other nice headphones, but none of them was as involving/mesmerizing as the Etys to my...
  7. swalker

    Graduate studies in CANADA or USA?

    Just one word of caution... Waterloo is notorious for its, err, lack of female population and having spent 3 years there, I absolutely agree with that. If that matters at all anyway Otherwise, the school's decent and Toronto is reasonably close (2 hours or less by bus) so at least you have...
  8. swalker

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#3?]

    Nas - "N.Y. State of Mind"
  9. swalker

    a good looking pair of speakers for my parents

    Interesting that the Polks are getting lots of recommendations. I'd have to look into them. They'd definitely prefer floorstanding models. Quote: Whatever you do, go with good sounding speakers. Why spend so much for just good looking, painted wooden boxes? With that said, polk...
  10. swalker

    a good looking pair of speakers for my parents

    I've been working on the renovation project of my parents' new place for the last few weeks (and been completely head-fi free for that span, yay) They got a hardwood flooring done and thought a nice looking pair of speakers would go nicely in the living room. Honestly they don't care that much...
  11. swalker

    Rationality, objectivity, the scientific method, ABX, and dogmatism

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ross ... A test which determines whether someone is able to distinguish two slightly different sounds after a short period of time in artificial listening conditions proves nothing other than that the person can (or cannot) detect a difference between two...
  12. swalker

    EEK! Grado is watching you!

    I gotta agree with bln.. hand-built or not, the build quality of the modern Grados are rather subpar compared to other similarly priced headphones. I'm all for designing headphones for the best sound characteristics sought by the designer but at the price of high-end Grados, I'd really expect...
  13. swalker

    what's the best C&C?

    The very first one and the first RA were instant classics. I found the second Red Alert to be an excellent game too and in my opinion, a better game than the first two on the absolute scale for multiplayer games. At the end tho.. Starcraft still remains the king of RTS for me with its...
  14. swalker

    Anybody getting Ghost Recon 2?

    After seeing the ad for Ghost Recon2 for gazillion times (mostly in blank state) I just hit me that the North Korean soldiers' dialogue was mistranslated and that one speech just sounds odd; where's the mandatory North Korean accent? it sounds like some South Korean reading from a book.
  15. swalker

    Need a bigger computer?

    Who needs a small computer when you can have this?
  16. swalker

    Sennheiser Veil

    Back to the veil thing, I'm surprised the team EQ hasn't hit this thread harder. Just use the Shibatchi EQ in Winamp if you use your computer based on GerG's suggested setting or better yet, get the Behringer digital EQ. Regardless I don't hear veil either way.
  17. swalker

    Recommend me some books in English please

    How about the books they use in high school? I loved reading some of the books used in classes believe it or not. My personal favourites are "Fifth Business" by Robertson Davis, "Color Purple" by Alice Walker and "Shoeless Joe" by W.P. Kinsella (later turned into the movie "field of dreams" but...
  18. swalker

    Ohhkay... this should prove difficult

    Not sure about midrange part, but Sony V6 has lots of details and cheap at well under $100. Pair it with Beyer valour pads you'll have very comfortable closed phones as long as you can put up with the somewhat harsh treble of the V6.
  19. swalker

    James Randi challenges audiophiles... nobody mentioned this yet?

    I don't want to see this thread go outside but at this rate it might have to :P I'll just say the monks will always win since they have excuses both ways Back to the audiophile scene, I don't see what the big problem here is since I thought the ABX procedure is fairly well defined now and...
  20. swalker

    James Randi challenges audiophiles... nobody mentioned this yet?

    James Randi, arguably the most famous skeptic/psychic hunter in the world apparently has challenged a list of people from audio publications to an ABX study including Wes Phillips at SoundStage. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet although...
  21. swalker


    Quote: Originally Posted by ry_goody can you sell your soul on ebay? ... or nude pics of yourself? like, do they permit that in the rules? yes I want cheap ways of making money
  22. swalker

    Do you really hear differences in cables?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tiberian a poll would be useful in this situation. we can find out the mean, sd and all the sordid details i learned from last semester's stat 1001 class, then there can be an estimation (sorta). bleh i have forgotten most of it already. Then there...
  23. swalker

    Do you really hear differences in cables?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Hunter_Killer So its safe to say that there are unbelievers here amongst a majority of believers? Personally I do believe the cables makle a difference, but there is no point in spending a cent on cables unless your system is top notch. Id would be the last...
  24. swalker

    Do you really hear differences in cables?

    Quote: Originally Posted by stet could it be that Senn (and any other company with detachable cables) realizes that not all people agree on sonic quality? As a really low-end comparison, how about the choice between Grado pads? What was it, a difference in preference btw. Joe and John...
  25. swalker

    Do you really hear differences in cables?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Blitzula I hear no difference between woodies and the stock grill. Can you objectively prove that there is such a difference. or is it due to your own psychological factors? Actually that would be very easily proven with a very scientific testing. I'll...