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  1. headwhacker

    Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

      The following details are for the old build prior to Napka's and other's contributions which is the current and active running build from Rockbox's official site. Please take note the builds below are no longer maintained. However,It is fairly stable and all if not most music playback related...
  2. headwhacker

    Rockbox for iBasso DX50 dual boot with stock firmware

    Rockbox for DX50 with cwm recovery Thanks to xzcc for porting Rockbox to DX50 Latest build and install steps from Cholero            
  3. headwhacker

    Sony PHA-1

    I am looking to sell my Sony PHA-1 I bought 2 months ago which goes unused these days since I bought a hifi-M8 a week after buying the PHA-1.   It's like brand new.