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  1. Tobias89

    Empire Ears Bravado

    Looking to sell my EE Bravado. Very good condition, practically unused. Comes with original Effect Audio Ares ii cable (3.5mm) Got it around middle of this year. Looking for 500USD with shipping and paypal fees. PM me to offer or discuss.
  2. Tobias89


    Helping a friend to sell off a set of almost brand new ALO CDM Dac/Amp in either black. In original box and packaging. Comes with a ALO green line usb cable! Purchased in July this year. Heavily underutilized (less than 50hr since?) Quoted price here includes paypal fees AND shipping fees...
  3. Tobias89

    Cypher Labs Sustain 84

    Up for sale is a brand new, Sustain84 from Cypher Labs. Got it without realizing that it was too big for my desk. Its been sitting in a corner gathering dust so I'm selling it off. Price includes paypal fees and shipping to anywhere
  4. Tobias89

    Echobox Explorer (Mahogany)

    Up for sale is a like new Echobox Explorer (Mahogany). Comes with the dock included, with all original accessories. Selling as I've a DAP now. Price includes paypal fees and registered shipping to anywhere in the world.
  5. Tobias89

    ALO Continental Dual Mono Portable Tube Dac/AMP

    Helping a friend to sell off a set of almost brand new ALO CDM Dac/Amp in either silver/black. In original box and packaging. Comes with a ALO green line usb cable! Purchased in July this year. Heavily underutilized (less than 50hr since?) Quoted price here includes paypal fees AND shipping...
  6. Tobias89

    Effect Audio Mars CIEM cable (2.5mm ak balanced)

    Looking to sell my effect audio mars cable. Selling it as a cable only.   Featuring UPOCC Gold Plated Silver, Mars entails vivid new experiences and incredible musicality, allowing users to enjoy a new level of space and imaging in music. Featuring a unique cable geometry, Mars eliminates a...
  7. Tobias89

    Vorzüge™ VorzAMP pure II

    WTS my Vorzuge Pure ii portable amp.   Its in a very good condition (9/10, purely coz its a used set).   Sounds perfectly fine and battery life is still going strong. The last amp in my collection/possession, and rarely used, and finally/hopefully I'll stop it with stacks and go for a...
  8. Tobias89

    Advanced AcousticWerkes W300AR Hybrid CIEM

    Up for sale is a mint condition AAW W300 ciem. Price is just for the IEM only. Null Audio will include a box and arete cable as part of ownership transfer, which cost $100 (Advanced AcousticWerkes Custom In-Ear Monitor Order FAQ | Null Audio). This includes reshelling cost and 6 months renewed...
  9. Tobias89

    Custom Art Ei.xx

    Up for sale is a Custom Art Ei.xx.   I only received it recently due to to fit issues, but ended up deciding to sell it as I've got way too many iems. Will come with stock cable only. Piotr from Custom Art will allow for ownership transfer at a mere €75 (euro). Very worth it here. Brand new...
  10. Tobias89

    Chord Hugo (Black) V3

    Looking to sell my chord hugo, black. Function 10/10. Condition is 8.5/10, due to scratch at bottom of the unit, near the rubber feet.   Price includes postage and paypal fees.   Will upload some pics soon.
  11. Tobias89

    Hifiman HM901s with Balanced Amp Card

    Up for sale is a recently bought HM901s. Condition should is a solid 9/10, simply coz it's been used. Screen protector has been applied as well. I do not use it with a case. I've avoided any scratches etc as it is always in a cloth bag, and is usually kept in my bag. Selling as I'm switching...
  12. Tobias89

    Hidition NT-6 Reference CIEM

    Up for sale/trade is a Hidition NT6 that was bought from a head-fier. Originally purchased in Feb2015, and it hasn't been reshelled so the warranty is still valid. Comes with all original accessories. Will include a Fonebone Cadence (Silver) Cable for additional $50 if you'd like.  ...
  13. Tobias89

    TTVJ Apex Glacier

    Looking to sell my TTVJ Apex Glacier AMP/DAC. Works great and I love its small and slim profile, but I'm selling due to it being underutilized ever since I got a Chord Hugo.   Clean and neutral sounding without being overly analytical. Doesn't need drivers to work with Windows. Its just plug...
  14. Tobias89

    Earwerkz Supra 2 (Universal)

    Looking to either sell or trade my Earwerkz Supra 2 (universal). Comes with a full set of comply tips, and a soft case. Do note from the picture that its with the Earwerkz Pro cable, not estron linium. :)   Its a really good IEM that hits way above its price range. Further details availabe...
  15. Tobias89

    LH Lab Verb IEM

    Looking to sell my LH Lab Verb IEMs. Mine is a red unit. I have a black one that I'm helping my friend to sell.   Price dropped to $20!   Buyer adds shipping and paypal fees.
  16. Tobias89

    Tobias Audio Bazaar! (Audiofly, Advanced AcousticWerkes, Custom Art)

    Tobias Bazaar!!!! Looking to sell my following items as they are not in use much. 1) Audiofly AF33 without mic - Slycat Black (IEM only)     $22 (USD)   2) Audiofly AF33 with mic - Sunrise Purple (full set - pouch, spare tips etc.)      $22 (USD)   3) AAW W300AR     $380 (USD)    ...
  17. Tobias89

    ATH IM04

    **PRICE DROP** Used audio technica ath im-04 for sale. Looking for 420sgd. Price negotiable but exclusive of shipping/postage. In good condition. Selling as underused, due to me usung my 846 way more often. Pm for more info.
  18. Tobias89

    Phone dap - sony z2 / Nokia 1520 / others

    Anyone tried any of the above phones? :)
  19. Tobias89

    DAP for SE846?

    Hi everyone! I just bought a new SE846 and loved it. However, I was listening to it directly from a Clip Zip.   Any recommendations for a DAP upgrade? What are the sets that you guys are using?   Thanks
  20. Tobias89

    Impedence? DAP for SE846?

    Hi all! I recently got an SE846. I am using it straight out of an ipod touch for now, and will be intending to purchase a DAP that isn't too expensive (around USD500) for it soon. However, I have no idea what does impedence means, and how does the impedence of a DAP affect the impedence of an...
  21. Tobias89

    SE846 vs SE535LTD

    Does anyone have a good impression of these two models from shure? I need help as I can't seem to make a final decision. Please share your opinions on these two IEMs or any similar IEMS :)
  22. Tobias89

    HELP! Very new in the audio world, need help to choose universal IEMs for mainstream music. SE535 or SE846 or W40 or others?

    Hey guys! I'm really new to the audio scene. I got hooked listening to a friend's SE846 and decided to look around.   I listen mainly to mainstream music such as pop, rnb, kpop etc. with just a little bit of classicals. I intend to get a ibasso DX50 or DX90 when the 90 is out and i can compare...