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  1. d1554573r

    best sounding 6922/e88cc tubes :D

    I can recommend Tesla e88cc with gold plated legs. I've found one in an old radio in my attic, tried it just for fun and it stayed for good.   Previosly i've been using some 12au7 and few ecc88. This one brings extremely detailed soundstage and vocals, it even bested my previously fav tube...
  2. d1554573r

    amp for the Akg k701

    Why lowOhm's can be hard to run?   I'll even qoute :)      
  3. d1554573r

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    About Audacious, the winamp interface isn't it's default UI, normaly it looks like deadbeef or gmusicbrowser with its GTK ui :)  Take it for a spin :) it's much more advanced than deadbeef.
  4. d1554573r

    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Gladiator Soundtrack --- Now we are free Man on Fire OST--- Main theme Mario M -- Evac (Black hawk down nobody wants to be a hero remix) Burial - Kindred EP Burial - Street Halo Burial --- Fostercare from VA 5 yrs of hyperdub
  5. d1554573r

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Heh, I guess You made it clear enough now :) I had no such problem with deadbeef, nor with xbmc.   About Deadbeef, the major con for me right now is the lack of support for plugins in 64 bit version, I mean we can compile them on our own but I've runed into the same problems You did. PPA...
  6. d1554573r

    Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

    Hi again guys!   After nearly a year playing around with a different setups, it came out that the best sounding setup is one of the easiest ones. The only con is that it requires USB DAC accepting SPDIF signal (aka SPDIF over USB) works with most players (XBMC, Deadbeef). All You need is...
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    JACK settings
  8. d1554573r

    Review by 'd1554573r' on item 'Trends Audio UD10.1'

    I can recommend this dac to any body who has limited buget or looks for something universal to get decent sound out of any PC also on the go. It sounds amazing I never though that my pc sound quality can beat good old cd player, and yet it does.
  9. Trends Audio UD10.1

    Trends Audio UD10.1

    Burr Brown based DAC made in China. Pros: - Outstanding sound quality. Uses well renowned Burr Brown PCM2704 IC chip found in really expensive optical disc players. - Price 129-229$ :) - Supports external AC can be powered with batteries (kit with acumulators and connector comes in the...
  10. d1554573r

    will i still get audiophile sound quality sound if i use linux?

    I know im diggin this post from the grave but its actually rather hard subject, and a straight awnser is nowhere to be found.    I though i got some exotic hardware but it turned out linux had proper drivers by default in nearly any distro i tried. Any how Linux does great job with USB DAC's...
  11. d1554573r

    My DIY electrostatic headphones

    Pure awsomeness! Man when I look at Your finish and design of both the headphones and Your amps I think You should go pro with those...
  12. d1554573r

    $100-150 or less amplification for K701/K702? Cheap tube amp if I have my own tubes? Perhaps even DIY?

    Hi Napilopez,   I was facing the same problem about a half year ago, and I came to the conclusion that You can't drive 701's properly for that sort of cash, I bougth few amps and none of the sub 200$ made good impression on me. In the end my akgs spent some time unused, 2 mounths ago i...
  13. d1554573r

    amp for the Akg k701

    Quote:   I had Heed Canamp and it sounds worse then Trends Audio for example. Trends isn't OTL amp but hybrid with 2x mosfets and single 6DJ8 or 12AU7 tube. (TBH both tube types can't drive 701's very loud but PCC88 [6DJ8 equivalent with +1V] does quite well but quality wise 12AU7 rocks)
  14. d1554573r

    amp for the Akg k701

    Hey mate!   I bought 701's 6 mounths ago and i had a couple of amps so far and i can tell You rigth now that sub-300$ amp is a no-go.   First of all forget the solid state - hybrid or tube amp is a must, and heres the 300$ problem, don't worry thou I had same budget and i did just fine...
  15. d1554573r

    AKG K701 & Trends Audio PA10

    Greetings Headfiers,   I need an advice regarding my setup, heres how it looks:   I use foobar with asio plugin with trends audio ud-10 dac as a source, like title says i also use their pre-amp/headphone amp Pa 10 with RFT ECC82 tube (i also ordered Electro Harmonix 12au7 recently) and...
  16. d1554573r

    Trends Audio NEW Headphone Tube AMP: UPDATE W/ Photos

    I can confirm what people say about this amp:   Stock chinese tube from stock model sounds like CR*P, insta-roll recommended, it has no scene (k701 sound like closed headphones with this tube its THAT bad) and bass is awful.   I switched the stock tube for RFT ECC82, and i got hypnotized...
  17. d1554573r

    AKG K701 - AMP

    Quote:   It's good to hear this, Valhalla design made me love it on the 1st time i saw it. Actually I crossed nuforce off the list only competitior 2 valhalla is Yulong D-100 now I already contacted Shenzen about availablity :P Still not sure thou what to choose - both are impossible to...
  18. d1554573r

    AKG K701 - AMP

    Ok, please help me pick between those...   Schiit Valhalla Nu Force ICON HDP
  19. d1554573r

    Best headphons for under £100 - Help.

    Quote:   You said that like this didnt apply to other headphones mentioned in this topic...
  20. d1554573r

    Best headphons for under £100 - Help.

    Frankly, I never heard CAL! but come on creative vs akg or sennheiser? It's like a shootout where one cowboy takes the lasso and the other gets the revolver :)   I saw a few decent creative products but those were pc speakers (cambride audio licensed!), sound cards and graphic accelerators...
  21. d1554573r

    Best cans ~$300?

    Quote: From secound hand perhaps >.>
  22. d1554573r

    Best headphons for under £100 - Help.

    Depends what kind of sound You like when it comes to manufacturer. Lets not make our friend who started the thread even more confused.   Take our recommendations and go to store where You can lisen to them on Your own :)   Alternatively, its weird You arnt satisfied with Your DT660 have...
  23. d1554573r

    Best headphons for under £100 - Help.

    Ouch sorry, I wrote that before morning coffe :P   Sennheiser HD 25-1 II would be nice but they are like 120-130 GBP, militarry could use them thanks to rock-solid construction.   Decent sub-100 pounds ones:   AKG K181DJ Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Sennheiser HD 212 PRO   Any how...
  24. d1554573r

    Best headphons for under £100 - Help.

    For 100$ my best recommendation is Sennheiser HD 555, I had many sub-100 headphones those are the only ones I still own. I was surprised by Sennheiser HD 202 they are about 33$ and they are preety much perfect for portable gear.   I used 555 without an amp straight from Soundblaster Live...
  25. d1554573r

    Best cans ~$300?

    Quote: Okey my bad they come in more versions I was reffering to 250 ohm and 600 ohm :)