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  1. arteom

    WTB: Stax SRM-353X

    EDIT: At this time I've decided to put this purchase on hold. Looking for a stax srm-353x amplifier, silver or black. Send me a PM if you have one you're thinking of letting go. Either 100v or 120v works. I am located in USA. tags: srm 353x, srm353x
  2. arteom

    Colorado Spring Meet - postponed

    Meeting has been postponed at this time - 3/24/20 Please chime in with what gear you might be able to bring, what you want to see/hear at the meet. You don't have to bring gear to participate, show up with a headphone, an entire system, multiple systems, or nothing at all. There will be plenty...
  3. arteom

    SOLD - HiFiMan HE-500 w/HE-400i headband mod, focus & fostex pads, HF carrying case

    I picked up a HiFiMan HE-500 some years ago, sounded really good but couldn't wear it for more than an hour with the stock headband. I did some digging, and found that people were modding these with the newer style HiFiMan headbands. I called HiFiMan and ordered a headband assembly for a...
  4. arteom

    SOLD - AKG K712

    Got these secondhand a bit ago, they were not to my taste. This set was made in Slovakia. They are in pretty good shape, scuff mark on the underside of the headband. They come as you see them, will be well packed. $SOLD takes them, buyer pays paypal and shipping (about $15-$20).
  5. arteom

    Winter 2019 Colorado Meet - February 16th

    Hello! Edit 01/23: Meeting room booked at Sam Gary Branch Library in Denver for February 16th, 9AM-4PM. Main meeting room, just across from main entrance. It cost $70 to reserve the room, donations will be taken at the meet to cover this cost. Tables and power outlets provided, bring own power...
  6. arteom

    please delete, wrong forum

    wrong forum
  7. arteom

    Alessandro MS-Pro "i" Version SOLD

    This is my second set of MS-Pro's. This is the revised version over the originals, with a thicker cable. From what I've read this version is more desirable than the "e" version, which is the latest. I bought this set after regretting selling my first set, and yet here I am again. I'm selling as...
  8. arteom

    Sennheiser HD-800 w/Anax Mod SOLD

    I've decided to thin the herd a bit and move to a mid-fi setup. So with that, am parting with my HD-800. These are serial 11514. Had bought them used here some years ago, and have since replaced the earpads with a new set, and feel the pads are in fair shape (wouldn't replace them immediately)...
  9. arteom

    ECP Audio Black Diamond SOLD

    With some reluctance I have decided to part with my ECP Audio Black Diamond. This is a very unique piece of gear, utilizing step-up transformers for gain, and a feedback free solid state buffer circuit. The one word that pops to mind to describe its sound is "present". Everything is there, full...
  10. arteom

    Denver Spring Meet 2017 - May 20th

    Hello,   *Meeting room has been booked for May 20th at Sam Gary Branch Library in Denver. Meeting room has been reserved from 9AM until 4PM. We will have 20 tables to setup gear on. It's the meeting room that is just opposite the main entrance, one we've always used.    All are welcome, you...
  11. arteom

    WTB: Single ended HD-800 cable "green copper" (no hd800 connector required)

    edit: strange request - I had an ALO K701 some time ago, the copper wire had turned green. I quite liked the look, know it happens when copper ages. Looking for the same look on my HD-800, would be interested in buying if you have such a cable. Would also be interested if you had the cable but...
  12. arteom

    Koss E9 Electrostatic Energizer

    Have a Koss E9 electrostatic Energizer. I was hoping to get an ESP9 headphone to use with it, but having a hard time finding one. So decided I am going to sell the energizer and put funds elsewhere. I'm having a hard time pricing this, if anyone think I have it overpriced or underpriced let me...
  13. arteom

    Soldering ground on Carda SRCA male connector

    I am making RCA to 1/8 cable. I got a set of Cardas SRCA connectors and I am a bit uncertain on where I am supposed to solder the ground, my guess is the space within the green rectangle. Is this correct? f    
  14. arteom

    Lite DAC-AM Modified by Pacific Valve

    I've had this unit for 3-4 years now, it has served me very well hooked up to my pc using optical interface. Has a very clean midrange, no harsh top end (no grain here either), nicely controlled low end. In addition to coax and toslink it also has AES/EBU input. Does have balanced outputs in...
  15. arteom

    god i hate battlefield 3

    This game was supposed to be the sequel to Battlefield 2, it is a sham. theres maybe one or two half decent maps out of the... 4, 5? What. The rest are set in closed maps, where the hell are my open maps with vehicles EA?? The game is overloaded with "unlocks" which is bs, battlefield 2 and 2142...
  16. arteom

    My First Recable

    Just finished recabling a pair of AKG k-518's, came out pretty good if I do say so myself :). Did a litz braid and split it into two, used no heatshrink, was a tight fit going into the 1/8 connector. Had a spare set of pads from my previously stolen HD-25's that I used as well. These are not too...
  17. arteom

    Little Pinkie V3i Power Supply sale or trade for s22

    The person who bought this found out it wasn't compatible with his dacmagic in current configuration and had to be sent to scotland, he just sent it back to me. So here it is back up for sale, $80. I will consider a trade for a s22 power supply.    "I have owned this for about a year, been...
  18. arteom

    SOLD: Pair of Siemens CCa 979 tubes 6922 / ECC88

    I bought these from seller german-tubes on ebay, The original ad is quoted below. I bought and used these for about 2 weeks, they sound really good, they might very well be the pinnacle in being clean and clear. They are smooth in the mids, tight on the low end, and a very open extended top end...
  19. arteom

    SOLD: Alessandro MS-Pro w/ equipment needed for Ultimate mod *now included*

    So originally I had decided to keep this pair of phones and sell my ALO K701, I changed my mind, I had grown too attached to the K701. So here is my pair of MS-Pro's for sale, they have been Ultimate modded, the mod entails installing a pair of wood distancers and Grado GS-1000 pads on them, the...
  20. arteom

    SOLD: Musical Fidelity X-Can V8

    Really didn't think I would ever part with this but I have been getting into DIY and thinking of building another amp. Also have my eyes set on a particular set of high end cans so I feel it is time. I am the first owner, bought it around the time it came out for $550 and have been using it...
  21. arteom

    SOLD : ALO K701 Pricedrop *$325*

    Edi: 9/12/10 - Can't do it, there is something very special in the midrange, I'm thinking I will sell the MS-Pro and maybe even my X-can v8 to fund for a Audeze LCD-2    Edit: 10/27/10 - Sold my X-can v8, in a selling mood. Back on sale.    These have been my go to cans for two years...
  22. arteom

    WITHDRAWN: Lite DAC-AM Pacific Valve modified

    SOLD SOME OTHER THINGS LAST NIGHT SO WITHDRAWING MY HEADPHONE SYSTEM FOR THE MOMENT (BYE BYE TURNTABLES) Hard times have come so I need to sell my gear, sad to let this guy go as it has served me very well. I don't think there is much out there that will outperform this for the price...
  23. arteom

    please delete

    please delete wrong forum
  24. arteom

    WITHDRAWN: X-Can V8 w/little pinki and Siemens Halske tubes

    SOLD SOME OTHER THINGS LAST NIGHT SO WITHDRAWING MY HEADPHONE SYSTEM FOR THE MOMENT (BYE BYE TURNTABLES) Some unexpected things have come up so I need to get rid of everything... And let me say that this piece of gear will be hard to let go. I started with just the main unit, no nice tubes...
  25. arteom

    WITHDRAWN: Alessandro MS Ultimate & ALO K701

    SOLD SOME OTHER THINGS LAST NIGHT SO WITHDRAWING MY HEADPHONE SYSTEM FOR THE MOMENT (BYE BYE TURNTABLES) Some unexpected things have come up so sadly I need to get rid of everything that I have. I've worked really hard gathering these and have gone through multiple headsets before setting...