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  1. davesa

    Topping D90

    Like a few others here I ordered my D90 from Apos - even with the 4th of July weekend it arrived in just a few days - set it up this afternoon and enjoying it so far. Looks great sitting on top of my Monoprice THX-887. Working with Apos was great - great communication, upgraded my shipping (...
  2. davesa

    ZMF Verite

    Having recently bought a tube amp, and not having much experience in my electronics learning to explore valves ( tubes ) I went looking to know more about how things worked. I came across a two part series on the basics of tube amplifiers... the author has other videos that go into more complex...
  3. davesa

    How do I balance headphones when Windows 10 offers no left/right control

    Do you not have this in your Windows 10 Audio device settings? I do. Go here and select Device Properties:
  4. davesa

    hearing "hss" noise through headphones

    I found this YouTube video on mixing, and the complexities of Loudness normalization in streaming... the demos in the video are pretty great and talk to there are many things that go into enjoying music.
  5. davesa

    what are your other hobbies besides audio??

    Metalworking... learned to make knives but took too long so I started making metal whistles out of titanium.,.. fit much better in the amount of time I had available... they are great every day carry items. I even made some headphone cable beads which I used on cables I made.,..
  6. davesa

    Tool kit to open a Fiio player

    Not sure exactly what is needed for the Fiio but iFixIt has a great selection of tools for opening / working on phones and laptops...
  7. davesa

    Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 Impressions

    I have the Surface Headphones v1, and agree with a lot of your comments - I like to pop them on when I want to go wireless / bluetooth - I like the noise canceling on my older Sony MDR-1000X a bit better - I found the bass to be a bit to much on the V1's but they have a nice EQ hidden in the...
  8. davesa

    STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

    Well since I have both a LTE Z10e and a Mjolnir Audio Carbon I can do a comparison there. I have had my Carbon, since April 2016... so I have some time with it. I have a pair of Stax SR-009 I bought just before that... and I really enjoy the sound of the Carbon with the SR-009, it sounds...
  9. davesa

    STAX SR-009S new flagship electrostatic earspeakers released (with impressions)

    I do not have a BHSE, nor have I heard one but I think the Z10e offers a great value prop in that it would work for both electrostatic, and planar/dynamic headphones. The fact that it also drives speakers is cool too... depending on where you wanted to set up your listening station and how much...
  10. davesa

    So this is how it starts....

    Have to love fun packages arriving with new gear in them! Hope you have a great weekend of fun.
  11. davesa

    Have you heard the new Linear Tube Audio Z10e amplifier?

    Still getting everything dialed in but so far the 009 sounds really good with the LTA, but it also sounds really good with the Carbon... not sure there is one I like better yet with the 009. Initial impressions is I like the Voce a bit better on the Carbon than on the LTA, but I changed cables...
  12. davesa

    Have you heard the new Linear Tube Audio Z10e amplifier?

    Ok, a few more tidbits for people wondering about how the amp drives certain headphones - I have been listening to my Audeze LCD-XC and my Ether 2. Both on the Lo jack, which is 0.5 watts at 50 ohm. For the Audeze, comfortable volumes are 8-16 ( out of 100 ) and for the Ether 2 I am 15-24 ( out...
  13. davesa

    Will I need to spend a boatload of money to upgrade a Magni3?

    Other than the balanced, the ability to add a DAC card or a phono pre amp.... ideally buying anything, you want a piece of gear that is versatile so that you don't have to sell it when you need something slightly different.. so I like the idea of being able to expand it. In the future you could...
  14. davesa

    Have you heard the new Linear Tube Audio Z10e amplifier?

    Ok, well not sure I have enough time with it yet to write detailed reviews but... it did finally arrive on Thursday... I received the email from UPS that it would be delivered tomorrow on Wednesday night so after about 3 weeks from order to my door.. I was super excited but it did not arrive...
  15. davesa

    Will I need to spend a boatload of money to upgrade a Magni3?

    Well certainly you get a lot of amp for the money in the Magni, but if you are thinking about upgrading why not step up to the Jotenheim and get balanced in and out as well as the ability to add a DAC module later. I have driven both my LCD-XC and Ether 2 from the Jotenheim and found it to be a...
  16. davesa

    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    Hmmm, maybe not everywhere yet - I am not seeing a newer version. I am on Win10, and I even Uninstalled / Reinstalled. Hope it is just a delayed rollout and I will see it soon. The Windows Store is where the updates for these apps come from ( not in the individual app ).
  17. davesa

    Have you heard the new Linear Tube Audio Z10e amplifier?

    Well I have not heard one yet but mine is going to be finished up today and is starting it's burn in so hopefully I will be listening next week at this time!
  18. davesa

    The Audio Lounge

    that ebay person must really get a lot of inquiries from Svalbard and Jan Mayen ... it is listed 3 times... they are really excluded :xf_cool:
  19. davesa

    Dan Clark Audio Is Celebrating 8 Years With A Customer Loyalty Club and Sale!

    I have really loved my Ether 2 phones and now this has me thinking Voce... no better way to spend time at home ... now and in the future than with some great headphones :)
  20. davesa

    Schiit Jotunheim Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    I do have both a Jot ( Multibit ) and THX AAA 887 - I have not done a side by side but I can tell you that I like both. I use the Jot at work and the idea of a combo unit for my desk is great. I recently bought the THX AAA 887 for home. It replaced my Oppo HA-1 - in an eval of the two I decided...
  21. davesa

    HDTracks Appreciation Thread

    i was thinking of getting some Hi-res files and so was checking out HDTracks as a potential source to see if I liked listening to hi res files vs. my traditional PCM. Did anyone have an issue with their privacy policy? Once you have registered with us, we may also collect other information...
  22. davesa

    Stax SRE-725 2.5M extension cable for Stax earspeakers

    Still available in case anyone is looking for one
  23. davesa

    Stax SRE-725 2.5M extension cable for Stax earspeakers

    I have a Stax  SRE-725 2.5M extension cable - upgraded my extension to a SRE-925 so this one is for sale.   Thanks for looking
  24. davesa

    Schiit Yggdrasil Impressions thread

    In regard to the post by Essentiale  above, I would echo his comments - I do like my Oppo HA-1 and find it a good all around Amp/DAC combo. I currently have it driving my Audeze XC and I also had it driving my Stax as a DAC before my Yggdrasil arrived. I have noticed an improvement in the sound...
  25. davesa

    Schiit Yggdrasil Impressions thread

    After a 4 week wait my Yggy arrived today. So far sounds great - I have it paired with my Carbon / Stax Sr-009 and so far it is an amazing combo.   Now I have to wait as it warms up but I am excited to rediscover so many of my favorite CD's over the next week or so.