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  1. wiisus

    How many people use stereo/surround receivers with headphones?

    I just got an Onkyo S3400 5.1 surround sound system.  I didn't even think about using it for my headphones for over a month, and it blew me away when I did.  Sooooo much better than my Headroom Bithead (yeah, I know, not hard to do).  But it definitely made me believe in night and day...
  2. wiisus

    Stanton 681EEE phono cartridge help/questions!

    I bought a Technics SL-1500 off craigslist a couple weeks ago for $25.  It had a Stanton 681EEE cart on it, with stylus.  Well, the stylus was in terrible condition, and I ended up breaking it worth getting a replacement stylus? Any help is much appreciated Thanks, Mike
  3. wiisus

    WTB: Cheap replacement stylus for 681EEE Cartridge.

    I've just begun my journey into vinyl with a Technics SL-1500.  It has a Stanton 681EEE cart and stylus.   I was messing with it for a bit, and I accidentally broke the damn needle... Does anyone have something that would work as a replacement for cheap? Thanks, Mike
  4. wiisus

    A few LOD questions

    Hey, I'm going to be getting an iPod Touch (1st gen). And I'm also getting a bithead amp from the headroom. I was wondering how much a LOD would make a difference, and does quality of the LOD make a huge difference? Would this one work just fine? DealExtreme: $3.65 3.5mm AV Adapter for...
  5. wiisus

    AD700's with Binaural Recordings

    I'm gettin the AD700's for christmas here, and a fiio e5 amp soon after. But anyways, I was just wondering if anyone had these headphones and tried any of those crazy binaural recording things. (ex.Virtual Barbershop How realistic are they with them? How about anyone else, how realistic are they...