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  1. sp0525

    (Sold) [FS] Raal SR1a Ribbon Earfield Monitor + Adapter box

    Basic bundle as shown in the picture. $2,600 fedex-shipped to Conus (buyer pays paypal and insurance if opt-in)
  2. sp0525

    (SOLD) ZMF Aeolus LTD Ziricote + Atmos-C cable + 2 extra earpads

    Up for sale is ZMF Aeolus LTD Ziricote. Comes with ZMF Aeolus Ziricote with Verite Lambskin ear pads (magnesium chassis upgraded) ZMF Atmos-C XLR cable 2 extra pairs of ear pads : Universe Suede pads, Universe Lambskin pads ZMF LTD wood case Asking price : $1,000 fedex shipped (CONUS only) +...