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  1. Pustik

    Zana Deux Prototype

    Hello,   I've tried my best to hold on to this amp but I can't justify keeping this beast since I'm moving in the whole another direction.   Zana Deux Prototype is at least 3 times as powerful as the ZDSE, I'm not exaggerating. I had to lower down sound on PC by more than a half and the same...
  2. Pustik

    Sennheiser HD 800, Claro Halo XT

    Hello,   It's time for me to venture into a new world so I'm selling all my remaining audio gear to fund my next move.   Sennheiser HD 800 - Serial #24***, less than 2 months old, comes with original box, manual. Remarkable condition, spent most of it's time in the box. Headphones have about...
  3. Pustik

    EC Zana Deux Prototype, Sennheiser HD 800, Claro Halo XT

    Hello,   It's time for me to venture into a new world so I'm selling all my audio gear to fund my next move.   Zana Deux Prototype - $1350 obo full description here   Sennheiser HD 800 - Serial #24***, less than 2 months old, comes with...
  4. Pustik

    Connect Ipod/Iphone to DAC

    Hello,   What do you guys use to connect iPhone/iPod to DAC?   Thanks.
  5. Pustik

    Brand New In Box Sennheiser HD 800

    Hello, I have brand new in box Sennheiser HD 800. Serial Number is 23***   $1450 obo   I accept paypal, those who pay by paypal gift will receive substantial discount.   Send me your offers, I ship by USPS Priority Mail US CONT.
  6. Pustik

    300B Headphone Amplifiers

    Hello, what 300B headphone amplifiers are out there? The only one I know is Woo Audio 5LE.
  7. Pustik

    Amp from overseas, need your help.

    Hello guys, I'm thinking of buying an amp from EU, unit has 230v. So my question is how will I be able to use it here in US? Any recommendation on power transformer, or will it be better if I had professional to change it to US vol. I would like to hear your opinion. BTW amp is leben cs300sx.
  8. Pustik

    PS Audio PerfectWave MK1 DAC

    Hello, for sale about one year old PS Audio PerfectWave MK1 DAC. Don't have much to say about it except that it sounds very good. Huge improvement over my previous dac, burson da-160. Unit is packed and ready to go.   Asking $1600 obo
  9. Pustik

    Can Beta 22 drive speakers?

    Hello, do you guys know if balanced beta 22 could drive speakers?
  10. Pustik

    Bel Canto Dac 3

    I see that Bel Canto Dac 3 has balanced output and my b22 has balanced input, what cable do I need to connect them? Also what these cables are used to connect
  11. Pustik

    Knob gone completely lose on my B22, how do I fix it?

    Hello guys, pretty much the title, does any of you familiar with this type of knob, how can it be fixed?  
  12. Pustik

    WTB: DNA Stratus, GS-X MK2, Woo Audio 22, Liquid Glass

    Looking for the amps listed in the title. PM me if you have one for sale.
  13. Pustik

    DNA Stratus

    Posting this in despair, I have been trying for long time now to get answer as to why I can't post in for sale amp forum but i got no answers. So I'm posting here if anyone here wants to sell their DNA stratus please contact me. Sorry for posting in wrong section for the reason described above.
  14. Pustik

    Not able to post in Aplifications for Sale

    Pretty much the title, could someone explain why that might be? I have more than 50 posts and been here for more than a month. Thanks.
  15. Pustik

    Headphone Amplifier Popularity Check

    I remember popularity check being done with dacs, lets start one for headphone amplifiers. I believe it went something like this Elementary Intermediate Advanced I don't have amplifier so someone has to start first. Lets begin!
  16. Pustik

    Sennheiser HD 800, Help Me Chose Amp

    Hello everyone! First of all I would like to thank everyone who wrote on headfi forums regarding amp for hd800, it's been VERY helpful and because of you people I have clear picture of what I want to get. Secondly I'd like to say that I'm very impressed with the way people behave and amount of...