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  1. DallaPo

    Reply to review by 'DallaPo' on item 'PAI AUDIO DR2'

    Because sound comparison and graph are identical?
  2. DallaPo

    Reply to review by 'DallaPo' on item 'ORIVETI OH500'

    No, unfortunately not :(
  3. DallaPo

    Reply to review by 'DallaPo' on item 'Knowledge Zenith DQ6'

    Different ears, different opinions :) Of course, I also used different tips, but the result does not necessarily change my mind. I find fault with the technical skills, not necessarily the tonality, and they remain at an average level for me.
  4. CEAR - BER

    CEAR - BER

    CEAR - BER PRO-LINE "THE ROUGH CHARM OF BERLIN IS MUCH WARMER THAN MANY THINK." - Burkhard Kieker - Specifications: Resistance: 10 ohms @ 1kHz Sensitivity: 113 dB @ 1 kHz Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz Material: medical resin Driver type | Number: Balanced Armature | 2...
  5. CEAR - ZHR

    CEAR - ZHR

    CEAR - ZHR PRO-LINE "ZURICH IS SO CLEAN THAT YOU COULD EAT A MINESTRA SPILLED ON THE BAHNHOFSTRASSE WITHOUT A SPOON" – James Joyce – Specifications: Resistance: 9 ohms @ 1kHz Sensitivity: 115 dB @ 1 kHz Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz Material: medical resin Driver type |...
  6. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'SoundMAGIC HP1000'

    Intro So far, I've been more familiar with SoundMagic's in-ears and am an obvious fan of the E11 in particular. In fact, there are even some sonic parallels to the company's flagship over-ear model, the HP1000, especially in the bass and midrange, although (to preface this) I appreciate the E11...
  7. DallaPo

    Reply to review by 'DallaPo' on item 'KBEAR Lark'

    I don't think so, I can tell the two models apart very well sonically, but also in measurement. The upper midrange is smoothed in the new model as indicated, but nothing changes in the high frequency, so this problem remains.
  8. DallaPo

    Reply to review by 'DallaPo' on item 'ThieAudio Legacy 3'

    I'm a bit puzzled by the stage description and associated separation and also resolution. Have you checked whether you might have a wrong polarization?
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    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'See Audio Yume/Anou'

    Rating: 8.6 Sound: 8.5 Intro New IEM companies keep sprouting up and it's hard to keep track of them all. SEEAUDIO is one of them, and with the YUME they want to fight for a place on the market in the middle class. With the NEO or KAGUYA they still have slightly higher priced models, but the...
  10. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'Thieaudio Legacy 4 Universal IEM'

    Rating: 8.8 Sound: 8.7 Intro THIEAUDIO has quickly grown into an established company. Probably the most decisive reason for this is the tuner(s) behind the models, who always has the tonality in mind, but can also technically get a lot out of the chosen drivers. Despite different signatures...
  11. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'Knowledge Zenith DQ6'

    Rating: 7.5 Sound: 7.3 Intro After the two ("expensive") full-BA models (ASF & ASX) that were clearly behind expectations, KZ is getting back to the price segment and market they have always been able to dominate and hold their own in in an impressive way. Even if their model policy and...
  12. DallaPo

    Reply to review by 'DallaPo' on item 'CVJ Mirror'

    No of course not, that applies equally to expensive models! Of course, I have also changed the cables (copper and silver), because the supplied is not really useful. But I also do not have to bend an IEM with all force, only to unfold its full "potential", there I would like first of all from...
  13. DallaPo

    Reply to review by 'DallaPo' on item 'CVJ Mirror'

    With all the ones at my disposal.... SMSL SH-8, Zorloo Ztella / Zuper-DAC-S, iBasso DC1, LG G7+ and so on. In balanced mode even a bit clearer and more separated, but the high frequency problem remains. However, these are budget IEMs that should perform well on the go, not on elaborate setups.
  14. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'CVJ CSE'

    Rating: 7.2 Sound: 7.2 Intro CVJ didn't take too much time to launch two new products. The CSE and MIRROR represent the company's new line-up and are meant to follow up on the debut successes of the CSA and CS8 (I'm excluding the CSN here). For me, rather a shot in the oven as far as the CSE...
  15. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'CVJ Mirror'

    Rating: 7.5 Sound: 7.3 Intro The MIRROR represents the current flagship of the company after the CSN and goes a sonically very interesting, in theory very appealing way. However, the potential was unfortunately wasted here and so the MIRROR even draws the short straw for me against the CS8...
  16. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'VALCO VMK20'

    Rating: 7.8 Sound:7.9 Intro VALCO is a fairly unknown audio company from Finland that specializes in Bluetooth headphones and came out with their first model in November 2019. This review is about the successor model, which appeared in 2020. Through the witty marketing as well as promotional...
  17. VALCO VMK20


    Spezifications Bluetooth: 5.0 APTX LL, SBC and AAC Chipset: Qualcomm QCC3008 with custom DSP setup ANC: Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) Active Noise Cancellation with 4 microphones Amplifier: Class AB Stereo elements: 40 mm Weight: 250g Battery: 1050 mAh Charging time: 2-3h, USB-C connector Battery...
  18. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'AVANTREE ARIA ME'

    Rating: 7.7 Sound: 7.5 Intro AVANTREE may not be a household name to everyone. They are a company that specializes in various audio products. They have some Bluetooth speakers, headphones (with and without Bluetooth), and IEMs in their portfolio. I haven't had many opportunities to test...


    Spezifications: Bluetooth: 4.2 Audio codecs: aptX-HD, aptX-LL, aptX, SBC, AAC Bluetooth profiles - HSP v1.2, HFP v1.7, AVRCP v1.6, A2DP v1.3.1 Operating range: Class 2, up to 10 m Bluetooth pairing: up to 8 devices remembered by the ARIA ME Simultaneous Bluetooth connections: 2 mobile devices...
  20. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'Meze 99 Neo'

    Rating: 8 Sound: 7.8 Intro MEZE always has the ambition to combine design and sound, so that their products not only functionally provide what they are made for (music playback), but also an aesthetic claim behind it. Since I rather value the functional aspect, I often complain that this part...
  21. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'AUDIOSENSE DT100'

    Rating: 8 Sound: 7.8 Intro AUDIOSENSE is maturing more and more into a professional IEM manufacturer from China that is to be taken very seriously. The company has developed steadily and offers IEMs with a wide variety of configurations at an always fair price. With the T180, the company...


    >High-Performance Knowles Full-Range BA driver. >Specially designed unique face panels. >High-precision 3D printed ear cavity. >Skin-friendly Resin ear shells. >Comfortable Fit. >Silver-Plated Copper cable. >Universal MMCX connectors. >Impedance: 18Ω. >Frequency Response Range...
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    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'Drop + HIFIMAN HE5XX'

    Rating: 8.6 Sound: 8.6 Intro The HE5XX is another collaboration between DROP and HIFIMAN and is supposed to be more similar in sound and appearance to the DEVA than to the HE500, or other models in the HE5 series, but I can't judge that because I don't have a comparison. What I can compare...
  24. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'Massdrop X Hifiman HE 4XX'

    Rating: 8.2 Sound: 8.1 Intro DROP tries in cooperation with established companies to make their products accessible to a wider mass at lower prices by taking former or current products with a good reputation, giving them a little more mainstream (soundwise) and also trying to implement more...
  25. DallaPo

    Review by 'DallaPo' on item 'SIVGA Phoenix - wooden flagship dynamic driver headphone'

    Rating: 8 Sound: 7.8 Intro SIGVA has specialized in developing headphones with a noble wood finish. The PHOENIX is their current flagship and is aimed at bass-hungry listeners with audiophile demands. Whether the PHOENIX can do justice to this remains to be seen. The low impedance and high...