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  1. shuttleboi

    Denon AH-7200

    The new Denon AH-D7200 look really nice and remind me of their older D7000 headphones.    For reference, here is their old AH-D5000 headphones. I have these.       Here is their AH-D7000 headphones       And here is their current AH-D7100 headphones. When I saw this unit, I was...
  2. shuttleboi

    New Sony high-end DSD gear, including a USB DAC

      When you say "the amp", are you referring to only the headphone amp? Do you realize that the UDA-1 also contains a 20W stereo class AB amp for driving speakers? Maybe that's why it costs more.
  3. shuttleboi

    Marantz HD-DAC1

    This is really upsetting news for those of us in the USA. From:    The Marantz HD-DAC1 is expected to be available in black from October 2014.       It looks like Marantz is not bringing the silver color to the USA, only the...
  4. shuttleboi

    Marantz HD-DAC1

    That's a beautiful piece of equipment. The Marantz UK site has better pictures.   The only negative I see is that it doesn't have XLR balanced outputs, which others units like the Oppo HA-1 do have.      
  5. shuttleboi

    New McIntosh MCH1000 headphones reports on McIntosh's new MCH1000 headphones revealed at the Munich High End Show going on this week. The headphones had previously been shown at CES 2014.   NEW McIntosh MCH1000 headphones...
  6. shuttleboi

    New Sony high-end DSD gear, including a USB DAC

    This month's Stereophile has a great review of the Sony HAP-Z1ES, which is their hi-resolution digital file player with 1TB of hard drive space. It's not a DAC, though, so there is no digital input.    
  7. shuttleboi

    Marantz SA14S1- is it gonna be an overkill as the source of my headphone rig?

    Marantz makes great high-end gear in their Marantz Reference line. Although the SA-14S1 spinner is not Marantz's top-of-the-line SACD player (that would be the SA-11S3), this new unit seems like it's a great value.   If you are going to play a lot of CDs and SACDs in addition to using it as a...
  8. shuttleboi


      Good luck getting any reply out of Mcintosh, because they are well known for being an extremely secretive company. I'm even surprised the price for the MHA100 has been so widely circulated; with Mcintosh gear, you can only get the price by visiting a physical store and asking a salesperson...
  9. shuttleboi

    New Denon DA-300USB DSD DAC with headphone amplifier

      Are you actually expecting that someone will write a review of how this DAC will drive the HE-500 headphones specifically? There are hundreds of headphones on the market, and it's unlikely someone will write an article to meet your needs. The closest I've seen to a standardized headphone used...
  10. shuttleboi

    New Grace Design m920 DAC/amp with DSD decoding

    Grace Design updated their m903 with a new m920 model that has an ESS Sabre DAC with DSD decoding. More information here:   Stereo analog inputs - balanced (+4dBu) XLR and unbalanced (-10dBv) RCA. Ultra low distortion 32-bit /384khz Sabre...
  11. shuttleboi

    ALAC importing from CD: 868kbps vs 24-bit, 96kHz limit of a DAC

    Thank you for the explanation.   I think you are right to multiply by 2, as that includes 2 channels (left and right).   So if most of my music is from CD rips to ALAC, 24-bit, 96 kHz should always be good, right? I know there is a lot of talk about 24-bit 192 kHz, but ALAC won't rip to...
  12. shuttleboi

    ALAC importing from CD: 868kbps vs 24-bit, 96kHz limit of a DAC

    I am confused by (1) the CD rips to ALAC using iTunes and (2) using the resulting ALAC files with a DAC.   First, when I use the most recent version of iTunes and rip to ALAC, there are no settings, just "Automatic". The resulting files are apparently 868 kbps.    Second, I'm looking to use...
  13. shuttleboi

    Gorgeous new Korg DS-DAC100 : balanced DSD DAC + headphone amp

    Just found this new DSD DAC. No mention of price.               Original Korg page in Japanese:   Google translate says:   Real-time...
  14. shuttleboi

    Stacking audio components, placing on floor stand?

    I am thinking of getting into some high-end stereo components. I have some questions:   1. Is it ok to stack 3 components on top of each other? Would there be any problems with heating, interference, etc.?             2. I would like to keep these components next to my computer desk, so I'm...
  15. shuttleboi

    New Sony high-end DSD gear, including a USB DAC

    Sony recently announced a bunch of new high-end gear along with a DSD high-resolution download website.  ...
  16. shuttleboi

    New Audiolab DAC

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I searched several pages of this thread.   Where is the M-Dac (and other Audiolab gear) sold in the USA? I checked the Audiolab distributor page, and there was no mention of the US.
  17. shuttleboi

    Pictures of your computer rigs! Post them here!

    The Parasound amp is not visible in your pictures, right? I think that's an Audiolab M-Dac next to your headphones.
  18. shuttleboi

    Sennheiser HDVD800 Headphone Amplifier

    Is there any hiss or other noise from the HDVD 800? Is it dead quiet when no music is playing? I am very sensitive to hissing or humming from an amp.
  19. shuttleboi

    New headphone amplifier from Bryston

    Hi James, I was looking at the BDA-2 and BHA-1. Can  you update the Bryston website to include dimensions and weight of the units? They are not listed on your webpages nor in the "brochure" or other technical documents for the respective units.
  20. shuttleboi

    The All-New WA7 Fireflies from Woo Audio

    The picture from's website led me to believe that the letters were simply etched into the metal (as shown below). I wonder if they can provide that option instead of white lettering.  
  21. shuttleboi

    The All-New WA7 Fireflies from Woo Audio

    On the WA7 silver version, is the lettering on the lower-left corner in white as in the picture below from From other pictures, I though the lettering was simply etched into the body. I honestly don't like look of the white letters.  
  22. shuttleboi

    Where in the name of sennheiser can i get an HDVD 800?!

    I've been waiting for the HDVD 800 as well. I don't think it's been officially released in the USA.
  23. shuttleboi

    The All-New WA7 Fireflies from Woo Audio

    Very nice. I'm not buying any electronics in 2013+ without an off switch. I don't care for standby mode either.
  24. shuttleboi

    The All-New WA7 Fireflies from Woo Audio

    Is there an on/off switch? Couldn't see one in the pictures.
  25. shuttleboi

    Denon D2000/D5000, MD2000/MD5000 Thread!

    Quote:   So I twist the earpads off, unscrew the cups, and then check to see if there are modifications?