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  1. mattlach

    Schiit Jotunheim w. Internal Multibit Dac vs. External Modi Multibit

    Hey all, So, I bought my Modi Multibit before I bought my Jotunheim for use with a tube amp. In the end I didn't like the tube experience so I ordered the Jotunheim without a DAC module to use together with it. At the time I bough the Jotunheim, it only had a the standard DAC, and I kind of...
  2. mattlach

    Why We'll Soon Be Living In A Class D World

    Does anyone believe this article has any merit? I - for one - would love Jason Stoddard's take on it.
  3. mattlach

    OS X Sierra: Need to be Able To Select Audio Output in Software

    Hey all,   So, my fiance really liked the sound quality of my DAC/Amp/Headphone combo on my computer, so having suddenly created an audiophile I set her up with a nice little starter package of her own for her birthday, consisting of a Schiit Modi 2 Uber DAC, Schiit Asgard Amp and a 250 Ohm...
  4. mattlach

    Help Recommend a Set of Closed Circumaural Headphones!

    Hey all,   Been using my 80 ohm Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's for close to 5 years now, and they are just now starting to have some problems.  There is some sort of break or short in the cable resulting in the right speaker only functioning intermittently.   I figured I could have them recabled...
  5. mattlach

    Help recommend some headphones meeting the following criteria

    Hey all,   Could use some help with picking my next set of cans. BACKGROUND: So for the last two years ago, I have been pretty happy with my 80Ω Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's.   At first they seemed overly bright and a bit sibilant, but once burned it (I didn't do a real burn in, just...
  6. mattlach

    Questions about my new cans

    Hey all, I just picked up a pair of 80 ohm beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's. What an experience. By comparison my old Sony's sound like I have cotton balls in my ears when listening to them. I have some questions though. Firstly, these are a bit bassy. I'm considering EQ:ing them (I know...
  7. mattlach

    Repair or Replace?

    Hey all. I've been using these Sony mid 90's era low end semi-closed over-the-ear headphones now for almost 15 years. They were bought for my dad as a gift,back in the early to mid 90s some time, but he never used them and let me have them. As you can tell they have been...