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  1. britneedadvice

    Four years after the L.K.S DA004: the Musetec DA005 DAC

    I penned a long answer to this.,then deleted it. I'm 69 ,can I be bothered !!?? Just ask your children what they think! Yes, morality comes with a price tag !
  2. britneedadvice

    Four years after the L.K.S DA004: the Musetec DA005 DAC

    China did not attend COP26 If China ( and any other Country ) refuse to abide by International standards on manufacturing ,employment and human rights, then the rest of the world needs to boycott purchases . We will all become third world countries ourselves if we allow this to continue !
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    Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

    Thanks to those who have responded to my post 22336. Apologises for taking this thread slightly of topic ! Clearly there seems to be no 'evidence' which would stand the test of scrutiny in a Court of Law ! However,If the 'suggestions' are true then I would have thought Ebay would take the...
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    Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

    Around pages 1250s (Sept 2018) there are various comments on this thread about the trading practices of Oldguyradiola/Bangybangtubes and Menifee audio who have or are trading on ebay. There are various 'suggestions' (for want of using a more profound word!!) that they are one of the same...
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    Innuos Statement - worth waiting for?

    Hi BallisticGT3 Just found this thread. Actually, I was looking for one of the recent reviews of this product to send to somebody but couldn't find it( I'll have another look later) In that review, the comments were as good as one could wish for! Certainly, if you require Confirmation having...
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    Allnic HPA5000XL OTL/OCL - desire insight.

    Hi I once owned the HPA-5000. I understood the only "redesign" was the addition of XLR inputs? Is there any other change?
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    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    Add me to the Empyrean 'love-in' Didn't like the Stock Cable. I now have the upgrade Meze Furukawa PCUHD Silver Cable Listening to Classical. out of the Tron Antares Signature Amp.Gorgeous !
  8. britneedadvice

    BEST CD/DAC ? Accuphase, VITUS, Esoteric, T+A... ?

    How about the Auralic Vega G2/Leo GX? I suggest you add it to your list if it's in your financial 'bracket'
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    Niimbus Ultimate Series US4/US4+/US5/US5 Pro Headphone Amps - by Lake People

    Hi 'buffer' "To conclude, I'll point out that I only have a few days with the Nimbus....................." Surely you've got to give it a little more time? .....and if it does have 'teething' issues , allow the Manufacturer to put it right before going 'public' ?? However,I accept there is a...
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    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    I subscribed to this thread to read some interesting feedback on this product. I will now unsubscribe due to the total nonsense chatter which is cluttering the thread (and my in box) !!! For the sake of others , if you wish to spend your time posting inane comments, do so via the PM facility.
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    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    I PMed the UK Dealer SCV and got the following reply(on 20th November) "Hi, Initial stock and demo units have gone to... HiFi Headphones (South coast) Audio Sanctuary (South London) HiFi Lounge/Highend Headphones (Bedford) Hifonix (Birmingham)" I got mine from Paul at HiFiLounge.I don't...
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    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    Hey Girls , can we keep the handbags in the locker !! If this rubbish continues I'll unsubscribe from the thread !!
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    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    Try Paul at HiFi Lounge. He recently told me no more until the new year. I think he sold his first batch almost immediately.
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    HiFiMan Susvara

    Hi Only posted half an hour ago and already several replies!! I've previously owned the HEKs v1 & v2 used with Toxic Cable's SW22 cable. I'll reply in due course! Thanks
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    HiFiMan Susvara

    I've just bought the Susvara. Please PM me with any cable upgrade recommendations Thanks
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    Diana: the second release by Abyss Headphones!

    Trying anything new is a challenge ! It takes time ! In time we get used to most things ! Whether it's shape or weight! I recently auditioned the HD800S having had a 'break' from the HD800.At one time the HD800 was easy to like (on the head) but during my audition time,I just couldn't get used...
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    DAC Recommendations. MQA or not?

    Old thread? I wasn't the one 'speculating' !! The person who did , didn't offer any 'evidence'. I just asked "who" !! BTW, I'm not gifted enough to understand the 'tech' bits, I just like what I hear, which is no relevance to you as we don't know each other. However, the original question...
  18. britneedadvice

    DAC Recommendations. MQA or not?

    From who?? Given that you're asking for recommendations for DACs supporting MQA, then you must have liked what you've heard!!?? Who's fooling who? look at MQA Partners, they can't all be fooled !! Some of the best names in Digital !! If you are referring to the recent CA thread maybe look at...
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    Now and again I get 'motivated' to revisit old sites/threads just to 'catch-up' this review interested me for several reasons:- I couldn't believe there were no comments,so I posted...
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    Tron Antares Headphone Amp

    HI Just found your thread on the Tron Antares. There does not seem to be much 'love' for this product ! I note you own this Amp, as do I. My set up- Innuos SE>Meridian 818v3>Antares>HEKv2 I've not heard anything better ! Having said that,my previous Amp the Allnic HPA-5000 was excellent but...
  21. britneedadvice

    Merging vs Prism?

    Many experienced musician/dealers/reviewers put Soulution (560/760)as good as it gets! (no mention on this site !) If you read the reviews Jeff Fritz review of the Soulution 560 he rates the basic NADAC nearly as good ! 560-$35000 vs NADAC-$10500 !!, although the price difference is not so large...
  22. britneedadvice

    BRINKMANN Nyquist: a new Hybrid (SS + tubes) DAC with MQA & ROON & Headphone amp. the awards are starting to 'stack-up' !! I've auditioned it connected to my Tron Antares/HiFiMan HE1000v2 Ethernet in ,certainly one of the best sounds I've heard from any Headphone system !! The Dealer (a high-end traditional source) exclaimed...
  23. britneedadvice

    When you shake a tube an it rattles...

    I've used this tube. Never did I want to 'shake' them ! (or any other type tube for that matter) All tubes can suffer from microphonics and having 'loose bits' I suggest replacing with another tube! Okay, GE6AS7s are expensive but there's other alternatives at low prices which will at least...
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    I understood criticism of another Manufacturer's products was not allowed on Head-fi ( or does that only apply when the other manufacturer happens to be a Head-fi sponsor?)
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    The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

    I'm fed up with these events because of the noise !! I've mentioned it on the Canjam thread. The Organisers (including Jude ) would not even reply !!