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  1. Dom de B

    VSonic GR01 - Lost Cage and Filter - Need to find replacement

    Hi,   I bought some GR01s recently, which have unscrewable ear pieces.   They came unscrewed and without me realising the filter and cage fell out.    Anyone got any idea how to get a hold of some new ones? I'm in the UK, so the headphones aren't available here. I bought them off...
  2. Dom de B

    Sennheiser HE90

    The HE 90 is related to the HE 60, which are commonly considered to be some of the best headphones ever made.   I'm not sure how the HE90's relate to the HE 60's but you wont hear a bad thing about the HE 60s
  3. Dom de B

    How much are your "perfect" headphones?

    Audeze LCD 2's When you hear the bass and can pick out each instrument and note.
  4. Dom de B

    Request for a personal project (Sa5000 owners needed mostly)

    If you intend to just use the drivers from a pair of SA5000's I'd be happy to buy the frames of of you? I think the headphones looks awesome, but would look better with something orthodynamic at their heart :D
  5. Dom de B

    What is the best DAC for under $200?

    I'm looking for: - The highest Clarity (most neutral sound) - Just a DAC, I'm going to be using an O2 DIY amp along side it - It can be DIY - It MUST be USB compatible - I would prefer a standard 1/4" unbalanced output   Thanks in advance, Dom   PS This is to be used along side...
  6. Dom de B

    I have a 6th gen 120GB iPod, I was told i can rockbox it, is this true?

    The 6G iPod can be rockboxed (literally just looked into it only to find out it would flash my hard drive and I dont want to reload 100gb's in order to just use FLAC and not ALAC) )   Then...
  7. Dom de B

    Galaxy SII - which IEMs ?

    SLARe I'd just like to say that this phone is one of the best on the market. Perhaps it doesn't lend itself to high quality audio, but in no way have samsung stopped making high end phones.   If it is feasible I would recommend getting an appropriately sized iPod to work along side your...
  8. Dom de B

    I just bought Colorfly C4

    FLACs and WAVs are both Lossless files; Using equally good encoders they will sound the same. Even with bad encoders they will sound next to identical.   And we still haven't seen a comparison?
  9. Dom de B

    picking a portable source for flac

    Colorfly C4? IMO it is by far one of the best looking portable music players, it plays FLAC and contains high quality DAC chips, to the extent that people using laptops have used them as portable DACs and have only said good things.
  10. Dom de B

    FLAC Player for iOS - Call for Beta Testers

    I'm guessing this wont work on an Ipod Touch 1st gen as it doesn't have the newest firmware?
  11. Dom de B

    Audeze has (DEFINITELY) something new Re: Headphones at Canjam?

    It doesn't have to be portable but something closed back would be brilliant   Perhaps something like the Denon 2000 range, but obviously with the Audez'e's superb sound.
  12. Dom de B

    Boost the D2000´s beyond their capability ?

    I'm pretty sure you will damage your ears before you damage your headphones.   All you are doing is sending more volume/power to your headphones.   The only problem with high gain is with most amps is comes with high/higher distortion.    
  13. Dom de B

    I accidently 'liked' a post while i was on my phone

    I was recently browsing the heaphones forum when i accidnetly liked someones post while i was scrolling down the page. Is there a way i can reverse this?   Its not 100% necessary but in my opinion its a bit awkward that i said 'thanks' when he wasn't helping me out and it wasn't really on...
  14. Dom de B

    So... Another thread about headsets...

    I can only recommend an external/ disconnected microphone. Something simple like a piece of carboard to block the keyboard out and not your voice. From the headphone mic's i've heard you can always here the person breathing which for me is very annoying.
  15. Dom de B

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    If I intend to make my own Planar Magnetic headphones. What drivers are recommeneded/can be used? For example i saw that people used SFI tweeters when they were available. However i dont understand how a tweeter can be used to cover the full spectrum accurately? Maybe i'm missing something? If...
  16. Dom de B

    Creative Labs Aurvana 3 Dual Driver IEM Giveaways & Discounts - A new favorite of ours!

    Had my Zen Nano for ages and then i lost the little thing, I was so upset, i had asked my parents for one for literally two straight months, it was even our desktop background for a while ;)   On top of that My EP630's have been my back up IEMs for a very long time. I'm yet to find a better...
  17. Dom de B

    Spider Gives Away 20pcs "TinyEar" Micro Driver IEM

    If i could have the earphones sent to a family friend in the US and then they ship them to me could i enter into this draw?   These headphones are actually starting to look like a real problem solver more and more.
  18. Dom de B

    Win a pair of DUNU DN-16 Hephaes for free

    Hephaes please they look awesome :D like better beats turbines.
  19. Dom de B

    Upgrading from cheap iPod earphones to canalbuds

      If at all possible, get more expensive earphones. Don't go crazy and like pay $200 or anything but £75 will give you enough to look at a wide variety of headphones and get a good idea of what sounds nice. If your sure of your budget. Go for sennheiser CX-300 s or some cheap creatives. The...
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  21. Dom de B

    Skullcandy Aviators don't work with my guitar amp!!!! WHY!!!!

    I don't want to be that guy but its most likely the headphones having poor build quality. Cheap drivers and wiring can cause bad sound and the amp is likely to magnify that. I mean the drivers might be fine but perhaps the wiring isn't? or vice versa. Have you used anything else to listen to...
  22. Dom de B

    Spider Gives Away 20pcs "TinyEar" Micro Driver IEM

    Yeah if you would consider going world wide please say as i qualify for nearly all of them. Apart from the motorbike thing but i snowboard with a helmet and the problem still exists there...
  23. Dom de B

    Win a $200 Philips SHE-9900

    Ahaar through the mastery of Twitter and Youtube and friendship I shall win this one - I hope.   Mines the old spice guy -currently at 40 :D   Tactic 1 - Offer Bespoke High Fives to each 'liker' through facebook   Tactic 2 - Get friends to put it as their status.   Tactic 3 -...
  24. Dom de B

    Closed Headphones - I Need Some Help

    Leaking is the main thing i'm trying to avoid. How to Beyerdynamics perform on that front?   The SRH-940's have been rated very highly in terms of detail by nearly everyone which is good and definitely more towards my preferred sound signature.   However due to their lack of presence in...