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  1. fguo79

    Zhaolu D2.0 - I Am Impressed

    Zhaolu 2.0 is really so good? I will fly back to China to visit my parents this fall. Maybe it's the time to spend RMB on this unit. Hopefully they will carry PCM1794 version by that time.
  2. fguo79

    Yamaha DP-U50 Cheap

    FYI, Yamaha online store also has DP-U50 on clearance for $80 plus shipping (and without tax at least for NY). I just ordered one last week, gonna receive it tomorrow : ) If you check the ratings of of consumerdepot, I bet you will not dare to place your order there, even for their better price.
  3. fguo79

    Echo Indigo std-io-dj -- Personal Experiences?

    Is it possible for Echo Indigo possible to be used on a laptop with Linux OS?
  4. fguo79

    M-Audio Revolution 5.1?

    As for music play back I don't think this card can threaten E-MU 0404 which has a better D/A specification. It will jsut be interesting to see which DAC chip be used in this card. I do hope to see more Envy24 series based cards to use high end D/A or A/D converters as those used in E-MU...
  5. fguo79

    M-Audio Revolution 5.1?

    I just noticed newegg now is selling a new sound card "Revolution 5.1" from M-Audio. It seems quite an interesting card. 1. It looks like its older cousin while has better SNR around 109 dB, so does that mean it uses a different D/A...
  6. fguo79

    (You have to share!) aka. Which speakers do you use when others are around?

    Mine is Elecric Voice Sinic 2.1 which I think is one of the best multimedia speaker. My future upgrade is some Yamaha receiver plus Axiom M60 speaker.
  7. fguo79

    Another Happy Chaintech Owner

    I just upgrade from AV710 to EMU 0404, all I can say is this is also a definite upgrade. I have been enjoying AV710 for several months and feel it is a very good card, especially in its price range. After reading so many good feedbacks of E-MU 0404 1212M series, I decided to give 0404 a try...
  8. fguo79

    emu 0404 vs 1212m impressions

    Great post that I am always looking for. Now, I am anxious waiting for my 0404 coming tomorrow
  9. fguo79

    AV710 vs Revo 7.1 vs Prodigy 7.1 for gaming

    Actually, I remember read from several reviews that Prodigy 7.1 has better performance in games for its driver. As for music listening, I don't think there will much difference among those 3 cards.
  10. fguo79

    emu 0404 is here

    From the photo, I notice E-MU0404 using AK4395 DAC which is the top product from AKM. It is supposed to support 24/192, then why E-MU0404 only give out 24/96. Any comments?
  11. fguo79

    Optical ouput of AV710

    I tried the ordinary 2 chennel mode which is set to 44.1K output and enabled the Digital Output with PCM. I can still get the analog output through 7 and 8 phone jack but no optical signal through Toslink.
  12. fguo79

    Optical ouput of AV710

    Maybe my AV710 is a defected one? I gave it up. Will wait for my recently ordered Prodigy 192 to see whether S/PDIF works. Thanks anyway.
  13. fguo79

    Optical ouput of AV710

    Yes. I can see red light coming out of the cable. And I can see the S/PDIF signal meters in the VIA control panel. All seems ok, but just no physical output.
  14. fguo79

    Optical ouput of AV710

    I also tried the ordinary 2 channel mode, still no output.
  15. fguo79

    Optical ouput of AV710

    Just got my Chaintech AV710 last week. Installed the latest 3.10A driver from VIA website and really impressed by the analog output through the Alt port using "high sample rate" mode. But have a problem with the optical output of this card. I cannot get any signal from AV710 when connecting...
  16. fguo79

    Chaintek better than fortissimo II?

    Yep, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz also use Crystal CS4630 chipset, which is quite good, though somewhat outdated. AV710 uses newer Envy HT-S chipset. So for listening music, AV710 would be a better choice. Now, I am waiting my AV710 from newegg.
  17. fguo79

    Any Comments on Audio-Technica Singapore?
  18. fguo79

    Any Comments on Audio-Technica Singapore?

    I just see their price on ATH-EW9 is really nice compared with audiocubes. But their webpage is kinda poor, and they don't even accept credit cards. I will have to use paypal if I place an order there. Any experience with this company? Is it a trustable vendor? Thanks.
  19. fguo79

    Review: Audio Technica CM5 earbuds

    I just got my CM5 this morning form Audiocubes. The looks is really good, though I have to burn it in for several days before I can make some comments on its sound.
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