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  1. actimation

    FS: Perpetual Tech DAC System with Monolithic PSU

    Hello all, Up for sale is a complete Perpetual Tech DAC System with a Monolithic PSU. This includes: - P1A, Interpolation Engine - P3A, DAC (24bit/96khz) - Monolithic PSU - all stock cables, such as a I2S cable (for connecting P1A to P3A), the power cords connecting the P1A & P3A with...
  2. actimation

    VTL Tube Monoblock Amplifier

    For Sale: A pair of VTL (Vacuum Tube Logic) “de Luxe” 300 monoblock amplifier. Each amplifier outputs 300 watts using 8 x 6550 tubes and uses a pair of 12AT7 and 12BH7 tubes for input driver. It currently drives a pair of Magnepan MG-IIIa effortlessly! Unfortunately, I have to switch...
  3. actimation

    FS: HD600 with 1.5M Zu Mobius

    Hello, Up for sale is a pair of Senn HD600 with the 1.5m Zu Mobius. The cans are about 4 years old and have sparsely and gently been used throughout years and I still have the original box. They have been recently upgraded with the Zu Mobius cables (which had to be sent back to Zu Cable for...
  4. actimation

    Musical Fidelity X-Cans V2, X-PSU, X-DAC

    I really hate to do this, but I’m putting up a large chunk of my headphone setup (that has been with me throughout college) for sale since I no longer have the time to listen to through cans (only in my car). Up for sale are the Musical Fidelity X-Cans V2, X-PSU and X-DAC All three units...
  5. actimation

    good startup speaker system

    Hello, I’m selling a large chunk of my stereo components in order to make room for an upgrade. Up for sale are a pair of Magnepan MMG speakers, a Hafler 9300 Transnova amplifier and a BK Pro-10MC preamplifier. The Magnepan MMG are in good condition. Currently on the speakers are a pair of...
  6. actimation

    AC adapter for Pro-Ject equipment

    Hello, I've recently purchased a Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable and Phono Box SE in Hong Kong. I had doubts about purchasing audio equpiment, with the whole voltage difference and etc. But the price was right and I was promised 120V wallwarts. After going back to the retailer a week later, I...
  7. actimation

    Has anyone heard of Crustation?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone else heard of the group called Crustation. More importantly, does anyone know where I can find a copy of the cd before I try eBay. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Mark
  8. actimation

    My Denon 370 is very sick...=(

    My Denon has just not been functioning properly for the last week. I would pop in cds and either the machine would keep spinning or it just won't detect it at all. Any suggestion what may be the problem and if it can still be salvaged? Mark On the side note, I don't think I'll be...
  9. actimation

    FS: Denon DCM-370

    The unit is in prefect working condition, but there are a couple of scratches on the front of the unit. The manual and the remote are missing. I'm asking for $110 and the shipping cost will be split with the buyer. Everything is packed tight and is ready to be shipped any moment now. I'm...
  10. actimation

    WTB/WTT: for a X-Psu

    I'm looking to trade a Audio Alchemy DDE V.2.0 (its a DAC) for a X-Psu unit or buy it from anyone who is more than willing to part with it. I also have other gear to trade. Please contact me if you are intrested with a deal or for more info.