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  1. paulybatz

    Help with re-termination

    I have an old cable. Its not head-fi stuff. Just an old loud speaker cable. I want to reterm it to 3 pin’s 1/4” and banana presently.
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    Got a pair of phones the other day Smell like smoke...bad I have them presently in a bag with charcoal, essential oils on Cotton and baking soda Any other suggestions?? Or do I just return them?
  3. paulybatz

    CD player / transport

    PM me what you have lying around Circa 2007 and newer
  4. paulybatz

    Ibasso PB1

    Balanced and single ended amp for sale Like new $75 shipped
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  6. paulybatz

    2007 HD650 fs

    $OLD Shipped. original HD650 2007 mint everything Mint pads Only flaw is some chipping along headband of paint comes with extra miniXLR BALANCED cable made in Ireland
  7. paulybatz

    Anyone know what this is...does???

    I’ve had this for years. Bought it for no reason years ago.
  8. paulybatz

    Painting HD650 or other phones

    Anyone paint their phones??? Saw them in yellow...thought it was kool
  9. paulybatz

    Looking for Micro Zotl 2

    What’s around??
  10. paulybatz

    LCD-2 Rev1

    Have a pair of LCD-2s on the pretty excited for this Xmas present!
  11. paulybatz

    GRADO GS1000 / RS1 / HF2 / PS1000

        GRADO GS1000 /  RS1 / HF2 / PS1000    Just got bit by 5 mosquitos and feel the need to look for some new cans....anyone got some dusty GRADOs     Im not sure exactly...but PM me what you have and lets make a STEAL....   Pauly
  12. paulybatz

    HD600s Sennheiser...New or Old, which is better...

    I know there are threads about this, please fill me in...are the newer HD600s better than the older ones, or is it the other way around...Please be as detailed as possible. Pauly   **If anyone has a pair theyd like to part with too, please PM me!
  13. paulybatz

    HD650 cable upgrade question....anyone tested the market

    I am thinking about doing a cable upgrade for the HD650...anyone tried all that the market has to offer: The three Im considering are:   Moon Audio (Silver) Stefan Cardas   Please let me know if this is a waste of money...I already have two stock cables, one I had retermed for...
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    Hello, I have a pair of grado 225s, pristine, used lightly (195 shipped (OBO)) and Ultrasone 750s both have packaging and are very fine condition, though the ultrasone box is a little tattered. I do take paypal.
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    Rockhopper Mini^3 for sale, just bought my dad a new amp for XMAS, so this amp needs a good home. Perfect for new head-fier, cannot beat the price performance ratio on this one...very high build quality here and the amber power light!! What is nice about the mini^3 is it can be used as both a...
  16. paulybatz

    DIY noob

    Hey, if I wish to start building does it cost a lot to get going or should I just find someone to make stuff for me?
  17. paulybatz

    Ibasso D4 / T3 Review Thread

    Just received confirmation of the shipping of my new amps from IBasso...just as when I ordered my D3, fast response to emails, fast response to order, next day shipping both times. Photos to come when they arrive! I figured Id combine the two amps in one thread to simplify my time on the...
  18. paulybatz

    OK here we go: Question ALO Rx, TTVJ Portable, RSA Shadow....

    Curious about all of these and how they compare not only to each other, but to say other AMPS, to (what I have Ibasso D3)...if its worth it beyond the size? Pauly
  19. paulybatz

    WANTED: Iphone/iTOUCH LOD to RCA

    Want some nice silver plated copper...PM me some good stuff and good pricing if you got it. Pauly
  20. paulybatz

    LISA III and LISA LAB POWER LLP No longer for sale

    No longer for sale!!! See my thread for a pic, she is in sexy silver: There is no hype with TRIAD and Phil...this is the best portable amp there is, period!
  21. paulybatz

    New Lisa Thread in Portable audio

    Wanted to have a dedicated Lisa Love forum in portable audio! many wanted a thread in the portable section...please follow link and submit pics of your sexy rig, comments and testimonials. Pauly
  22. paulybatz

    Woo WA6 WTB

    Looking for a minty woo. Want to try out this little monster.
  23. paulybatz

    Silver Cryo Mini to Mini ( Review

    Silver Cryo Mini to Mini ( Review Pics to come but wanted to spread the word I bought a quables silvercab pro LOD from sacd-man...which is great but wanted to expand my line out options in the future so when I got my D3 I bought one of ibasso's female LODs Craig then...
  24. paulybatz

    ultrasone 2500 versus grado 325i or something else?

    hey. Anyone have a comparison between the two? These are what I am considering for an open phone, perhaps there is something better in the $225-240 street price I got for them? Anything else to recommend...perhaps in the next step up in price?
  25. paulybatz

    SR71 SR71a Looking For One

    Anyone have one they will let me steal