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  1. sorrick

    SOLD Campfire Audio Solaris OG SOLD

    I’m selling my original gold Campfire Audio Solaris. I purchased these new from Campfire Audio when they were announced in November 2018 and have treated them gently since then. They are serial number 00042. The IEMs themselves are in excellent near mint condition with no visible signed of...
  2. sorrick

    FS: Beyerdynamic T70p incl. extra unused Dakoni Protein Leather Pads

    I’m selling my excellent condition Beyerdynamic T70p headphones in original Bayerdynamic padded carrying case with all original accessories, but without original box. These have been very lightly used (less than 30 hours total) and I am including a pair of unused Dakoni protein leather pads in...
  3. sorrick

    SOLD: Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00

    SOLD Like new in box Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00. These have less than 10 hours of use on them. They are beautiful, great sounding headphones, but I have rarely used them, so it is time to let them go. SOLD Will ship within US only. for additional feedback see my ebayID: Sorrick
  4. sorrick

    SOLD: Audeze iSine 20 with Cipher Cable

    SOLD my Audeze iSine 20s with original Cipher cable in excellent+ condition in original box with all original accessories included. ~30 hours use on them. This includes s,m,l ear tips (in both smooth and ribbed), 3 sets ear hooks, 2 sets ear locks, v1 cipher cable, regular 3.5mm cable, cleaning...
  5. sorrick

    Denon AH-D2000 Excellent Condition, In Box

    I'm selling my Denon AH-D2000. These have not been getting any head time since I got my JH16pro's so it is time to let them go to a new home. They are in prinstine condition with original box and less than 30 hours of total use.  I do not have the original screw on 3/8" to 1/4" adaptor that they...
  6. sorrick

    SOLD: Nikon D200 with MB-D200 Vertical Grip and Extras

    My new D300 just came in today, so I am selling my very well taken care of, and much loved, Nikon D200 with the Nikon MB-D200 vertical grip. I am including all original accessories, a Camera Armor Brand custom-fit silicon skin and lens protector for the camera, and a LowePro Micro Trekker 100...
  7. sorrick

    FS: C&C Box v2 Silver

    I am selling my C&C Box, v2 amp in Silver. This amp was given to me as a gift and I have used it for less than 10 hours. It is in immaculate condition with no scratches scrapes dings or signs of wear of any kind. It comes with the originally included grey velvet bag and an 8" headb crystal mini...
  8. sorrick

    FS: Shure E500's with PTH, Extra Shure Olive Foamies, and Extra Comply Tips

    Up for Sale are my pair of Shure E500 PTH. I used these for about two months, and then stopped in favor of the UE's. They have been sitting in their box in a desk drawer for the past few months, so it is time to give them a new home. They are in As New Condition (between a 9 and a...
  9. sorrick

    Anyone know a source for Audio-Technica W100 or L3000 drivers?

    Hey Guys, So the left driver of my W100's crapped out on me (it was partially my fault but I won't get into that...) My question is, how can I get my hands on a new set of drivers for my w100's. I guess I need to buy a matched pair to keep everything sounding lovely and beautiful. I don't...
  10. sorrick

    WTB W100 or L3000 Drivers

    Looking for either a pair of w100 drivers or L3000 drivers (L3000 preferred). If you've got a pair, please pm me
  11. sorrick

    WTB: L3000 Drivers

    Hey guys, I am interested in getting a pair of L3000 driver (drivers only). If anyone has some lying around or knows someone who has em, pm me with what you are looking to get for em. Thanks
  12. sorrick

    How does the C&C (headb) Crystal Mini Cable Stack Up?

    Hey All, A few months ago I bought the C&C Crystal Mini to Mini cable from and have been very satisfied with it, but I'm currently considering purchasing another mini to mini cable if doing so will yield noticeable improvement in sound. Specifically I am considering an ALO cable...
  13. sorrick

    New RS-2 AND New! One word: Amazing!

    I just got a (new to me) pair of RS-2's and a new pair of's. They are both fantastic. Compared to my MS-1's, the rs-2's just take it to the next level. Detail, depth, dynamic range, clarity are all vastly improves, and how they look: just gorgeous (I would post pics but I don't have my...
  14. sorrick

    WTB ATH-W100...If anyone has, please PM. Will Pay $$

    FOUND A PAIR! Thanks Ashin!
  15. sorrick

    Opinions of ATH-W100

    Hey guys, I am really interested in getting a pair of ATH-W100's but as they are no longer produced I am at a loss for where to find them. I have heard that these phones sound similar to the grado line but are closed. I also think that they are one of the most beautiful cans I have ever seen...
  16. sorrick

    Decent Battery Powered DAC

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to get a decent battery powered DAC to go between my g4 powerbook and my headphone amps. Now I already have the amps, so if it is cheaper to just buy a pure dac then I might go for that. If possible I would prefer to keep the price under 200 bucks. Is the pro dac any good...
  17. sorrick

    Help! My C&C Amp won't charge!

    So last night when I plugged in my C&C amp to charge the batteries, I noticed that it had gotten turned on in my bag and power light was off (indicating that the battery was run down). I plugged it in to charge it and no charge light went on. I have had it plugged in since last night but the...