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    Ibasso DX90

    Up for sale is the highly sought after Ibasso DX90. Had it for a week now and I realized that I need a desktop USB DAC. This unit will eventually have that capability but until they release the driver for that function to work I need something else. Comes with everything, Dap, Cords, Warranty...

    Alpha Dog vs 7000

    I have a pleasant problem and was looking to the Head Fi community to help me decide. I was  wondering which set of cans will sound better both properly amped, The Alpha's or the D7000's. I can get either pair right now for just about the same price $600. I understand that the D2000's will be...

    Alpha Dog vs D2000

    I have the opportunity to purchase a mint set of D2000's for $300 and was wondering if that is a good idea or should I spend an additional $300 and just get the Alphas for $600. Basically are the Alphas that superior to the D2000's. Thanx Head Fier's.

    HIFIMAN HE500 AMP/DAC/DAP pairing

    Hello fellow Head-Fier's Let me start out by saying that I am extremely new to the Audiophile world but I do know that I love and enjoy top drawer sound. I used to think that my Ipod nano and stock IEM's delivered that until my IEM's broke and I purchased a set of Sennheiser CX 300 ll IEM's and...